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    The Way Back Teachers

    Below we provide details of officially recognised The Way Back teachers. We wish you all the best in your spiritual and soul journey with The Way Back.
    – Paula and Mark. Founders

    Who is a Teacher of The Way Back?

    We hope that as you start to explore having God in your life and the teachings of The Way Back, that you share your experiences and inspire others. In this way you become a teacher to others. However as mentioned on the page about meditation, there is the potential for a person to embrace the spiritual side of the journey to take themselves to God (enlightenment) as well as the soul journey, to allow God fully into their lives. This is summarised below:

    Soul Journey

    Allow God and God’s love into your life by consciously choosing to live a life of good virtue with love at the core of all you do.

    Hint: you are already on this journey!

    Spirit Journey (meditation)

    To meditate upon the gift of God’s light, to guide your spirit and awareness to the Source of light, God.

    Hint: this begins with God’s gift of initiation.

    The spiritual journey is only possible if a person has been given access to God’s light and this is discussed in detail in the books soon to be published (2021). With the revelation of God’s light a person is guided by God deep within meditation to eventually, sometimes over many years, to realise enlightenment. Such a person is changed because by God’s grace, they now have a lot of God’s light, love and wisdom within their spirit. This gift is to help them guide others to find the way back to God.

    For this reason those who had the calling to found The Way Back were already enlightened and the teachers who support The Way Back had all received the Light of God, though not all of them have necessarily completed the journey. This allows them to help guide, inspire and offer practical help to both those on the soul journey and the spiritual journey.

    But no matter what stage any human is at, they are always learning and this is why ultimately the only true teacher is God, and the role of a teacher of The Way Back is to help you strengthen your personal connection to God. The teachers are there to guide, inspire and facilitate, but you are encouraged to be self-motivated, take responsibility for your journey and be your own authority. The greatest truth is only ever the one you have experienced for yourself.

    The Way Back is a humble way of life, there is no centre, because the centre is within you. There is no classroom, because the whole world is your classroom. There is no guru because there is only God and a true teacher serves of God and helps their students by pointing the way and then getting out the way. The Way Back is a community because “we are one” and so we encourage you all to share with, support, and inspire each other. You are never alone on The Way Back to God.

    How a Teacher of The Way Back Might Help You

    The primary role of a teacher of The Way Back is to support your soul journey to find The Way Back to God. For those of you interested in the spiritual journey and meditation, we recommend that you wait until you have already started embracing your soul journey. Then the meditation guidance on this site and in the four main books (coming soon) will be of great help.

    Teachers of The Way Back may help guide followers of The Way Back in the following ways:

    Sharing the teachings of The Way Back, which include practical advice on having God more in your life, spiritual insights into love and importantly learning about The Six Virtues and how to embrace them. They can also share insights into what it means to be human and how things like karma, free will, choice, life-lessons and re-incarnation help guide you towards God.
    Free practical advice and support from your teacher. At The Way Back we do not charge for teaching and we do not ask anything of you, we simply offer encouragement, advice, support and guidance because we are all in this together.
    Learning meditation which may include classes, meetups, but also online resources, which you can find links to at the end of this page. Each teacher has their own style of working but they are all there to support your meditation from beginner onwards.

    Are There Meditation classes?

    The Way Back is not a course, class or workshop, it is a “WAY OF LIFE“. There is no certificate or badge, instead you get something far more valuable and life-changing, you have the potential to discover God, and God’s love within you. Because the journey to bring God into your life is soul-oriented then you do not need to meditate to be on The Way Back, but most people will benefit from regular meditation which is why we have provided guidance on this site. The more profound spiritual journey on God’s light, known as light and sound meditation, is something that if you are truly ready for, you will be guided towards and The Way Back will support you.

    We do not host classes as the online resources, videos, downloads and books provide all you need to get started. The reason is that after over 20 years of teaching, including weekly classes of up to 130 people the truth is that those people who simply enjoy quiet meditation sitting in their own home are the ones who benefit the most. Although organised classes and meetups are a great social event and provide a supportive environment, this is your personal journey and the most supportive environment is the one you create on the inside; no one can meditate for you.

    This means that you do not need to come to a mediation class or find a teacher near you, you can start The Way Back to God right now. All you need to get started is on this website and in the books. In time as you start to grow and recognise God in your life or have a stronger spiritual calling then reach out to the teachers of The Way Back.

    You Can Create your own The Way Back Practice Group

    If you have friends or family who want to have God in their lives, then you could create a practice group. Find your own way and trust your intuition but here are a few ideas for activities you could do when you meet up:

    • Sit in stillness and meditate together.
    • Share inspirational experiences you’ve had from welcoming God into your life.
    • Discuss different parts of the teachings of The Way Back.
    • Watch one of the guidance videos together and then discuss what you have learnt from it.
    • Read a few pages from one of the books and explore it together.
    • Send healing as a group to those who need it.
    • Listen to one of our guided meditations together.
    • Practise welcoming God’s love into you as a group (see the teachings about love).
    • Practise sending love to God as a group (see the teachings about God).
    • Talk to each other to see if anyone needs help, be there for each other.
      • This is a wonderful way to learn compassion and to practice really listening.
    • Arrange a video conference with another group further away or one of the Teachers of The Way Back.
    • Just be there for each other, share laughter, joy and hugs.
    • Remember God. Give thanks and be humble.

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