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    The Way Back is about finding God in a real and life-enhancing way so that you experience having God in your life and know God’s love deeply. This has nothing to do with any religion or any prescribed belief system. It is a purely personal thing that is far more profound than belief. It is an inner-knowing, doing, being sort of thing.

    Mark, co-founder of The Way Back

    Each part of our teaching and guidance compliments the others and we encourage you to explore, learn from and importantly enjoy each topic below. Start with the one that resonates most with you because the order does not matter, ultimately behind all of the different topics is God and God’s love for you.


    Learn about love, which comes from God and is the reason for your soul development.


    Developing these virtues in everyday life helps align your soul with God’s love.


    Be inspired by non-religious spiritual guidance about God and God’s love for you.


    Understanding life-plans, karma, ego and the soul journey to get the most from life.

    Supporting your independence and empowering you

    Your relationship with God is totally private and is not dependent upon you belonging to any group or subscribing to any belief system or religion. The Way Back are not a religion or a belief system. We offer guidance, teachings and tutorials, but we want you to transcend belief and to find out the truth from your own direct experience. We hope you find these resources empowering and we encourage you to be self-sufficient in your relationship with God and your daily soul journey and spiritual pursuits.

    A true teacher seeks to set their students free.”


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