Closer to God: Avoiding the TRAP that stops you finding real JOY

    Q1: Do you want to get closer to God in a deep and profoundly spiritual way? Q2: Would you like to have more JOY in your life that does not depend on other people? Q3: Are you stuck when it comes to your spiritual and personal development? If the answer was yes to any of those questions then read on. In this inspiring video spiritual teacher Mark unlocks the transformative […]

    Wisdom: I didn’t expect that answer!

    It’s Saturday morning and I’m still reflecting on the conversation about “Wisdom” I had with Mark yesterday. In case you don’t know who I am, I’m Simeon, a teacher and student of The Way Back. (Aren’t we all students?) I live in the USA and was over visiting family. However I had a few hours free so met up with Mark who I’ve known for 31 years! Wow, a lot […]

    Spirituality and why I Wish I’d Known About the Six Virtues Sooner

    One of our students interviewed me on the 13th of January 2020 and asked a number of questions about spirituality. It was the last question though that really got me: “What three things do you wish you had known at the beginning of your spiritual journey?“ Wow! How to sum up over 38 years of meditation practice and 20+ years teaching spirituality? In the end it came down to three […]

    [20] Integrating the Virtues – Guided Meditation

    Discover the key virtues that may help unlock your spiritual potential and your meditative ability. This guided meditation introduces you to the virtues in an intuitive and experience led way. Firstly meditation teacher Mark guides you into a deep awareness of your inner stillness. Then he gently introduces each of these virtues, allowing them to resonate within you so that you can “know them through your direct experience“. Supporting self-development […]

    The Way Back, The Six Virtues

    This book about “The Six Virtues” is a must for anyone who is on a journey of self-improvement and spiritual growth. The second book in The Way Back series it follows on from “Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH” and stands on its own as a complete body of work providing helpful information and powerful insights into the world of your soul, your spiritual growth and how to live a […]

    Raise Your Vibration: The Six Virtues

    Meditation teacher Mark discussing The Six Virtues and how they can help you to raise your soul’s vibration. Because raising your vibration helps you progress along your soul journey. With practical examples and insights into making them a part of your everyday life. Raise Your Soul and Spiritual Vibration Learn how the spiritual journey through meditation can raise your spirit’s vibration back to Unity, what people refer to enlightenment. In […]

    Understanding Compassion: The Truth About How Humanity Becomes More Compassionate

    Most spiritually aware people will intuitively understand the vital need for compassion within human existence. More often it is noted for the ill effects of its absence. However it is only with a deeper understanding of what compassion is that it can increase within you and within humanity as a whole. Even without this deeper understanding the awareness that more compassion would benefit everyone makes this information of great value […]

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