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    Lifewave Newsletter 1986


    ABOUT: This is part of a newsletter written in 1986 by the founder of the Lifewave light and sound meditation group, previously known as Society of the Teachings of the Master (SOTOM) and The Ishvara Society. This document discusses various aspects of the “Path to Enlightenment” and is worded very much in the style and doctrine of that particular group and era. We do not agree with everything that is written but it is presented here as an important historical document as it references spiritual light and sound energy, initiation, the Spiritual Hierarchy and ascended masters.

    SOURCE: The following is a digital copy of a scanned document, which was originally typed in 1986. The document was publicly available on the website “” but at the time of writing this that web page is no longer live.

    CREATOR: The author [JY] was the the founder of the Lifewave, (SOTOM, Ishvara Society) Light and Sound Meditation group in the 80’s.

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    This article is shared in this historical archive because it represents information made available by one of the main Light and Sound Meditation groups from the 1980’s.
    WE, THE WAY BACK, DO NOT ENDORSE THE GROUP WHO CREATED THE INFORMATION SHARED ON THIS PAGE NOR DO WE ENDORSE THEIR TEACHINGS, MASTER, OR BELIEFS. We simply make this information available in the interest of public disclosure and for historical reference and education purposes.

    This newsletter was published in 1986 by Lifewave and in it they make reference to the Spiritual Hierarchy and ascended masters, things that were absent from their later teachings. For this reason it is of interest to those who seek deeper truth.

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    The ‘Perfect Master’ is the term given to that incarnation of God which carries the potential and capacity to enlighten, at will, anyone He chooses to take to God-Realisation.

    The term ‘enlightenment’ must be accurately defined to avoid confusion with other forms of awareness. To be enlightened means to be infinite and to be absolute – to know that you have never been born, that you have never died, that you have always been and always will be. It means that you are everyone and everything that has ever existed or ever will exist.

    This term ‘enlightenment’ therefore, cannot possible be applied to any form of awareness except total and complete union with God, Atman or Allah. Such a state is only conferred by the grace of the Perfect Master.

    Spiritual qualifications are just as necessary as our educational ones, and in fact are a great deal more important. Therefore, before we choose to place our lives in the hands of the Spiritual Master, we must check the following qualifications:

    1. The Master can convey Enlightenment at will.
    2. We can meet and talk to enlightened people.
    3. The spiritual initiation must consist, repeat MUST consist, of revelation, not information.
    4. The Master must be able to converse internally as well as externally with His initiates since the ability to communicate with initiates on other planes of consciousness is a part of inner spiritual teaching.


    The Master has many spiritual forms, ranging from a copy of His physical self on other planes, to extremely powerful, divine, spiritual light energy. At times he may reveal to the initiate information or spiritual teaching in the company of other beings on other planes.

    The beginning of the Path is initiation when the Master places within the seeker the spiritual light and spiritual sound of higher planes – it is a superconscious initiation. The initiate will be taken out of the physical universe completely and placed on a pure astral plane (this is not the astral body around man’s physical body).

    The revelation to the spiritual seeker of the Thousand-Petalled Lotus is the beginning of the true spiritual path. If the seeker after Truth does not receive initiation on to these higher planes, so that he or she may see them, then the initiation is false.

    Altogether, including man’s auras as one body, there are 14 planes of consciousness which the spiritual seeker must pass through. None of these has anything to do with imagination, visualisation, or any for of infatuation. This is the most ancient and spiritual path that the seeker after Truth can follow. Access to it is available only through the grace of a living Perfect Master or through the power of a highly developed spiritual being [1].

    Further, there are not many ways to God. This is a philanthropic nonsense. Even common sense would tell us that there cannot be many roads leading to one infinite unity. From the spiritual point of view individuality in the sense in which we all see the world in a different way is only found up to the point of intuition. With intuition, because it does not work by comparison, the meaning of any perception will be the same for all who witness any particular object. Beyond intuition are vast planes of consciousness that also must be witnessed and left behind by the being who seeks to transcend creation and find God.

    Behind the Master and on these planes is a vast hierarchy of spiritual servants ranging all the way from the spiritual teachers [2] of the Lucis Trust/ Alice Bailey teachings, to mahatmas, buddhas, Lords of Karma, and other beings who have never known, or been on, the physical plane of life. All these beings are serving the Master at this time in His attempt to spiritually elevate this planet.

