Initiation: How Can You Tell if You’ve Actually Been Initiated?

    Understanding the Spiritual Journey

    Your Spirit

    The spirit exists within you and is an amazing gift which comes from The Source. Although it exists within your body your spirit is perfectly neutral and pure. By contrast the world around you and the different energies and parts you are made of are not neutral. Your spirit’s pureness is drawn to the highest purity which some people call “Unity” and is known as The Source. However the real name of this source is “God”. It is God that makes possible the process of initiation which starts your spirit’s journey back to the Source.

    Thus your spirit is a gift from God intended to guide you within meditation along the way back to God. Like your spirit, all love comes from God. For this reason the purest love you receive in life gathers within your spirit. It is little surprise then to recognise that the spiritual journey is also a journey of love. There can be no spiritual journey without love. Ultimately there is no spiritual journey then without God from whom all love comes.

    Your Soul

    Because your spirit is so pure it is not the part of you that makes mistakes and learns lessons. The ability to make choices, make mistakes, to learn and to evolve is your soul. The part of you that can be awake and therefore aware during this process is your consciousness. Thus as a human being alive on Earth you have the gifts of spirit, love, and soul. You also have consciousness and those other parts like your mind and emotional body. Together these make you unique and special. All of this comes from The Source, from God.

    Soul Journey

    Over many lifetimes you get to experience duality (creation) and for each life you have life-lessons which you have pre-chosen to help your soul evolve and raise in vibration. These lessons are all fundamentally about love and over time you have the potential to become more loving in nature. This does not mean that everyone also becomes more spiritual since true spirituality is something in addition to being loving in nature.

    Being loving in nature is demonstrating the qualities of Unity, of The Source, of God. Therefore one might say that being loving in nature is allowing God’s love to demonstrate through you. In this way your loving nature grows as your soul becomes more aligned with the qualities of love, which can be understood more easily in terms of The Six Virtues.

    The Spiritual Journey

    Being spiritual is different and manifests within you as a powerful inner desire be with God; it is a deep inner-knowing that there is something far greater than the individual sense of self. While the soul journey is about being loving, being truly spiritual is about having a profound inner love for God which compels you to seek that which is far greater within the inner stillness of meditation.

    Your spiritual nature grows as your soul awakens to the presence of God, which also means the presence of your spirit that God gifted you. This is why spirituality is not a religion or a belief, since it has little to do with the mind and intellect and can only be truly explored within meditation.

    Not everyone will develop spiritually since everyone has free will and it is only those whose soul has developed a strong enough desire to know God that begin to become spiritual. Without that desire then the person will always give their awareness to the familiarity of their own mind, emotions and body (personality), which is perfectly natural.

    Therefore it is the few who are truly awakened to their spiritual potential. However potential and even desire are not enough to transcend the bounds of being a human. For the various parts of the human being are found only within the lower manifest realms and not within the spiritual realms above.

    Initiation: Unlocking Your Spiritual Potential

    But every human has the potential to explore these spiritual realms, however it is dormant and must first be activated. You might wonder “what is it that is dormant?” and the answer is “the crown chakra”. Although it is present it is always closed. The crown chakra is often mistaken for the nearby causal chakra. It is the causal chakra which becomes active during kundalini or other lower forms of meditative practice.

    You may wonder “if the spirit is pure why can it not go straight back to The Source, God?” and the reason is that your spirit is entwined to your soul by a bond of love. It is there to guide your soul (and you) and in this respect it is like a beacon of love. Far from being “trapped in duality” your spirit stays with you because it seeks to take your soul to God. It is your soul that dictates the limits of where you can be aware. But there is no awareness without consciousness. It helps therefore to understand that your normal human consciousness can only be present within the lower non-spiritual realms.

    Spiritual Initiation

    Initiation is the process by which your crown chakra is opened and connected to spiritual energies. These higher energies are not found within the lower realms. They are perceived as an inner light and an inner sound in meditation. This is why people refer to spiritual meditation as “light and sound meditation“.

    Initiation is a definitive process in which your crown chakra is opened and so that you can become aware on higher dimensions new consciousness within the lowest spiritual dimension is created for you. Your awareness can then explore beyond the limits of your personality, and in meditation your spirit and soul move upwards towards The Source, God.

    This process does not happen spontaneously and can only happen with help from above since there is no part of you present on higher dimensions and the energy on higher dimensions cannot reach you.
    Therefore someone must act as a bridge between The Source of the energy and your crown chakra and they are known as an “initiator”. It goes without saying that they must already have access to these higher spiritual dimensions.

    Upon your initiation and in subsequent meditations you can then access these higher realms, beyond your crown chakra to discover spiritual light and sound energy. As you give your attention to the light and sound energy within your meditation it raises you into increasingly higher vibrational spiritual planes. But it is through letting go into the stillness and love within these planes that your level of spirituality is increased.

