How to meditate with initiating meditation teacher Mark

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    How to meditate with initiating meditation teacher Mark
    Practical help and advice on meditation

    Helpful Meditation Advice

    We provide practical meditation help, advice and guidance on aspects of different types of meditation depending on where you are in your personal spiritual journey. Although everyone is different everyone starts at the same place.
    These are not rules, but rather an indication of meditation practices which make help you to meditate on spiritual light and sound energy once you have been initiated and importantly help you progress to enlightenment.
    Throughout your spiritual journey we encourage you to keep the principle of “unconditional love” at core of all you do.
    For example where we recommend doing 30 mins a day of meditation, from your mind’s perspective you may think something supportive like “I’m really looking forward to that“, or you may think something unhelpful like “How could I fit that in?“. By embracing unconditional love for you meditation then you move from your mind to your heart then instead of “thinking” about meditation, you can start “loving” your meditation.
    With love as the guiding principle you would want to do more as it’s natural to want to do more of the things you love. Then the act of meditation is no longer about time, rather it becomes about quality and joy within that inner stillness. So please understand this meditation help is given with love to inspire you.

    Meditation Help for all Stages of Your Spiritual Journey

    The following guidelines will help support you at all stages of your journey.

    Meditation Help: Remember Where this Energy Come From

    It always helps with meditation to remember that even before you start meditating you are already a spiritual being with a soul that is here to learn, to experience, and to love. The chance for you to become connected with spiritual light and sound energy, which takes your awareness into higher spiritual dimensions, is a gift from God. This spiritual energy is not always available on the planet but if you are ready for it then you will be born into a life that has the potential to become initiated.

    Meditation Help: Both Soul and Spirit Matter

    Every life you have is a chance for your soul to become more ready for your potential to start your spiritual journey and on this soul journey you are never alone. You are supported by spiritual guides, beings of light and above all God.

    The soul journey is one that progresses over many lifetimes and incarnations, developing The Six Virtues through experience and when you become spiritual enough within your soul, then the opportunity to start your spiritual journey may present itself.

    Both journeys are vital to be a complete and integrated spiritual person which is why The Way Back exists, to guide and support you on both your soul and spiritual journey. The spiritual practice of meditation is helped and supported by the development of your soul.

    The soul journey is ultimately your personal journey to become aligned with God’s love and to then open your heart and life to God. There is no spiritual journey without God and so the soul journey must come before the spiritual journey.

    The soul and spiritual journeys

    Meditation Help: Embrace The Six Virtues in Your Life

    Understanding that the soul journey is vital to support the spiritual journey reveals why the Six Virtues are so important. These Six Virtues help you raise your soul vibration making it easier to meditate and to integrate with the states of higher spiritual consciousness which are revealed to you through initiation once you have access to the spiritual light and sound energy:

    The Six Virtues

    You can explore each of The Six Virtues in relation towards yourself, towards others, and ultimately towards God. For example be grateful for your life, be grateful for others in your life, be grateful to God. Remembering this helps you to integrate the virtues.

    Meditation Help: Protect Yourself

    Once you have been initiated you are filled with spiritual light and it shines from you inspiring those around you and the higher your vibration the more light you potentially radiate. Spiritual light is a rare gift indeed and because of the nature of duality it may attract things on other dimensions which are negative. You are advised to put protection around yourself, which is easy to do, even though they most likely wont be a problem.

    Once you are initiated you have the ability to draw down powerful protection energy by simply intending “I surround myself with protection” and there is no need for visualisation. As your state increases from first initiate to second initiate and then again to enlightenment the power of the protection increases accordingly too.

    You can call on the protection any time of the day or night but it is wise not to do it after 02:00 in the morning and before 06:00. The protection energy lasts about 12 hours and so it is advisable to put it in place in the morning and just before bed.

    You can put this protection around your children (up to the age of 18) once you are initiated. Even if initiated you cannot put protection around your partner or any other adult or children that are not your own.

    Helping You Meditate: Avoid Drugs and Mind Altering Medicine Plants

    Avoid the use of recreational drugs, medicine plants including cannabis, peyote, ayahuasca iowaska, mushrooms, or yagé and other such things. These will rapidly close the crown chakra, and disrupt your connection to higher consciousness.

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    Help Your Meditation: Diet and Food Considerations

    From experience and spiritual insights many of the enlightened teachers of The Way Back recommend that you reduce or avoid eating meat, poultry, or seafood, and are vegetarian. Consuming meat lowers your vibration and also the vibration of the planet too. Lowering your vibration will slow down your progress.

    Meditation Tutorial 32: Food, Drink & Meditation - The Spiritual Reason to be Vegan/Vegetarian

    Meditation Help: Lifestyle Choices

    The damage that smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol does to you increases with the amount and frequency used. Everyone is different and you are responsible for yourself and the vibrational consequences of your choices. Although small amounts can be tolerated by your system, too much of either will begin to lower your vibration and hold you back in your meditation.