    The creation is extremely large, and for the ordinary spiritual seeker to try to find his way beyond these planes is commendable, but fruitless. Permission to go on these planes must be granted by the Perfect Master. If the initiate ceases to serve Ishvara, his spiritual progress also ceases [3].

    The Perfect Master will meet at death all His initiates and will take them on to the planes where they must go if they have not been given complete Enlightenment.

    The Master is also capable of enlightening His initiates any time that He deems fit, and when He has seen that the initiate has proved his undying desire for complete union with God. The initiate who is concerned that he will not gain Enlightenment if the Master dies need have no fear. Should the Master leave the physical body which He overshadows for the purpose of teaching, He can put out grace for any of His initiates (for anyone initiated by his Adepts) to attain Enlightenment if that is the deepest desire for that initiate.


    With Enlightenment, the Adept realises that reincarnation is an Illusion and because there is only one soul everywhere (the illusion of individual souls being created by the perception of an infinite variety of small parts in creation) the realisation comes that it is quite possible for a great deal of confusion to arise as to who has been who. Consequently, it is not unusual to find among reincarnationists several Cleopatras, or a dozen Neros, or ten or more Lord Krishnas. And as it is only the soul which gives intelligence to creation, that soul has been everyone and still is everyone. Therefore, before we claim to be Lord Rama, or any reincarnation, we have to prove our ability to enlighten people – then we may claim we were whoever we want to have been. I am not interested in previous incarnations I have had: they are irrelevant today.


    The Perfect Master has to recognise that the majority of people cannot come seeking God. God cannot be thought about, God cannot be imagined, nor can God, in its higher sense, be talked to. Because of this the Path will give out mantras for a very wide variety of human conditions as well as for spiritual seeking. However, no mantra can ever enlighten anyone, and no true Master will ever tell an initiate that it could. Mantras are repeated by the mind, they are within the mind, and cannot transcend the mind. To say they can is utter stupidity.

    The seeking of spiritual powers, such as siddhis, is seen as unimportant on the Path, since the greatest siddhi of all is the ability to reveal the light of the soul.

    Perpetuation of siddhis can lead to serious psychological problems. Therefore only a competent spiritual Master (that is a fully enlightened one) should deal with these subjects. It is not that they are particularly spiritually important, it is simply that the energyies they release can cause a great deal of discomfort. Siddhis themselves develop naturally and safely once initiation into the Path has been given. Even those who are siddhi yogis seek the revelation of the light of the soul and the transcendental sound known as the ‘Word of God’. The Word of God has never been, and never will be, a book – no matter how well it has been written.


    Religions are not the repositories of spirituality – they are always its tombs. No person seeking God will find it in any book or prayer alone. Man can only become enlightened through spiritual grace. No amount of pilgrimage, worshipping of idols, dogma or parrot-fashion repetition, will get man even to one plane of consciousness beyond his imagination. Therefore the Perfect Master does not condone religions. He does not, however, condemn people – it is the methods that are used that must be condemned.

    The planet earth needs a massive injection of spirituality. Not one world leader has any true spiritual knowledge. This is disgraceful and is a major cause of the misery and pain that is on the earth at this time. This misery is inflicted by man on man – not by God on man. But if man breaks nature’s laws man must expect punishment.

    Spirituality is about the ability to live a normal life and achieve the purpose of that life. The purpose of human creation is the realisation of the inseperability of man from God the the grace of the incarnation of God.


    Love is the most important thing in creation. Without it life is utterly pointless. Love is found by acceptance. Acceptance is the only way transcendence can be found. Therefore the Path’s teaching is about a very full acceptance of life by a total immersion in it.

    There is no attempt on the Path to take individuals away from a normal life because the Master’s power allows a normal pattern of living, working, and bringing up of families, without the need for any monastic environment.

    At the moment this planet is extremly sick. Thousands of young people are sent to war, die from drug abuse, or suffer in other needless ways, because life has become pointless. The blame for this must fall squarely on religious leaders who claim to represent God when they don’t, on those scientists who say that man is an accident of nature, and on world leaders who are more interested in their egos than they are in uniting the planet.

    Argument is only possible because of separation; therefore world unity is oonly possible through discovering those causes which unite all men, and the Path is capable of doing just that. Governments should help the Path to spread its teachings and should do everything in their power to bring the message of the path to the world.

    I have the power to enlighten millions of millions of people – if they will come and accept the grace and the spiritual power that I bring.

