Ayahuasca and Drugs

    Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote, LSD, DMT and Other Drugs or Medicine Plants? Do they really expand your consciousness?

    In this article we first explore what consciousness is and where awareness comes from. Then we look at how drugs, which some refer to as “medicine plants”, “sacred herbs”, or “mind altering plants”, like ayahuasca and LSD interact with your aura, chakras and subtle bodies. We contrast meditation to using herbs/drugs and explore whether these mind altering agents can expand your consciousness. Finally we consider the impact on your personal spiritual development and on the planet’s consciousness.

    Ayahuasca is an hallucinogenic drug made from a mixture of several plants and contains the active ingredient DMT (dimethyltryptamine). Common is South America and increasingly within Europe. Some people have experiences which they describe as “spiritual” awakenings and some report benefits from experimenting with drug, such as helping to get over addictions.

    But in order to understand more about how this drug, and other drugs like iboga, peyote, LSD, marijuana and others effect your awareness, it helps to better understand where your sense of awareness comes from and what is being altered by drugs like Ayahuasca.

    What Makes Your Awareness of Self?

    You are a collection of energy bodies, each at a different vibrational level. Your physical body is the slowest vibrational body you have, followed by your etheric body, which some people call the etheric web. Faster still is your aura, and above that you have a consciousness which you naturally access during your dreams. Your emotional body is the vehicle through which you experience emotions in every day life too.

    Faster still you have your mental body, which allows you to experience thoughts working with your mind. Daily existence has your awareness spread across mind, emotions, and body. Beyond these bodies are planes of consciousness which you can experience and within which you have a higher mind. These planes are where you do complex mental activities like philosophy, mathematics, and visualisations. There is also the intuitive plane where you can know without thinking.

    At the highest vibrations within your normal consciousness you may experience the Atmic point and also the state of bliss. It is also possible to experience a sense of oneness within these planes or dimensions. However it is still within duality and above these planes are massive spiritual planes, and so even a sense or experience of oneness is but an expression of the principle of unity rather than Unity itself. These realms are amazing but are still limited and are therefore not limitless.

    What is Consciousness?

    Your “consciousness” can be understood as that which encompasses your different bodies. By encompassing a body or vibrational level, your consciousness allows you to be present within and aware of that body or vibrational level. By default your consciousness is aware of your body, emotions, and mind, thus your physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies too.

    You can also be aware on the higher levels including the intuitive and Atmic and some people are naturally more aware of these higher vibrations, but anyone can develop this. Through meditation practice you can strengthen your awareness to more fully explore these higher realms, below the spiritual planes.

    These realms are what you can experience via forms of meditation including mantra, yoga, kundalini, mandala, chanting, affirmations, visualisations, breath, trance, tai chi and other forms of meditation based on “doing” with the mind, emotions, or body. Moving your awareness into higher vibrations happens by letting go of your attachment to where you normally focus, such as mind, emotions, and body and to start to give more attention to the highest vibrations, experienced as stillness and neutrality. By spending time within these higher vibrations you strengthen your awareness and ability to be present on these higher levels.

    What is Awareness?

    Awareness” comes from giving your attention to a particular part of yourself or your environment so that you experience its qualities. All awareness requires your consciousness to be active. As a human being your natural orientation is to give your attention to your mind, emotions, or body, so that they collectively are what you are aware of and create your sense of self and personality.

    As you learn to focus into higher vibrations like the intuitive plane or the Atmic point then you can have realisations about the nature of these too. Realisations are caused by the contrast between what is new and what is familiar. The limits of where your consciousness can be present represent the vibrational boundaries of where you have the potential to be aware.

    How do You Become More Aware?

    When you were a new born child you had very little ability to use your physical body. Your consciousness was within your body but you had not developed much awareness within it. Naturally you gave it lots of attention and you learned how to be aware of your body, to control it, and to use it to interact with the physical world.

    Your growing presence within your body was a direct result of giving your attention to it so your awareness of it grew. Similarly in meditation you can give your attention to your higher vibrations so that you can learn to be present within them, strengthening your awareness there, becoming more able to interact with these higher vibrational worlds, or “planes of consciousness” as some call them. Since you cannot give your attention to two things at the same time then meditation requires that you let go of giving attention to those familiar vehicles of mind, body, and emotions.