    Through conscious awareness within these higher realms you have realisations and your level of spirituality has the potential to grow. It is however not automatic and in addition to regular meditation spiritual growth requires devotion and a constant inner desire to be more loving and to know God. In this way the same personal qualities described by The Six Virtues that assist in the soul journey are also highly supportive of the spiritual journey.

    As your level of spirituality increases you are able to progress and you have more capacity to go further into higher spiritual realms. As you travel through these spiritual realms you eventually reach the limit of all realms and duality itself and at this moment Unity is reached. Your spirit’s nature is pure neutrality which is unity and therefore there is a merging between your spirit and Unity and you have attained “enlightenment”.

    However as you will learn there are key points on this journey and as with initiation, these junctures cannot be transcended without help from above. Similarly initiation and these additional stages are pure Grace since they cannot be earned, and are never a reward. Initiation and the subsequent revelatory progressions are a compassionate gift of love which comes from the highest love; God.

    Since the spiritual energy and indeed love itself come from God and are therefore pure in nature then the person who facilitates initiation, known as the “initiator” must be able to maintain a neutral, non-judgmental, unconditionally loving channel, through which the process can happen. In other words the initiator is not the source of the energy nor the creator of your new spiritual consciousness but rather act as the channel for it.

    Are all Initiations the Same or Even Real?

    By now you have realised that initiation is a gift for those who are truly seeking a far deeper truth, hence who are seeking God. This is not to be confused with any intellectual, philosophical, religious or belief-based pursuit.
    Just as each soul is on a multi-lifetime journey of growth so too humanity is on a collective journey of development and therefore it should be no surprise to learn that initiation has not always been present.

    It was only when humanity had evolved in their capacity for love that God first gave the gift of initiation and this only happened within the last 6,000 years.

    Since then knowledge of initiation and the possibility of enlightenment has slowly spread and as is human nature the words “spirituality” and “enlightenment” have both become terms whose true meaning have been diluted, appropriated and largely misunderstood.

    At the time of writing this there are over 60 groups and schools worldwide who use the term “initiation” and it is natural that there is confusion. The term initiation is also used in some healing practices such as Reiki.
    As a natural consequence not everyone who offers “initiation” or teaches “light and sound meditation” is necessarily offering true initiation or access to higher spiritual light and sound energy. There are therefore many reasons why there may be confusion as to whether you have been initiated:

    1. There is non-spiritual light and sound energy on the lower dimensions which can be experienced in meditation. This can be mistaken for higher spiritual light and sound energy.
    2. There are no obvious external signs to tell if a person is initiated or enlightened.
    3. If a person’s soul’s level of spirituality is not high enough for them to let go of their attachment to their mind, emotions and body within meditation then they will not be able to perceive the spiritual energy or leave the lower realms even if they were truly initiated.

    Therefore this information is given to you to help you discern the truth and to help guide you along the way. By understanding the finer details you can separate out fact from myth and imagination from revelation.

    The Process of Spiritual Initiation & Meditation

    When you receive initiation your crown chakra on the 4th dimension is connected to spiritual energy on a much higher vibration dimension. In addition a new spiritual consciousness is created for you on a higher spiritual dimension allowing for awareness during meditation. Your normal everyday consciousness remains within you and provides awareness during daily life and non-spiritual meditation.

    Physical Touch

    The initiation requires physical touch between the initiate and the initiator allowing the initiator to bring the spiritual light and sound energy all the way down into your crown chakra and body. The first ever human to be initiated however was remotely given the gift directly from God. Upon their physical death they “ascended” to become what is known to some as an Ascended Master and as explained in the book “Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH” others have since ascended upon death to join them.

    At this time though all true initiations are performed via physical touch and it is done by enlightened people working in collaboration with these ascended masters. Thus there are those on the 3rd dimension working with those in spiritual dimensions to facilitate God’s light and sound energy being made available to spiritual people on the 3rd dimension.

    Two Energies, Two Touches

    The initiation involves the initiator placing their hands on your head connecting key points on your face and head with their fingertips. The process lasts about 30 seconds for each of the energies. Firstly light energy is revealed and then sound energy is revealed. Without both the light and sound parts of initiation you have not been initiated. It is only through meditation on both light and sound energy that you will progress.

    Meditation is Simple

    There is no need for visualisation, chanting, holding crystals, burning incense, listening to music, repeating of mantras, kundalini, saying the names of masters, deities or gods, physical movement, body postures, mudras, affirmations, rituals or the such.

    All these things are “doing” rather than “being” and all of them keep your awareness trapped within the lower dimensions working at the level of chakras, mind, imagination, and emotions. The energy revealed in initiation is much faster, of a higher vibration, and exists well beyond your crown chakra.