    If man does not improve his communication with other men, then conflict will continue for no good reason.

    Love is the source of creation. It is not weak. It is not a dilution of power. It is the most important thing a human being can know. The Path’s meditation reveals love undreamed of by the ordinary man in the street. Enlightenment is a total saturation in love. Man at that stage finds the whole creation is support by love.


    Those Adepts serving the Path who are chosen by Ishvara to initiate are given a particular initiation ceremony by Him. This gives them a special aura to initiate with. This is to ensure that no physcial aspects of the Adept can interfere at initiation with the initiate. An initiating Adept may initiate for anything from one to fifty years, depending on Ishvara’s wishes.

    Adepts, when they have attained Enlightenment, do not have to remain serving the Path. If they wish to, they may leave. This is the offer that is made to them by the Master. If they choose to stay and teach, they have to conform to the Path’s teachings. No Adept is capable of incurring karma. The Adept’s Enlightenment is always uninterrupted and therefore remains karmically free [4]. However, the Adepts body and aura have to obey natural law.

    No laws of creation need be suspended for Enlightenment to overshadow the physical body. Therefore Adepts’ bodies will die the same as any other body. God will not interrupt natural law because of Enlightenment.

    At death there are various choices open to the Adept. They may go completely back into Atman and forsake all their vehicles and transcend all the planes, or they may choose to stay on the planes and teach. The auras of an Adept, that they choose not to use, are used by the inner Hierarchy to give greater spiritual impetus to those continuing to be born on the planet who have no access to a fully enlightened Master. Those people would still need initiation but their seeking would have been intensified greatly.


    Born in 1974, Mark first started meditating instinctively aged 7 without any formal guidance. In 1998 while studying Biology at Manchester university he was introduced to Light and Sound Meditation. He then meditated under the guidance of a number of teachers who had themselves been part of “Lifewave”. The group at that time called themselves “The Path“. Although Mark never meditated with Lifewave’s founder after several years of practicing meditation and paying a monthly fee he was invited to meet with “The Master” [JY/Ishvara]. Meetings were once or twice a year, usually in the company of others, and just for an hour or two. In June 2013 Mark stopped being involved with The Path having written to JY to relay several concerns about the welfare and treatment of students in the group.

    Mark continues to teach and guide others and is completely independent of “The Path” and is not associated with that group. Several of the original Lifewave/Path teachers [N&MH] were in contact with Mark circa 2016 as they had left JY and setup their own alternative light and sound meditation group. However Mark is not associated with that group either and remains non-partisan and independent so that he can assist any seeker of truth. In 2018 Mark co-founded The Way Back a not-for-profit organisation to provide free spiritual guidance, motivation and inspiration. For more information see experience, and this podcast on belief verses experience. A much more detailed historical account may be provided in the books that Mark is writing.


    Footnote [1]

    The statement referring to initiation: “Access to it is available only through the grace of a living Perfect Master or through the power of a highly developed spiritual being” confirms our experience that in addition to a master the Spiritual Hierarchy can, at their discretion, initiate people working through enlightened people. This was also known to the alternative light and sound group. The reference here to “highly developed spiritual being” is understood to be a reference to spiritual beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

    – Mark

    Footnote [2]

    The statement: “a vast hierarchy of spiritual servants” and “the spiritual teachers” is a direct reference to firstly the Spiritual Hierarchy and secondly the Ascended Masters. We talk about the Spiritual Hierarchy in the books and share channelled teachings from Ascended Masters too.

    – Mark

    Footnote [3]

    Permission to go on these planes must be granted by the Perfect Master. If the initiate ceases to serve Ishvara, his spiritual progress also ceases

    The Perfect Master (Ishvara) makes it clear that according to him, you need his permission to access higher planes and that the only way to attain enlightenment is by serving him. This is consistent with the message we were told during the 1990-2000s. This meant that if you were “Kicked off the path” it was percieved as equivalent to the “Death of your spiritual journey“.

    – Mark

    Footnote [4]

    This paragraph:

    Adepts, when they have attained Enlightenment, do not have to remain serving the Path. If they wish to, they may leave. … The Adept’s Enlightenment is always uninterrupted …

    Importantly confirms that the founder of lifewave [JY] states that any enlightened person will remain enlightened if they leave his group. This should help resolve the natural misunderstandings that may arise when people confuse status for state. The status of belonging to a particular group does not infer state. Similarly those who leave a group do not lose state.

    – Mark

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    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on

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