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    Meaning of Life: a more profound perspective

    Have you ever wondered if there’s got to be more to life? Perhaps you have heard people talking about things like life-plans, reincarnation, karma, life-lessons, and ego?

    To be a Human is very special, you have been given the gift of free will which means you can learn through making choices. Life is far from accidental, it has great value and meaning. The Way Back teachings help guide you to understand the greater meaning of life, drawing upon spiritual insights and higher knowledge.

    Fundamentally the purpose for life is for you to learn from experiences so that your soul’s vibration can raise bringing you closer to God. Life therefore is school, and the lessons are all ultimately about learning to be more aligned with God’s love.

    – Mark
    meaning of life

    Did anyone ever explain to you how your soul and spirit are two different things? Or that this is not their first time as a human being alive on the physical plane? Have you considered that over each lifetime you are learning important lessons about love and that the purpose of life is to develop your soul to become more aligned with God’s love? Could it be that choosing to have God in your life, which does not mean being religious, helps you to realise your potential?

    The proverbial “meaning of life” is going to need more than a few paragraphs to fully explore it though, which is why there are a number of books that we will be publishing soon (editor: we wrote this on Sept 2021). But in the meantime we hope that these articles and videos below give you inspiration to start to better understand the miracle and gift that is life. (Hint, it’s all about love!)

    Inspiring videos…

    These videos discuss the meaning of life in a number of different ways.

    Articles about the meaning of life…

    As well as sharing insights into facets of life and the deeper meaning to our existence on the physical plane, some of these articles discuss life-style and how different things may affect us spiritually. Not all topics are covered and the books will provide a lot more guidance.

    Fundamental Principles

    Below are some of the fundamental principles that you may wish to reflect upon when seeking a greater understanding of the meaning of life. See which ones resonate with you at this time but remember it is not about “belief” it is about knowing from your own direct experience. So these principles are shared to stimulate awareness, to provoke enquiry, but most importantly to guide you to find out the truth for yourself.

    • You have many incarnations into “life” and each is a chance for soul development.
    • For each incarnation you chose some specific life-lessons you wanted to focus on.
    • Only the body dies at the end of each incarnation, you (soul, spirit, consciousness) endure.
    • You are being guided by God and by spiritual guides to help you on this journey.
    • All lessons are based on your free-will. Each choice moves you closer to God or further from God.
    • Karma is simply the consequence of your own negative choices, and acts to get your attention, helping you realign with your life-plan.
    • You do not need to know your life-plan, you are meant to be living awake and aware of the life you are in, that is the plan.
    • Everyone is at a different phase in their overall soul-growth, so the wise know that you are responsible for yourself. Others are responsible for themselves. They cannot learn if you do it for them. So focus on your own growth, you will inspire others best by setting a good example.
    • The Six Virtues are at the heart of all life-lessons and the soul journey.
    • The meaning of life is to find God within it.

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