Meditation and Your Spiritual Journey to God

    Do you need to meditate?

    The Way Back is a spiritual way of being, suitable for all of humanity and does NOT require meditation.

    God is always present and The Way Back teachings and guidance help nurture a more harmonious and peaceful way of being in which you can be more aware of God in your heart and in your everyday life.

    What is the “Soul Journey”?

    Learning how to live in harmony with love is the “soul journey” and naturally has God’s love at its core. The soul journey is therefore the way of allowing God’s love to come down into your life. This journey is travelled through living your life in a more conscious and loving way and the guidance and teachings of The Way Back can help.

    What is the “Spiritual Journey”?

    God is also the source of light and it is the “spiritual journey” which has light at its core and is the journey of allowing God’s light to guide your spirit up to God. There is no spiritual journey without God’s light, and God is both the cause and goal of the spiritual journey.

    It is for this reason that those who seek the light but not God will struggle to progress spiritually, but those who seek God and have a deep desire to let go of their sense of self so that they can move closer to God will be naturally guided by God to discover the path of light and will progress with ease. It is a far greater thing to seek God than to seek the light because the spiritual journey can only truly begin when God is already fully within your life.

    Is Meditation for You?

    Although every human can know God personally, not every human has a spiritual yearning. This is because the spiritual yearning is something that awakens over many life-times and is driven by an inner desire to let go of oneself and embrace God more fully. Though everyone has the potential, few ever have that calling and even fewer still realise the opportunity.

    The Way Back was founded by those who had answered their calling and walked the spiritual journey to its conclusion. Having attained enlightenment they are sharing the simple truth they discovered:

    “God is waiting for each and every human
    to open their hearts to God.”

    This is why the journey to have God in your life and heart is the greatest journey and when it is put first everything else that is good is supported and flows with ease. If you are meant to walk the spiritual journey of meditation on God’s light and sound then God will guide you.

    But even if you are not interested in that more profound and spiritual journey you may benefit from having an ability to relax and tune in to your inner stillness. For this reason then we provide free meditation guidance, which is also a great foundation for those who have the calling to take their meditation further.

    The Way Back - Peace
    The Way Back Group