Meditation for Beginners

    Meditation for Beginners: A guide on how to start meditation

    Enlightened teachers

    – Every meditator was once a beginner –

    As a team we all know what it is like approaching meditation as a beginner. When some of us first began our spiritual journeys the internet did not exist and we really appreciated every bit of guidance available.
    As a result we’ve created articles, books, videos and downloads to make learning meditation for beginners as easy as possible for you. We’ve put this meditation for beginners guide together to help you find your way to inner stillness.

    How to Begin Meditation

    “What you learn is as important as how you learn”

    – Mark

    Meditation is about experiencing things for yourself and so how you approach it is as important as what you do. Meditation is a part of becoming more spiritual and so it helps to understand what being “spiritual” actually means. as described elsewhere on this site, being spiritual means having a desire to let go of your sense of self and to become more aware of God. The fulfilment of this would be the spiritual journey in which you (soul and spirit) transcend the limits of the physical world and raise up in vibration to attain enlightenment, removing all separation between you and God.

    What is the Difference Between “Knowledge” and “Experience”

    Throughout your life there are two fundamental ways of being. At times you will be learning through thinking and gathering knowledge such as now as you read this. But much more important is what you experience for yourself, such as when you meditate.


    Learning about something engages your mind and therefore the place where habits and ego can become involved.


    By contrast experiencing something engages your soul, spirit and consciousness.

    Becoming More Spiritually Awake

    Being spiritual means to have a desire to let go of being attached to your mind, ego and habits which together create your sense of self and through inner stillness to seek God.

    Therefore the more spiritual you are the more ease you have in letting go into meditation. Whereas the more you try and act spiritual and treat it as an intellectual pursuit, the more stuck in your mind you become. The answer is simple “love the stillness, stop trying and simply let go“.

    meditation book

    There is great value in information.
    The trick though is to be in the optimal learning state, which comes from inner stillness…

    Your Invitation to Begin Enjoying Meditation Right Now

    There is no better time than right now to begin.
    Simply put in some headphones [optional], sit comfortably and listen to the video below.”

    Hint: As you follow the guided meditation below, there will be periods of silence which is a great opportunity to become even stiller and just enjoy letting go. You’ll know when you’re at the end of the guided meditation because will will guide you to open your eyes. Enjoy!

    Guided Meditation #01 "Love and Stillness" 14 mins - by Mark Zaretti @ The Way Back

    If that was your first ever meditate then well done! because now you have experienced stillness you can more easily practise the art of learning.

    meditation teacher for beginners
    Let me introduce you to something special

    “Sitting in stillness”

    When we read a page, listen to a podcast, or watch a video we often react with inner dialogue. This reaction is normal as it is our mind trying to make sense of the information. The problem is we can just end up talking to ourselves and so we tend to get in our own way of learning something new. When we consciously “sit in stillness” and then read, listen or watch we can take on wisdom and guidance in a much more profound way. From inner stillness we can be more intuitive, less judgmental, and resonate more with the truth within the information. We encourage you to practice sitting in stillness as you learn. Notice what happens as you practice this now.

    Finding Your Way as a Beginner of Meditation

    The secret is to find what works best for you and make meditation a part of your daily routine.”

    The secret to meditation is to incorporate meditation into your everyday life so that it becomes something positive and supportive. Although everyone starts in the same place your life will be different from everyone else’s. For this reason be kind to yourself and set realistic goals that compliment your life.

    Advice from an experienced meditation guide

    “Keep it simple”

    meditation for beginners

    May TRUTH guide me.
    May LOVE surround me.
    May JOY fill my heart.

    Already meditating but want to improve?

    If you have already started meditation but want to improve then the videos below may help. Of course if you have not yet started meditation then you can skip these videos for now.

    Meditation Tutorial 08: Practical Guidance #1 - for Light & Sound Meditation with Mark Zaretti

    We follow on with ways to overcome a busy mind.

    Meditation Tutorial 22: Be More Present - Guidance for Light & Sound Meditation with Mark Zaretti

    Finally we look into nine different ways to improve your meditation even more.

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