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    For me spirituality and meditation have always been a supportive and life enhancing practice which includes coping with stress, anxiety, better focus and less worry. Not to mention the health benefits and spiritual exploration. I am happy to help anyone interested in learning more about these things.

    I have known Mark for a very long time, having gone to school with him in the UK. When he first started teaching meditation I was one of his first students and he shared with me various relaxation and breath meditation techniques, which I continued to use at times throughout my life.

    The years passed on but we found ourselves working at the same company from 2000 till 2004. He reminded me of the techniques and many have since really helped support me through some challenging life situations.

    Eventually I moved to the USA for work but I never lost touch with Mark. Years passed and I started to realise on a deeper level that there is a lot more to life and came to have a better appreciation for the “soul journey” as Mark describes it, which ultimately is the journey to discover God.

    With my appreciation and passion for meditation and spirituality re-ignited I found myself back in the UK for a short business trip in January 2019 and I managed to meet up with Mark for a morning. He took the opportunity and initiated me into the spiritual light and sound energy and I finally started my personal “spiritual journey”!

    Simeon and Mark, 2019 Jan. Taken in the afternoon having received initiation.


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