    Any behaviour which harms your body/energy/vibration or causes harm to other beings demonstrates a lack of respect for oneself or life in general, going against the virtues of respect and unconditional love.

    Meditation Help: Vibrational Choices

    Everything has a vibration and that includes what you listen to, read, and even watch. This means that music, television, videos, computer games, books, the theatre, cinema, magazines, radio and so on are all either raising your vibration or lowering it.

    When you watch an action film you are seeing the depiction of people being killed or hurt and although it is “not real” you are still affected as if it was. Or perhaps it’s a film about young magicians fighting dark forces? Again it is “not real”, but their mind is still focussing on these dark things, which raises the question “what is real?”. When a child reads a book and there are demons, monsters or any such thing, then they still have to imagine, empathise, feel, contemplate and engage with these things. The same is true of adults.

    Watching a horror movie or a gripping thriller at the cinema is highly emotionally engaging. So when the film makes you feel fear, worry, shock, anxiety or such negative emotions, whether the content is real is irrelevant, the feelings are real and you now have the vibrational consequences of these very negative emotions within you. If you would not want to see it in real life then do not invite it into you life in the name of entertainment. How many people watch soap operas with people constantly arguing and being negative towards each other?

    When a child or adult kills in a computer game, on some level they are experiencing some of the emotions and energetic consequences of “killing”. They are lowering their vibration and moving away from love. In the same way that the food you eat determines your physical wellbeing, what you watch and listen to impacts on your emotional and mental vibrations and you are encouraged to pay closer attention to what you give your attention to.

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    The Way Back Meditation FAQs
    Have you got more questions about meditation?

    Check out our FAQ’s section

    We have an entire page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) all about meditation.

    Meditation Help to Prepare for Spiritual Light and Sound Initiation

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    The process of actually gaining access to light and sound energy is often called “initiation” or “first initiation” and someone who has received such a gift is often referred to as a “first initiate”.

    Preparing to receive initiation is about learning how to sit in stillness with the desire to let go of your ego, personality and mind, aligning your orientation towards unconditional love.

    Although everyone is different it generally takes practice and time for change and spiritual growth to become established within you. Experienced meditation help and guidance is that in order to prepare for initiation you should practice meditating every day for about 21 days. An absolute minimum of 17 days is needed to prepare for initiation if you are extremely dedicated.

    The meditation help, advice and teachings of The Way Back, explain that initiation attends to the spiritual journey, but your soul must also be prepared and have sufficient spiritual orientation for you to progress and go fully into higher light and sound meditation.

    Initiation is a gift from God and although the advanced enlightened teachers of The Way Back can help you prepare for meditation on spiritual energy it is beyond them to decide if you should get the energy. This is explained in the books that are going to be published soon (editor: written 2021). If you are not ready for initiation they may be able to offer appropriate guidance for your soul development which ultimately comes down to embracing God in your life as well as developing your desire for spirituality.

    But remember that initiation is not a right, it is a gift and it may not be intended for you in this life-time. Even if you are not going to be initiated in this life, your spiritual development and corresponding soul development will help you greatly in this life and in your next incarnation. It is compassionate to remember that this is one of many life-times and your life-purpose and life-plan may mean that initiation is meant for a future life, not this one. Initiation is a very rare gift indeed but God’s love for humanity is not limited to a few people. Rather every human has the opportunity to experience God’s love and to welcome God into their lives. This is the soul journey, whereas initiation is the spiritual journey. Both are important but the soul journey must come first.

    Here is some general meditation help, advice and guidance to help you prepare for initiation:

    • Build up to at least 30 mins a day of meditation with the focus on stillness.
    • Aim to do a couple of 1 to 4 hour meditates to develop your ability to go deeper into meditation.
    • Breath meditation is helpful but are not vital, the most important thing is to be able to sit in stillness and neutrality.
    • To avoid falling asleep it helps your meditation to be sitting upright.
    • To connect more deeply with your meditation work on embracing The Six Virtues in daily life.
    • Regular contact with your enlightened teacher will help you prepare for meditation.
    • A student cannot have two teachers” belonging to two groups or following two teachers would result in confusion and is disrespectful to both teachers. A good teacher demonstrates duty of care towards their students but cannot take responsibility for a student who is also getting advice, which may conflict, from a different teacher.
    • Although not essential, it helps improve your energy to eat healthier and aspire towards a vegetarian diet.
    • Practice filling yourself with love on a daily basis and also sending love out to the world.
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    Meditation Help for “First Initiates” With Access to Spiritual Light and Sound Energy

    The gift of spiritual light and sound energy benefits you as a meditator but also the whole planet including those around you that you care for and love. Regular meditation helps keep your crown chakra open and increases the positive impact you have on the world around you bringing in more light. As a “first initiate” you truly become a light worker able to perceive and radiate spiritual light.

