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    From a young age I can remember being spiritually sensitive and aware of guidance from my spiritual guide and throughout my life have always felt guided. A few years ago I “knew” that I would be meeting a spiritual teacher and it was wonderful synchronicity when both my mother and a tarot reader both independently received information from higher sources that a man called Mark would appear in my life soon.

    Not long after a friend of mine told me about her meditation teacher who was moving back to the UK after time abroad in Italy. She said his name was Mark.

    I started meditating with him in 2016 and it was clear that this meditation was on a different level from the things I had experienced before. Soon after I was initiated into the spiritual light and sound energy and I can honestly say it was profound. Fast forward to 2018 and I had attained enlightenment and am truly grateful for this gift.

    I was present at the start of The Way Back and in 2018 Mark asked me to become a teacher of The Way Back. I have been assisting him and teaching ever since and am happy to support people who are looking for a deeper spiritual experience, but most importantly to have God in their lives.


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    The Way Back is a not for profit group dedicated to sharing spiritual guidance, support, information and inspiration. Founded in 2018 by a number of advanced light and sound meditation teachers based in the UK The Way Back now supports people around the world.

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