    Each body you have has different qualities corresponding to the vibrational level they exist within, and a body can only be aware of energy that has the same vibration. To experience emotional energy you have your emotional body. To experience physical energy you have your physical body, and so on. Each level is faster than the one below it and your energy system is organised so that you only experience energy with the correct corresponding body.

    Your physical body is not meant to directly experience emotional energy, and the emotional body is not meant to experience thought energy. One of the roles of your etheric web is to prevent faster energy from entering your slower physical body. The etheric web acts like a shield, only allowing vibrations that are needed to come into the physical body. Your chakras, which literally means “wheels” are part of an energy system slowing down the fast energy that enters your aura, and changing the frequency as it moves through each chakra. Your base chakra is the slowest of your chakras and your crown is the fastest. Under normal circumstances your aura, chakras, and different energies are in harmony and your awareness moves around as your consciousness is directed by your thoughts or intentions.

    Consciousness defines that part of you that allows you to become aware and present.

    Awareness defines what your are giving your attention to with your consciousness.

    Presence describes how focused you are within your awareness.

    Each of you already has consciousness which can include all the levels from physical to intuitive, but habits and limited patterns of behaviour generally limit your conscious awareness to the more obvious and tangible realms of body, emotions, and mind.

    How Do Drugs Change Your Awareness?

    Where drugs come into this is in how they can temporarily allow higher vibrational energy to pervade a lower vibrational body, and force your consciousness and thus awareness into higher vibrations. They do not create expansion of your consciousness, but rather temporarily shift your consciousness in an uncontrolled way. It is easiest to understand this through comparison:

    Meditation versus Drugs like Ayahuasca


    In meditation you (can) let go of attachment to your body, emotions, and mind and start to raise your vibration to become aware of higher planes like the intuitive plane. Your awareness can safely explore anywhere within the normal bounds of where your consciousness would go. The more time you spend giving your attention and therefore energy to being present at a particular vibration then the more your presence strengthens at that vibration, making it easier to return.

    When in meditation you are aware of, for example, the intuitive plane you are doing so via your consciousness at the same vibration as the intuitive plane. Those parts of you that are aware during meditation have raised naturally to that vibration and so your awareness is therefore at the same “speed” as what it is experiencing. It is perfectly natural and is an alignment of vibrations. How far you can raise your vibration is defined by the vibrational bounds of your consciousness meaning that you are not taking a part of yourself beyond its natural limits so all of your different subtle bodies remain in harmony and the integrity of your overall energy system is maintained.

    Drugs/Medicine Plants/Mind Altering Herbs, Ayahuasca etc.

    When you put a drug/herb, which is a chemical that has a vibration, into your physical body, then it changes the vibration of your physical body. This means that your etheric web and other parts of your aura can no longer connect with your body. Your etheric web withdraws leaving your slower physical and energetic bodies unprotected from faster vibrational energy. These faster vibrations may enter into your unprotected slower bodies.

    For example astral energy may flood into your physical body. But unlike in meditation your consciousness may still be within your body and so is a lot slower than these faster energies. Your point of awareness and the vibrations you are experiencing may not be at the same “speed” and are not well aligned and so you lose control of your vibration, which is now determined by the energy rushing in.

    Another effect of drugs can be to force your consciousness to leave where it would normally be so that you become aware of higher vibrations. Unlike meditation though where your energy system is in harmony and your awareness is gradually raised through intention and letting go, the raising of your awareness from drugs/herbs is because it is no longer safe for your consciousness to remain in your lower vehicles since the imbalance that the chemical is causing is damaging. You have evicted your consciousness.

    In the case of a hallucinogen like ayahuasca the etheric web withdraws and you become aware of emotional energy at the same time as being aware of your physical body. Emotional energy and other higher vibration energies now enter your physical body and you may experience a waking dream, or hallucination.

    This experience can seem very spiritual as it is beyond what a you may have normally experienced. For a person that has never meditated then drugs can force their awareness beyond their usual habitual awareness and from this new experience they can be motivated to change as they realise their true nature is more than their body. But all such experiences are limited because they have a beginning and an end. Experience requires separation as there is the observed and the observer. Within a drug induced trance you may visit a faster vibration or have it visit you in your lower vibrational bodies, but you have not gained higher consciousness or spiritual growth in order to now naturally have awareness at that higher level, and so you remain separate. The change in a person as a result of a drug stimulated experience is therefore mainly psychological and intellectual rather than lasting spiritual growth.