    • Meditate for at least 30 mins every day.
    • Once a week enjoy a 2 hour meditation, sitting alone without external guidance, ideally in an uninterrupted single sitting.
    • Give your attention to light and sound energy in equal measures starting with the sound. Each should be noticed separately and you are not encouraged to focus on both together as your attention divided means you will fail to let go into either.
    • When you are meditating on the light then give your full awareness to the light (love the light).
    • When you are meditating on sound then give your full awareness to the sound (love the sound).
    • Do not channel light because it is not meant to be used in this way. It will naturally emanate from your aura when you are coming from a place of humility and love.
    • Practice filling yourself with love on a daily basis and also sending love out to the world. Doing this at the start of a meditation will help you to let go.

    Meditation Help to Prepare for “Second Initiation”

    • As a first initiate you would ideally be building your daily meditations up to at least 1 hour a day.
    • You would have sat and completed at least one or more 4 hour meditations, enjoying a much deeper stillness.
    • You should have noticed a consistent change in the depth of stillness and inner peace that you are accessing within your meditation, compared to meditations prior to initiation.
    • You should also have noticed significant changes in your inner experience.
    • You should be proficient at both the light and sound techniques (which you will be taught when you are initiated) and you will be noticing both the inner spiritual light and the inner spiritual sound with ease.
    • Ideally you will be discussing your meditation with your advanced The Way Back teacher who can guide you with practical meditation help.

    Meditation Help for “Second Stage” Meditators

    As a second stage meditator you have access to the highest level of consciousness and to be completely beyond your mind. Your ability to go into profound stillness is even greater. We offer the following meditation help and guidance.

    • Practice filling yourself with love on a daily basis and also sending love out to the world. Doing this at the start of a meditation will help you to let go.
    • Meditate for at least 1 hour every day.
    • Enjoy a longer meditate of about 2 to 4 hours at least once a week.
    • Do not channel light, it is not to be used in this way. It will naturally emanate from your aura when you are coming from a place of humility and love.
    • Meditate as before starting with sound if it is present, and then moving onto the light. Aim to make about 40-50% of your meditation on the light and sound but then allow yourself to go fully into stillness. This will come with experience. It helps to appreciate that at the highest levels of this state there is no sound. If you are always hearing sound then you have yet to go fully into this state.

    Meditation Help to Prepare for Enlightenment

    • You will be meditating daily for at least 1 hour.
    • You would have sat and completed at least two 4 hour meditations going deeper into the state of second initiation.
    • You will have made a number of key realisations and have experienced a profound change in the level of stillness and inner peace, much greater than that you experienced as a first initiate.
    • Ideally you will be discussing your meditations with your enlightened teacher who can guide you with practical meditation help.
    • When you sit to realise enlightenment you will need to sit for 4 hours without moving or needing a break, it is for this reason that you are encouraged to practice longer meditations. It may seem a lot but build up at a rate you are comfortable with, this is not a race, it is a journey.

    Meditation Help for Enlightened Meditators

    Enlightenment is not the end, it is the beginning. Throughout your journey if you have followed our helpful meditation advice you would have been integrating with The Six virtues of humility, gratitude, respect, non-judgement, compassion and unconditional love. As an enlightened person you will understand that it is not your personality that is enlightened and that it is through these virtues that you integrate your state of consciousness with your personality to live a life more holistically aligned with unconditional love.

    • Enjoy meditating for at least 1 hour every day, to explore, maintain and strengthen your connection with The Source.
    • Enjoy a 2 to 6 hour meditation at least once a week, doing more when you can.

    Meditation Help and Guidance for Longer Meditations?

    While your crown chakra is active throughout the day you periodically receive spiritual light energy which comes in waves. This means that about every 2 hours you will take on more energy, which gives a boost to your stillness. The more time you spend in your states of higher consciousness means more time to potentially have realisations since these higher dimensions are vast and therefore you need time to explore them.

    Meditation Help, Advice & Support from The Way Back Teachers

    The helpful meditation advice, guidance and suggestions above are guidelines and you are encouraged to be self-motivated because the more you do the easier you will find it to enjoy your meditation and progress.

    Historically those aspiring (a.k.a. aspirants) to receive initiation and start spiritual light and sound meditation were advised to meditate 2 hours every day and 6 hours once a week for a year just to prepare for receiving the spiritual light and sound energy.

    After many more years of daily meditation on light and sound they would sit for 10 to 12 days doing up to 16 hours a day of meditation to receive spiritual enlightenment.

    Practical Meditation Help: Articles and Videos

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