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    The Way Back Live Show with Mark Zaretti

    The Way Back Live Show is a show dedicated to your personal spiritual growth in which you get to ask the questions. Join author and podcaster Mark Zaretti every Thursday evening 9:00pm UK time for an hour of uplifting, informative, and inspiring discussion. Watch for free exclusively on, a place where freedom of speech is celebrated. If you’ve not signed up to Rumble then click here to create a free account, but you can also watch as a guest without an account.

    The Way Back Live Show with Mark Zaretti

    Did you know that what you listen to affects your vibration? In our live show we come from the heart; aim to keep things positive, even when talking about tricky subjects; there’s no swearing, and above all we put spiritual truth first. If you’re tired of the doom and gloomers or the head in the sanders then come along and be present and uplifted in the company of other spiritually awake people.

    The Way Back Live Show on Rumble

    On The Way Back Live Show you ask the questions

    This show is unscripted and each week I answer questions that I’ve been asked during the week via social media, in group meetups, or via the show contact form below, I also reflect on any spiritual stories and news during the week as well as sharing my own personal insights. We’re all on this spiritual journey together so the show is about positive interactions, and you’re welcome to ask questions via the chat window, which will pop up next to the livestream player if you’re logged in.

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      The Way Back Live Show

      Q: Do I have to log in?
      No you can just click on the link and watch the show incognito. But you wont be able to comment or be involved. If you want a free account then click here.

      Q: Will people hear me?
      No, if you want to interact then you can type in the online chat box, once logged in.

      Q: Will people know I’m there?
      No, unless you type in the chat, no one will know you’re watching. We respect your privacy and even we wont know you’re there unless you get involved.

      Q: Is the show sponsored? Who pays for it?
      The show is provided free of charge and all the equipment used has been kindly provided by Mark Zaretti, who founded The Way Back in 2018. So that we can maintain our independence and integrity, we do not have any sponsors or advertisers. If you want to help support the show then please visit Truth Wear an online shop providing quality spiritual clothing and lifestyle accessories. A percentage of all profits from that shop goes towards supporting our work.

      Q: I’ve got a question for the show, how do I ask it?
      Great! Well there’s three ways.
      (1) Fill in the form above in advance of the live show.
      (2) If you know me (Mark) then whatsapp or telegram me with your question.
      (3) Log in to rumble, join the live show, and ask your question in the chat window.

      Q: Can I join in even if the show’s already started?
      Yes you can, though you’d have missed everything up to that point. What we recommend is that you jump onto the live show at least 5 minutes before it starts. That way you can settle down with a hot drink and enjoy every minute. If you leave it to the last minute and have any problems logging in then you’ll miss the start… It’s a bit like spiritual cinema: get your drinks and snacks ready in advance, sit down, switch your phone to “Do not disturb” (optional), relax and enjoy the show! 😉

      Q: I missed the show, can I catch up? Also can I watch an old show again?
      Absolutely! A short while after the live show finishes it will become available on our channel as a normal video. It takes a little while for this to happen, usually an hour, so please be patient. Feel free to enjoy one of our other videos while you wait.

      Q: How can I be alerted about the show so I don’t miss it?
      If you sign up to Rumble then you can “Follow” our channel and click the little bell icon next to the follow button to make sure you get alerts. If you’re on Telegram then join our The Way Back Telegram Channel where we’ll post links to the live show each week. Make sure you set alerts to on for this.

      Q: Why Rumble? Why not FaceBook, YouTube or other mainstream social sites?
      Rumble is laid out very similarly to YouTube, but with one important difference. On YouTube you have to be very careful what you say. Just mentioning certain words is enough to get your video or channel cancelled. Imagine what it would be like for all your videos to be cancelled simply because you had an adult conversation with other adults, that’s what happens to people on YouTube. Rumble by contrast do not censor, rather they promote free speech, and encourage common-sense discussions.
      For us it was important to choose a platform where we can focus on sharing spiritual truth with you, rather than worrying about every word we say and whether we will get cancelled. Yes YouTube is slicker and easier to use, but then remember YT is owned by Gooogle who make billions out of tracking and selling your data, another good reason to stay clear of YT, and FB etc. since we respect your privacy. Here’s where you can get your free Rumble sign up: Rumble registration page.

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