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    Spiritual Light and Sound Meditation: Improve your experience

    In this article we’re going to look at practical advice to answer the question:
    What are the actual steps of going into spiritual light and sound meditation?“. Although aimed at Spiritual Light and Sound Meditation the advice is also helpful even if you have yet to get access to these spiritual energies via initiation.

    [10] 5 steps for improved meditation & 5 mistakes to avoid, which may be holding you back

    The more you understand how the different energies are involved in meditation then you can make sure you do things in the right order so that you have more ease in going deeper into your meditation and letting go of your mind.

    Obviously when talking about the spiritual light and sound energy then the two energies of LIGHT and SOUND are the key spiritual energies. But many people overlook a third energy and this causes lots of problems in their spiritual journey. When this third energy is overlooked then it holds them back, making it hard to meditate, and may even prevent them from realising enlightenment.

    This third energy is the energy of LOVE, and this energy is available to everyone, including before initiation. So wherever you are in your journey this guidance is likely to be invaluable because through meditation you get to realise for yourself first-hand that it is all about love, and this is not just a philosophy, belief or concept, it is very real.

    5 Steps for Improved Light and Sound Meditation

    Step 1: Relax

    Sit down, lie down, be still. But beyond this what does it mean to relax. It means that you are not trying, doing or thinking. Your mind will still have thoughts but you’re not paying them as much attention. This is why basic meditation techniques like breath, mantra or mindfulness can help at this stage, they help you to relax and importantly reduce mental activity, so that your consciousness has less desire to sit on your brain.

    Step 2: Love

    Your heart area is where you store love. So have the intention to bring love into you. Words like “I intend to let LOVE come into me“. It doesn’t matter what you notice. The more love you have the more ease there is for you to raise up in meditation.

    Step 3: Focus on the Sound energy

    Focussing on the sound first helps you to build up your levels of love. If you are not yet initiated then focus on stillness or peace.

    Step 4: Sit with the light

    Once you are aware of light, then just sit with it. Don’t judge it or look for it.

    “You don’t meditate on light,
    it meditates on you.”

    – anon

    If you are not yet initiated then simply let go into your inner space or inner stillness.

    Step 5: Remember it is all about LOVE.

    Spirituality is your desire to let go of ego, mind, self and reconnect with the Source, with God, one thing everywhere. So surrender, without looking.

    Things to avoid:

    In the video above I also talk about the common mistakes that people make when meditating. So if you want to find more ease and joy in your meditation then avoid the following meditation mistakes.

    Visualisation – avoid visualisation since it uses the mind and keeps you from being stiller.
    Stop doing/trying/striving – It’s your mind and ego that is busy doing. Trust and let go.
    Stop looking for phenomena – Simply be the space that allows things to be present.
    It’s not about status – stop trying to be special, instead aspire to let go of your personality.
    Thinking and analysing – This isn’t an intellectual journey. Understanding is not progress.

    Have you really been initiated into Spiritual Light and Sound Meditation?

    If you are struggling then it may be that you have not yet been properly initiated into Spiritual Light and Sound Meditation, in which case there is lots of information to help you understand what initiation into light and sound energy is and also how to tell if you’ve actually been initiated.

    Be inspired outside of meditation

    I gave 5 steps above but really this could have been the first step. How you are as you go to sit down in meditation is as important as how you are once you sit down.

    “How you are in life,
    you take into your meditation.”

    – Mark Zaretti

    This really is why your soul journey is so important but is often overlooked. So since the purpose of your spiritual journey is to let go of everything and through spiritual light and sound meditation to raise your spirit to become enlightened to discover the Source, God, then it makes sense to allow yourself to be inspired down here on the 3rd dimension.

    Because if the parts of you down here, like your mind and soul have a desire to know and love God then they will support you rather than hold you back in your meditation. This is not a religious act, spirituality is about discovering through experience, it goes beyond any belief.

    When you need to be uplifted down here then find a song or poem that moves your soul, that instills a desire to be spiritual and this helps all of what you are to align with and support your journey.

    Below I share a couple of songs that personally I find very inspiring but of course you will have your own:

    How Great Thou Art with lyrics performed by chris rice

    Amazing Grace - Best Version By Far!

    Whatever it is that moves you, share it with others too. You never know it may just help them on their journey too.

    Full Circle: How to end each Spiritual Light and Sound Meditate

    While writing this article I remembered that back in 2016 I answered a question about “How do you end each spiritual light and sound meditation?“. It seems appropriate to reflect on that information here, since everything that has a beginning also has an ending:

    [4] Want more peace & love in your life? Avoid missing the end of each meditation opportunity

    It is fitting that in this video I also talk about stillness and love, reiterating the fact that the spiritual journey, including the journey into spiritual light and sound is, and always has been, fundamentally a journey of LOVE.

    Wishing you all love and peace. – Mark


    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on

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