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    Here is a list of the questions which were asked by members of the public on the Live Show: “Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti”. You can find out more about the live show here.

    Ep.001 14-03-2024What is Spirituality?
    *Inspired by Star Wars as a kid.
    *The story of the gambler becoming spiritual
    Can you make spiritual podcasts for children?
    Ep.002 21-03-2024*The importance of being an adult on a spiritual journy.
    *The Way Back is a different approach: A, B, or C?
    Balance of life versus spirituality?
    What is going on when people speak in tongues?
    How can I talk to my daughter to explain how she can have Jesus in her life?
    Ep.003 28-03-2024Hi Mark. Can you explain what kind of experienced you got through that reached you the result that meditation dosnt give spirituality?
    This is the same Mark that was part of the LW group and now has decided he’s gonna guide others as a celestial authority?
    Is it possible that people come back as a different sex to experience being more yin or yang and therefore “growing” more widely/completely?
    I have noticed over the years my ‘way’ spiritually was to be accepting. To Let Go readily. It comes naturally and brings peace. Like a default setting. More recently I’ve noticed a spiritual path calls you to action in the form of rightousness, hope, courage. One feels more yin the other yang and much more uncomfortable! Is one more important then the other? Are both necessary to grow spiritually? Does one come from another? Does it help to be more concious of where you’re coming from? Are women/ men more like to unconsciously lean towards a way of being if they aren’t present?
    Some spiritual traditions use the phrase ‘we are one’. What is your view on this? Are we really one?
    Ep.004 04-04-2024I recently bought the book Dracula by Bram Stoker, however, after reading the first chapter I contemplated whether the reading of evil, which clearly this vampire portrays, is actually a bad thing. It acknowledges evil and perhaps gives it a place to exist in my reality. Equally, it is true that evil exists therefore is it unwise for the truth to be shied away from? I would love to hear your thoughts Mark. Thank you
    Is Spirituality necessary in 2024?
    Ep.005 11-04-2024What do I do when feel down spirited?…
    I mean feeling as if something bad is going to happen to you.
    What short prayers are to be recited constantly?
    One of “The Six Virtues” is non-judgement, but one of the qualities that is developed on the soul journey is to develop judgement. How can this be?
    Breathing experiments from around 2010 showed that the optimal breathing rate, number of breaths per minute is 5.5 and length of respirations were 5.5 seconds. Buddhist mantras e.g. om mani, padme, hum are at 6 seconds.
    Is there significance in these numbers (5 and 6) and have humans lost their way when it comes to proper breathing technique? Reference Breath by James Nestor.
    When a person is diagnosed with a serious condition as a toddler, is that a life lesson or something else?
    Someone I care about was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease when very young. You mentioned illness was often due to feedback, but as it started so young I wonder if there was another reason e.g. life lesson or something else? They were born in XXXXXXX but their health has improved a lot since they have been in the UK.
    Dear Mark. You mentioned towards the end of the podcast (Ep.005) about the UK being an amazing place from a spiritual perspective, then avidly share how computers came from Manchester and the Industrial revolution started here. I mention this because I’ve come to understand that technology is not a good thing. Though seemingly inevitable, I sense very much the darkness attached with it and its nefarious uses. I believe the internet was founded here too? How do we reconcile UK being a great spiritual hub while also being a technological advancement mecca?
    *Explaining that the logos of the physical 3rd dimension is in England
    Hi Mark. On the subject of the person who benefited health wise when they moved to the UK (Ep.005). In your explanation you mentioned England several times and my puzzlement is what about Scotland, Ireland and Wales who also make up the UK as we know it. Surely health improvement includes these areas of the UK too?
    I bless all the good people I know, and I bless Jesus…..what about blessing God?
    Should one doubt or question oneself, or could doing so become negative and/or spiritually detrimental? e.g. Am I worthy? [doubt]. Should I be more humble? [questioning]
    * Apologies – I made a mistake:
    “I think you may have miss interpreted some of the data from the world population review. The New England states are considered the safest states in the US…”
    22. Is there any significance? (The Martin Hibbert story)
    Should I ask people to bless or pray for me or my family?
    Should I ask people to bless or pray for me or my family? (part 2)
    If people did move to a place of lower vibration, theoretically they could raise the spiritual vibration if they themselves remained spiritual. However it deem seem that you say it just lowers the vibration. Kind of sad… don’t we think.
    From a spiritual perspective, what is procrastination? What can cause it, and what can be done to reduce or remove it?
    How do you make wise decisions when the decision seems not wise from what is in front of you but something is telling you something different?
    When and if should you leave it up to God – but is this taking God for granted?
    Instinct, Intuition & Guidance.
    Is there an overlap, do they all have a place?
    How can I keep faith in tricky personal times and with wider worldly events?
    What is the value of creativity in expressing spiritual truth?
    In your last podcast, number 48 titled “Spiritual Faith in God. Why is it essential for spiritual growth?” you say that “Faith is dynamic”.
    Could you elaborate on this please?
    * Cancer, a spiritual perspective.
    What happens to your soul and spirit after your last life?
    Is the soul immortal
    * Inspiring moments in movies… a personal reflection – The Matrix
    What is justice and morals in this dimension. sometimes the challenges in life don’t seem like justice. It seems justice can be confusing. It be great to understand through a spiritual perspective thanks
    The northern lights have been seen very clearly as far south as the Kent coast, is there any spiritual significance to this? What do you think?
    Compared to others, I am not reacting emotionally to the loss of someone I care about. Is this because I am more spiritual, neutral, accepting, or is it because I am emotionally numb? Is this normal?
    I watched Eurovision, which is meant to be fun, but I found some of it disturbing. In particular, one act representing Ireland, called Bambi Thug seemed to be worshiping evil. The performance involved, among other things, screaming negative lyrics, a dancer with horns, dancing in a pentagle (I think) and ended with the words ‘worship the queen’ lit up on the big screen behind. It seemed clear to me this performer was not a good person, the opposite, the performer was dark, her message was deliberate and dark and nothing to do with entertainment. I am a very positive person and believe in the goodness and love of humanity, and this performance left me feeling traumatised. I had to work hard to remain neutral and filled with love afterwards.
    What is the best way to protect myself when subjected to darkness and is there anything I can do to help other good humans who may have been unwittingly subjected to this horrible thing. I pray to God for an end to everything that is ungodly. As an aside, when the Irish act ended, the performers said something like we want love and peace, which was the exact opposite of the message of the song which had nothing to do with love. As if ending on a good note would excuse the negativity of the actual song. It does not. And I hope that other people will see through this. Thank you for considering my question x
    Inspiring mements in movies… a personal reflection – Thor versus Hela battle from Thor Ragnarok
    * indicates it wasn’t a question, rather additional information provided by Mark Zaretti.
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