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    Understanding Compassion: The Truth About How Humanity Becomes More Compassionate

    Most spiritually aware people will intuitively understand the vital need for compassion within human existence. More often it is noted for the ill effects of its absence. However it is only with a deeper understanding of what compassion is that it can increase within you and within humanity as a whole. Even without this deeper understanding the awareness that more compassion would benefit everyone makes this information of great value to you, even if you do not consider yourself spiritual.

    Compassion is not the by-product of being loving though the two often are seen as hand in hand. However compassion is its own thing, distinct from love, healing, will and other energies or qualities. To develop an understanding of where compassion comes from you first need to know that you have a soul and like all souls your soul has a number of “soul qualities”. We will explain more about the individual soul qualities in the book that is to come but at this time we will focus on just compassion.

    Compassion is a Soul Quality

    Compassion is a soul quality, which means that your capacity for compassion is governed by the level of compassion in your soul. Every soul, and therefore every person, has at least a tiny amount of compassion. Every person has the capacity for compassion, though it may be very underdeveloped in some.

    When you observe a person who is suffering then the amount of compassion you have will trigger a simultaneous response in your mental body and your emotional body. The more capacity for compassion you have the stronger the compassionate response in your mental and emotional bodies. This is not a conscious response and it cannot be premeditated. Your soul compassion triggers your mind to respond with “empathy” and at the same time your soul compassion triggers your emotional body to respond with “sympathy”. These two vibrations, mental empathy and emotional sympathy combine to create the “energy of compassion” which permeates your aura in the chest region and radiates outwards. If the person you have compassion for is within about 2 miles distance of where you are then they will receive this energy of compassion in their aura.

    Their emotional body will be affected by your energy of compassion resulting in them “feeling uplifted” and hence the vibrational state of their emotional body becomes more positive. A more positive emotional body will have a positive influence on their mind and they may pick up, at least at an unconscious level, on this change. The result of your compassion is that the recipient is emotionally uplifted.

    It would be natural to assume that the act of showing compassion has increased your capacity for compassion, or that the recipient automatically becomes more compassionate. However this is not the case. Compassion is the unconscious reaction of your mind and emotions to the influence of your soul. Soul development however requires a conscious participation in the process. But since you cannot be deliberately compassionate then how do you become more compassionate? Understanding this is important.

    When you are the recipient of compassion there are two things that can happen, you can be unconscious of it or you can be conscious of it. To help you understand this think of the following scenario. A child is riding their bicycle down a quiet rural street and falls off grazing their knee. In a nearby garden an elderly person sees the accident. The elderly person is not mobile enough to assist however being very compassionate they feel great empathy and sympathy for the fallen child.

    In scenario A the child looks up and makes eye contact with the elderly person. In that moment the child recognises the compassion they are receiving.

    In scenario B the child does not look up and so is unaware of the elderly observer.

    In both scenarios the energy of compassion reaches the child but it is only in scenario A that the child recognises that they are receiving compassion. In that moment of conscious recognition, the child’s own capacity for compassion increases.

    Compassion is Contagious

    You must receive compassion to grow in compassion; compassion is highly contagious. Having received compassion this child is more likely to demonstrate compassion in the future. But remember there must be some recognition by the mind of the recipient that they have received compassion, even if it is not intellectually voiced. Without the mind being aware, then although the energy of compassion is received and the emotional vibration uplifted, there is no increase in compassion of the recipient. Understanding all this is to understand that you do not give compassion with the goal of increasing a person’s compassion, you give compassion simply because you are compassionate. The recipient of your compassion potentially benefits in two ways. Firstly, emotionally they feel uplifted, they feel loved and if they are consciously aware of the compassion then they feel more connected to others. It is easy to understand how this benefits humanity. Secondly if they are conscious of your compassion then their soul’s level of compassion is increased and they will automatically become more compassionate towards others.

    Understanding How to Have More Compassion

    Since this is all outside of the conscious control of mankind then the process of humanity evolving towards more compassion is slow. But there is one way in which you can increase your compassion. It requires you to be spiritually awake to the fact that you are part of something much bigger. As discussed in the channelled teachings about spiritual prayer (not religion) it was explained that you have a spiritual guide and that there are higher spiritual beings watching over you. When you pray with genuine compassion for the benefit of another person then these higher spiritual beings, which you can know as the Spiritual Hierarchy, recognise your genuine compassion and raise your soul’s level of compassion further. It is important to emphasis that we said “when you pray with genuine compassion” because without genuine compassion there is no prayer. True prayers for another person always contain compassion. So much dogmatic praying within the limits of a religious faith is done from guilt or a sense of duty or routine, and so they lack compassion. Lacking compassion they are not heard and the person’s level of compassion remains unchanged. Search deeply within yourself, be present in the moment and let your soul not your ego guide your prayers and your prayers will be enriched with compassion.

    Some may ask “what if you pray for yourself?“. Understand this, that you cannot have compassion for yourself, you can only experience sympathy for yourself. Recall that the energy of compassion is formed when empathy and sympathy combine. If you have only empathy for another then there is no compassion and you will be “cold” and emotionless in your response. You may be correct, you may be just but you will not help that person much.

    If you have only sympathy for another, but lack empathy then your sympathy will become sorrow. Sorrow is a negative emotion and you will bring yourself and the other person down with your sorrow. There is only compassion when both sympathy and empathy combine. Because you can only experience sympathy towards yourself then you will only ever experience sorrow when you dwell on a negative experience. This is why you cannot experience compassion for yourself because your mind cannot empathise with itself.

    You cannot increase your compassion for others through practice, desire, intention or asking your spiritual guide to help you grow in compassion. You can only increase your compassion through the action of genuine prayer. If you are lucky enough to receive compassion then you will become more compassionate. Now that you have this knowledge embrace prayer in its true meaning, and help compassion spread throughout humanity.


    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on Rumble.com.

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