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    Each free guided meditation will help you to learn and improve your meditation. They can help you to prepare for initiation into spiritual light and sound energy but many people find they also improve sleep, spiritual awareness, health, reduce high blood pressure (hypertension), calm panic attacks and reduce anxiety.
    To have the best experience we recommend listening with headphones and your eyes closed. Many people experience a profound sense of stillness and relaxation while listening to these so it is vital that you do not listen while driving or in a position where you need to give your attention to something else.

    Ads on Youtube? Sadly YouTube has started putting adverts on my videos even though I am not monetised. I have no control over this and it means that the videos above may have adverts in them which break the peace and calm of these meditations. If you have a premium YouTube account then the ads wont show. Alternatively you can listen/download these meditations as MP3s for free or you can watch them on Rumble ad-free and without interruption.

    Mark Zaretti Meditation teacher

    Why are Guided Meditations so Powerful?

    Hello, I am Mark Zaretti and I carefully created each guided meditation that you find above to help people at all stages of their journey. When I first started learning meditation I was about 7 years old; the internet did not exist and I did not have a teacher, instead I was driven purely by curiosity and a desire for inner stillness. Like most people (everyone if they are honest) some days I found it easier than others to get into my meditation and I realised early on that it can help to be “guided into meditation“. Guided meditation is a tool to help you go deeper into meditation and I have incorporated over 35 years of experience into each guided meditation. Below I discuss how powerful guided meditation actually works.

    Why Does a Good Guided Meditation Make it Easier to Meditate?

    Guided meditation works because your mind likes two things: firstly it likes to be involved, and secondly it likes to pay attention to something, although often it pays attention to itself! When you are learning to meditate then simply sitting down, closing your eyes and hoping for the best may work, but more often than not it may just leave you sitting there with your thoughts and mind, which can be a bit frustrating.

    By listening to a guided meditation you are working with your mind. As you hear the words they keep your mind occupied and involved in the meditate so you are no longer fighting against it or trying to exclude it from the meditation.

    Warning: Some Guided Meditations May Actually Hold you Back

    There are a lot of guided meditations out there but did you know that a lot of them are actually holding people back or slowing down their soul and spiritual development? It may be surprising to hear this so let me explain what I mean because your time is the most precious thing you have, so you would want to use it wisely, right?

    Good meditation adviceJUST RELAXING
    Now there is nothing wrong with relaxing per se, but relaxing is only the start point of the journey into spiritual exploration. If the guided meditate is only relaxing, such as music without real guidance, then although relaxation has benefits it is not likely to help you go any deeper.
    Good meditation adviceMUSIC
    Music is powerful, it can move you, it can change your mood and for this reason it is often used in guided meditation. But ultimately music is something external to focus on and so it might keep you focused externally, preventing you from going deeper into stillness.
    Good meditation adviceVISUALISATION
    Meditation moves you away from your mind which is a powerful part of you. Therefore anything that overly engages your mind will also keep you in it. When you are asked to visualise something like “a peaceful meadow” you use your mind and trap yourself.
    Good meditation adviceRESTRICTIVE LANGUAGE
    We all use language that is sight, sound, and feeling based like “I see that”, “I hear you” and “this feels good”. Often meditation guidance is polarised like “notice what you see” which forces you into a visual experience leading you away from auditory and kinaesthetic awareness.
    Good meditation adviceMISREPRESENTATION
    There is a lot of misunderstanding and imagination around the topic of spirituality and a journey of truth will have to overcome these. Some guidance leads you closer to truth, some further away. Some has a positive effect on your energy but in some cases it may go in the wrong direction.
    Good meditation adviceNON-STOP NOISE
    Within meditation everything external you hear becomes something that may hold you back. If a guided meditation does not have silence then it lacks space within which you can turn your attention fully inside. The most profound meditation experiences happen in silence.

    A More Spiritual Guided Meditation

    Each guided meditate above carefully draws upon years of spiritual meditation experience and is designed to help you develop spiritually and also to help your soul journey progress too. We avoid music and there is no visualisation in any of our guided meditates. The language is carefully chosen to increase your ability to notice on a much deeper level and collectively they guide you to discover truth through your own direct experience.

    The Power of Silence Within Guided Meditations

    In each guided meditation above you will find something important… you will find SILENCE. We carefully balance spoken word guidance with silence so that you can actually meditate because meditation only really begins when you are not distracted by external things including music, chanting, sounds and talking.

    guided meditation with silence
    Note the blank areas where we introduce silence in the guided meditation, so that you can explore a deeper stillness.

    We know that many people struggle at first with this, often beginners get to the first break in the talking and give up. This may be in part because there is an expectation that a guided meditation should be entertaining. Our guided meditations are different though, they are not there to entertain you, they were created to help you spiritually transform your life. Each is a journey and like the space between each note in music the silences are as important as the spoken guidance. We invite you to embrace the silence.

    Do You Need Guided Meditation?

    Each meditation above is a carefully designed journey, and together they also form a larger journey and we recommend you work through them in order the first time and then come back to the ones that you resonate with the most, although that may change over time. However spiritual meditation, which begins upon initiation, does not need guided meditation. Once you are initiated then the guided meditations are still useful, but should be used more sparingly so that the majority of your meditation is actually on the light and sound energy.

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