Spiritual Maturity: Get more from your state

    In this podcast meditation teacher and author Mark discusses the topic of spiritual maturity. Although like many it may be something you’ve not thought of before. Mark explores the reason why many people fail to spiritually mature. More importantly though, Mark gives practical advice on how to put it right. Being mature spiritually means to blur the boundaries between your inner meditation world and everyday life. Hence it is a […]

    Spiritual Light and Sound Meditation: Improve your experience

    In this article we’re going to look at practical advice to answer the question: “What are the actual steps of going into spiritual light and sound meditation?“. Although aimed at Spiritual Light and Sound Meditation the advice is also helpful even if you have yet to get access to these spiritual energies via initiation. The more you understand how the different energies are involved in meditation then you can make […]

    Let More LOVE Into Your Life With Meditation

    In this video I discuss how I end a meditate and bring more love and stillness into my everyday life. Too often people see meditation as an exercise or an experience, but using this simple technique you can bring more of the stillness and love within your meditation back into your everyday life. It does not matter which kind of meditation you do, there is LOVE on every level and […]

    9 Ways to Improve Your Meditation if you Feel Stuck

    In this video I discuss nine different ways you can improve your meditation if you feel stuck, are not getting the most from your meditation, or simply feel like you’ve reached a plateau or are blocked. Mark shares 9 powerful meditation approaches and insights to help you go deeper, stiller and into more profound levels of awareness within your meditation. The advice in this video will help you whether you […]

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