    So What Problems Come From Using Drugs/Medicine Plants/Sacred Herbs Like Ayahuasca or peyote?

    Avoiding the issues of safety, morality or legality and considering this from a purely spiritual and energy based perspective. Drugs like ayahuasca, LSD, cannabis and others allow faster energy to encounter and enter into your slower vehicles. They cause a disruption to the normal relationship between the different parts of your aura, energy system, and subtle energy bodies. Whenever faster energy encounters slower energy then heat, much like friction, results and this heat consumes and destroys matter.

    In the physical world we see this when a fast moving object comes into contact with a stationary object. The energy of the faster moving object will be transferred in the form of kinetic energy, some of which may cause the stationary object to move or be damaged, and some of it results in heat being produced. This is why the fast moving blade of a saw becomes hot as it cuts through a stationary piece of wood. Or why rubbing two bits of wood together can create fire.

    The energy released into your lower vehicles as the result of a drug disturbing the relationship between your subtle bodies acts in a similar way. Some of the energy may temporarily force your consciousness to raise in vibration in an uncontrolled way while some of the energy generates heat in the form of friction.

    This is why many drugs have a difficult “coming down” period, because as your point of awareness shifts back down to its natural vibration it has to lose energy which creates heat. Similarly the friction caused by faster energy entering your slower vehicles generates heat. This “heat” burns up your aura which is consumed, like wood in a fire. Your different vehicles have moved out of synchronisation as a result of the drug and in order to come back into harmony some bodies need to slow down giving off heat, and some need to speed up consuming vital energy.

    The heat released must go somewhere and the energy consumed must come from somewhere, and so your aura is damaged as a result, either by being “burned” by the heat or being consumed to provide energy. This can also disrupt the normal balance of the chakras, which in turn can change the way energy flows within your meridian system. This damage persists in your aura, reducing the integration of your different vehicles.

    A healthy aura allows you to move with ease between mind, emotions and body. As damage builds up in the aura, it becomes thinner, losing its vibrancy and fluidity. You will find it harder to be present within your mind, body, and emotions. Your relationship with the world will change and you may experience this long term as “losing perspective“, “becoming paranoid“, “withdrawing“, “slowing down“, “feeling detached“.

    As explained here there are all kinds of vibrations, beings, and entities on different levels within the vibrations you are conscious of. The normal function of your aura and energy system offers protection for your own energy from being disturbed by other entities. When your aura is forced into an unbalanced state by using a drug, medicine plant, or mind altering substance, you also disrupt the integrity of your energy field, opening the door to any energies which share your vibration.

    Many people will experience meeting “beings” and having communication with them, while in an altered state. But you do not have any control over which beings, and the assumption that all beings are positive and loving is a dangerous assumption and is not always the case. Just as people on the physical 3rd dimension plane are not all positive or caring. The forcing open of your energy system using drugs/herbs/chemicals, is non-discriminatory and allows anything to enter.

    It is like opening the doors to your house without being able to decide who can come in. Unlike in meditation where your integrity is maintained and you are better protected, in this state where a door into your energy bodies has been created by a chemical disrupting the relationship between your subtle bodies, you have no protection and are completely vulnerable.

    Ayahuasca and Drugs

    Do Drugs Like Ayahuasca Provide Spiritual Awareness?

    Keeping things simple you already have consciousness allowing you to explore the physical world and the higher dimensions up to the level of just below the spiritual planes. These higher levels include where you go when you dream and also the intuitive planes, higher mind and bliss states corresponding to right up to your crown chakra. Therefore you already have the potential to explore all these vibrations safely in meditation.

    The experiences of different kinds of awareness via drugs/medicine is not from a progressive raising of your awareness but rather a shock/disruption to the balance between vehicles causing your consciousness to either get out the way temporarily or risk being exposed to faster energies. All a drug can do is to reveal what you already have access to safely, but not necessarily in a safe way. Ultimately a drug is a physical thing, which has a physical vibration. Any energy or potential a drug has is limited to the physical plane. Since the physical is the slowest vibrational level then it cannot provide higher consciousness.

