Raise Your Vibration - The Six Virtues

    Raise Your Vibration: The Six Virtues

    Meditation teacher Mark discussing The Six Virtues and how they can help you to raise your soul’s vibration. Because raising your vibration helps you progress along your soul journey. With practical examples and insights into making them a part of your everyday life.

    [9] Raise your soul's vibration and become more unconditionally loving: The Six Virtues

    Raise Your Soul and Spiritual Vibration

    Learn how the spiritual journey through meditation can raise your spirit’s vibration back to Unity, what people refer to enlightenment. In addition the soul journey raises the vibration of your soul, which is your higher self. The soul journey is about raising the soul’s vibration towards Unity.

    The soul journey is an accumulative journey over many lifetimes. Your life-plan in each life provides lessons to raise your soul vibration further. However you must complete your spiritual journey in one lifetime. The spiritual journey starts with initiation into spiritual light.

    How Duality Helps Your Soul Learn

    The purpose of the human experience is to develop your soul to be more unconditionally loving. Therefore this video explains how the opposites of duality allows the soul to learn about unconditional love.

    So How Do You Become More Unconditionally Loving?

    Mark draws on many years of meditation and channelling higher information down to learn more about soul development. Mark wants to raise awareness of the importance of the Six Virtues because vibration matters. And so the virtues are a way of codifying how to become more unconditionally loving and closer to God. Humility, Gratitude, Respect, Non-Judgement, Compassion and Unconditional Love.

    The video above explains the meaning of these virtues in a down to Earth way. The challenge is to take the learning beyond intellectual understanding to make them a part of who they are.

    It is not an intellectual journey, it starts there, but the goal is to actually integrate these virtues/qualities into your soul and personality. This goes beyond words, concepts and philosophy. It is something core within you. Some of them are energies within your heart, mind or soul whereas others are qualities.

    Mark explains that when you are initiated into light and sound energy then you can directly raise your vibration. To help with learning about the six virtues, Mark gives an every-day example.

    The Virtues help Raise Your Vibration

    One of the key understandings about the virtues is in how they apply to yourself, towards others and to that which is higher, ergo God. Understanding this bigger picture helps to raise your spiritual potential, which helps with spiritual growth.

    Each of the virtues will help you to overcome those aspects of your mind and ego that keep you small and hold you back.


    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on Rumble.com.

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