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    Be Humble and Build Spiritual Strength

    I’ve been meditating for a long time and been guiding people spiritually for over 20 years. This is one video/podcast that I wish I’d had when I was starting out. Humility and being humble is something we all understand at some level but have you ever really thought about what it means?

    Some important questions:

    • Do you know how to grow in humility?
    • What are the benefits to being more humble?
    • What is the relationship between God and humility?

    We’re going to explore these and other questions in this video/podcast. But why?

    “The more humble I am,
    the more God I have in my life.”

    What a gift humility is and it is also true to say that the more God I have in my life, the more humble I am. So we need humility to let God into our lives and we need God to be more humble. It’s a beautiful circular relationship. If you’re wondering “why a spiritual meditation teacher is talking about God?find our more here.

    Here’s what I’m going to share with you in the video you’ll find below:

    Exploring what humility is

    Start to deepen your understanding of how humility relates to your spiritual journey as well as to everyday life.

    Sharing insights from different people

    Seven spiritual people share their own insights into what humility is, revealing that being able to talk about humility is not the same thing as being humble. How would you describe humility from a spiritual perspective?

    How being more humble spiritually empowers us

    Discover why it is that if you are more humble, then you are actually more spiritual. This impacts on your relationship with yourself, others and ultimately God. There are real benefits to being more humble which can actually make your quality of life better, as well as supporting your spiritual growth.

    Seven practical ways to become more humble

    This video/podcast is about bringing about real positive change, helping you to be more humble so I share seven different approaches that you can start using today to deepen your level of humility.

    Avoiding the trap that can hold you back

    Did you know that when people are contemplating the definition and meaning of humility and being humble, that they sometimes fall into a trap that actually stunts their spiritual development. It can also be very frustrating and it’s not their fault. So I’m going to explain how to spot this trap and what to do to get out of it.

    A simple exercise to proactively engage humility in any situation

    This video/podcast is literally a mini-workshop on developing spiritual humility so that you can actually benefit from being more humble. So as well as lots of approaches to personal growth and change, there is also a simple, yet powerful exercise, which you can come back to as often as you like.

    humility exercise to be more humble

    Spot and break free from negative conditioning/indoctrination

    A frank and honest discussion about how good humans have been put down and made to feel unworthy by millennia of conditioning and indoctrination. How to spot this and free yourself from it so that you can have a positive and healthy attitude about being a human being, free from guilt, fear and negative doubts. This is something every human would benefit from hearing, wherever they are in their journey.

    [41] Being Humble Makes You More Spiritual. Learn how to be even more humble

    You can also watch this video directly on Rumble, YouTube or listen to the Podcast on this site or on Spotify. Here are links related to this article:


    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on

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