    True spiritual growth comes not by expansion but rather by gaining higher consciousness within higher spiritual realms. Since these realms are much faster than the physical realm then nothing within the physical realm can cause these higher consciousnesses to evolve. This is why true spiritual “growth” is not possible by taking physical things into your physical body. In order to progress spiritually then you need access to spiritual light which does not originate on the physical dimension, but comes from much higher, from the source. This process of gaining access is known to some as “initiation” and is also the process through which higher consciousness is attained.

    A drug by contrast cannot reveal anything that is not already there and it has no intelligence. So beliefs that a drug can lead to spiritual enlightenment are most likely caused by a misunderstanding. The idea might be that the drug forces higher vibration energy to flood in to your awareness. But the reality is that Enlightenment is an actual state of being which transcends your body, mind, emotions and even consciousness and vibration altogether.

    It cannot be experienced within a limit as it is a limitless state so no amount of energy pouring into your lower vehicles, which are a limit, can reveal that which is limitless. On a spiritual journey it is not your mind or even your everyday consciousness which you take into faster vibrations. On a spiritual journey it is your spirit that is raised into the faster vibrations and it is a process driven by spiritual light and love. Eventually your spirit transcends all vibrations and reaches the Source. A drug like ayahuasca is just a collection of physical molecules acting on a physical body made up of other molecules. There is no arrangement or combination of matter which can transcend matter, there is no sacred geometry or magic potion.

    So why do some people experience what seems like enlightenment and deep spiritual realisations as a result of doing drugs like ayahuasca?

    You will recall that you already have access to the Atmic point and the intuitive plane beyond it along with all the different vibrations below these that can be within the scope of your awareness. If, through drugs, you place your awareness within the Atmic point then you would have a sense of being “at one with all things“.

    Indeed it can be the first experience some people have of connectedness and inner love. In contrast to normal awareness this would be a very profound and moving experience. Without having explored the much more vast and higher spiritual planes which is possible after initiation then there is nothing to compare this new experience against and you might naturally believe you have attained some form of enlightenment. 

    If you place your awareness in the intuitive plane then you will experience knowing absolute truths without using your mind. This more intuitive awareness would provide you with insights into your life and the nature of the universe. However it is important to understand that any person with guidance and some dedication could have these experiences without drugs, since all vibrations up to the level of bliss are within the scope of every person’s potential awareness.

    There are many amazing realisations and levels of inner stillness, peace, knowledge and joy that you can explore by naturally raising your awareness within basic meditation and people can spend many years exploring these without reaching the end. Once you have been initiated into higher spiritual light and sound meditation then you gain consciousness in these vast spiritual realms and so your potential for higher spiritual awareness and realisations are vastly greater. This is why if you really seek truth you should always strive for deeper stillness and recognise that an experience of stillness is not the same thing as being absolute stillness; an experience of unity is not being Unity.

    So How do You Expand Your Consciousness?

    It is more accurate to ask “how do you gain higher consciousness?“. The consciousness you were born with is limited to experiencing the vibrational levels from your physical body up to your crown chakra. In order to experience higher spiritual realms you must receive energy which is much faster than your crown chakra and the potential within the journey of life is to prepare yourself for this.

    There is nothing within the realms of your existing consciousness and subtle bodies that can take your awareness beyond their limits and so in this way a thought cannot cause expansion beyond the mind, an emotion cannot cause expansion beyond the emotional body and a physical movement cannot cause expansion beyond your physical body.

    Since all of these things are just energy and form within their corresponding vehicles then even kundalini energy, which some people may experience as a result of things like ayahuasca, is just energy within the aura and cannot take you beyond your aura. Anything within a body cannot vibrate faster than the body it is within. For example, irrespective of the thoughts you have, you cannot think yourself beyond your mind. Much like a fish cannot swim beyond water if you imagine that your mind is the water and the fish is your thoughts.

    For there to be expansion there needs to be faster vibration and more energy and in this way the process of initiation is the process where your awareness is expanded beyond your crown chakra, by gaining higher spiritual consciousness. With this higher consciousness you can then become aware of spiritual light and sound energy within meditation. Once you have access to spiritual light and sound energy, the energy itself can cause further spiritual growth as it is the fastest vibration of energy that exists, coming from the source. Initiation allows your awareness to expand vastly into the great spiritual planes well beyond the atmic point, intuitive plane and your crown chakra.

    Raising of your awareness through initiation into spiritual light and sound energy is a natural process as it comes from pure love and is therefore inclusive. For example your awareness before initiation can be within the 1st to 5th dimensions, mainly in the 3rd and a little in the 4th. On initiation it is able to more into the 6th dimension. This new higher state of consciousness means your awareness includes everything between the 1st and 6th dimensions. In other words your potential for awareness has expanded to include much more. It is naturally an inclusive state, since the light and sound are vibrations which originate from absolute love, The Source, God, and this source is that which creates and includes all.

    • Drugs/plant medicine can stimulate a temporary experience of different vibrations within your awareness.
    • Drugs/plant medicine cannot expand your consciousness, they can just reveal what is already there.
    • Drugs/plant medicine work by disrupting the harmony of your subtle bodies.
    • The aura is consumed and/or damaged in order to rebalance your system after drugs/plant medicine are used like ayahuasca.
    • There is nothing positive that you can experience using drugs/plant medicine which you cannot experience more safely with meditation.
    • Meditation is a natural process working in harmony with your subtle bodies to raise your vibration and enable shifting of awareness.
    • Drugs/plant medicine disrupt your subtle bodies to force your awareness to shift.
    • Meditation is balancing and can add energy to your system.
    • Drugs/plant medicine create imbalance and consume vital energy, leaving your energy system damaged and drained.
    • Drugs/plant medicine force open your energy system creating the potential for any sentient entity/being to enter into your aura, good or bad. 
    Meditation Tutorial 33: Drugs & your Aura: STOP! The spiritual danger of Ayahuasca, Peyote, LSD, CBD

    Are Plant Medicines/Sacred Herbs/Mind Altering Drugs like Ayahuasca a Divine Gift That Help Mankind?

    Many people believe that the knowledge on how to prepare medicine plants and sacred herbs like ayahuasca or peyote comes from a divine source and was revealed to mankind to help mankind’s development. Just as you are made up of many different energy bodies and vibrations, so too is creation and the spiritual realms above them. There are energies and beings on different levels, some slower than you in vibration and some faster and beyond the realms of your awareness within spiritual dimensions there too are beings of intelligence.

    The higher vibrations of these are more aligned with love and amongst these you would find your spiritual guide who is there to support, guide and protect you, and has been doing so from the moment you were born. There is no chemical, drug, plant or ceremony needed for this as the connection has always been there driven by love. Any disruption to the balance of your energy systems can create an blockage to you experiencing the flow of love and guidance to you, making it harder for you to connect with higher love. 

    As you learn to be more present and aware within the faster vibrations of your awareness and more so once the potential of your awareness is raised by initiation, then if you want to you can develop and benefit from a stronger awareness of your spiritual guides guidance as well as your own intuition.

    The knowledge of Plant Medicine was not a gift to mankind from benevolent sources nor was it a teaching of love and is not part of spiritual awakening. About 1000 years ago the knowledge was made available to mankind by beings who are not supportive of humanity but had their own agenda. These medicine plants and mind altering drugs including ayahuasca open mankind on the 3rd dimension to allow negative energies in. Once within a person these energies remain, and create the desire to re-use the substance, forming a negative feedback loop in which you are rewarded with interesting and motivating experiences which seem spiritual but do not lead to real spiritual growth as there is no higher consciousness. These negative energies however keep your vibration down, even though the experiences may seem positive.

    It is important that you understand that in order to raise your vibration and help the planet to raise its vibration that using medicine plants, hallucinogens, sacred herbs and drugs actually cause the opposite. Drugs, hallucinogens, medicine plants etc. all replace the potential for growth with entertaining experiences, while keeping your vibration and thus the collective vibration of humanity down. The potential to raise your awareness does not require any external chemical or something put into your body since you already have everything you need within you. You cannot discover absolute harmony, which some call Enlightenment, if you are disrupting the harmony of your energy within your lower vehicles.

    Editors note: We regularly channel information from the Ascended Masters and sometimes we receive new guidance, or deepen our understanding of spiritual topics. As we learn more we incorporate this information into the articles, so that you have the most up to date and refined information.
    This article was last updated 25th March 2021. With Love.

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