    Meditation as an initiate in light and sound energy involves relaxing and allowing your inner awareness to gently rest upon the light or the sound, naturally moving between the two. There is no body awareness.

    During initiation the teacher may reveal techniques, which are simple postures that help focus on light or sound energy, but these are simply an aid. Knowing these techniques without having received initiation does not give access to light or sound energy. Similarly it is possible to meditate on light and sound without these techniques.

    Initiation During Light Time

    Perhaps you have heard the axiom “as above, so below“. Initiation is the process of revealing the light of God to a person. It is for reasons that extend well beyond symbolism, that initiation is only conducted during the day time when the light is up in the sky. Therefore spiritual initiations are not performed during the hours of darkness and at night time.

    Awake and Aware

    The spiritual journey begins with initiation and vitally includes the creation of a spiritual consciousness on a higher spiritual dimension that is beyond your normal everyday reach. This demonstrates the importance of being aware (conscious) during meditation and the value placed upon consciousness within your spiritual journey. With this in mind it becomes clear that you cannot receive initiation during your sleep, you must be conscious.

    Sitting Upright

    Recalling the wisdom of “as above, so below” and how light travels in a straight line from the source (above) down to you (below). Initiation is always performed with the person sitting upright so that their spine and energy system are aligned with the flow of the energy. If lying down then the crown chakra would become out of alignment. Initiations are not performed lying down.

    More than a Feeling

    In order to have emotions and feelings there needs to be an emotional body (emotions) and a physical body (feelings). Neither of these are involved in spiritual initiation or spiritual meditation. If you are experiencing a lot of emotions or feelings, even if positive, then it is not spiritual.

    Beyond Bliss

    One of the highest vibration experiences a person can have in meditation before initiation is entering into the state of bliss. However Bliss exists near the upper reaches of the non-spiritual planes. This means that if you are experiencing bliss during your meditation you are still within the lower non-spiritual realms. There is no Bliss on spiritual dimensions as the experience there is far higher than Bliss. Like happiness, bliss is a transient experience requiring a strong sense of self.

    Not an Experience of Oneness

    Initiation and enlightenment are state changes. What this means is that they involve lasting change. In first initiation you gain a completely new consciousness and upon enlightenment your spirit is transformed permanently. Neither initiation nor enlightenment are an experience. There are however conscious experiences along the journey but the key point is that the experience is not the progress, it is because of the progress.

    This is vital to understand because within the upper reaches of the non-spiritual realms there is the intuitive realm and something that was referred to as the Intuitive Principal. Without going into too much detail both of these can provide a rich experience of “oneness with everything within creation“. It is a fantastical experience and highly inspiring. It is however not spiritual and exists within the lower realms.

    It can inspire people to go further but most people do not understand its nature and instead of being seen as a sign along the way, it becomes a destination, trapping people who believe they have attained spiritual awakening or even enlightenment.

    There are many people who’s meditation has led them here and without anything greater to compare against they believe they have been initiated or have completed the journey.

    Not Spontaneous or Gradual

    Initiation involves several carefully orchestrated steps which are facilitated by those on higher dimensions. This results in an open crown chakra, a new spiritual consciousness, a connection to spiritual light energy, and a connection to spiritual sound energy. Therefore it cannot happen spontaneously nor can it happen gradually over time. It is a process not an experience, and results in a permanent state change.

    Commonality and Consistency

    The same spiritual light and sound energy is revealed to everyone, as there is only one Source. Therefore the variation in people’s experience of the energy is a result of the variation created by each personality. Even if there are several groups performing real initiations, they would all be initiating into the same energy and would have to follow the same process.

    What Should You Expect From Initiation into Spiritual Light and Sound Energy

    It is unwise to be too specific about what you or any other person could experience upon initiation. Too much specific information would only create expectations and fuel imagination on the day, thus holding you back from being neutral and without expectation.

    However it is useful to define some guidelines of expectations, so that a seeker of truth can make informed decisions. If you have truly received initiation into spiritual light and sound energy then the following may be experienced:

    • INNER LIGHT: You should notice light within your meditation which is very different from anything you have ever experienced before.
    • INNER SOUND: You should become aware of sound vibrations which you have not heard or experienced before.
    • Although it is normal for you to experience sound vibrations before initiation because sound energy exists on all levels including the ones you already have access to. Those sounds you hear or sense before initiation are the sounds associated with your aura, mind and chakras. They are not spiritual and cannot raise your vibration beyond your crown, nor do they indicate spiritual awakening.
    • MEDITATION: The quality and depth of your meditation should change significantly.
    • NEW: Awareness of spiritual light and sound energy is not a journey exploring the world, your chakras, colours, places you have already been, or memories. It takes you beyond all of this in order to experience that which you have never known. As such it is not familiar or more of what you already know. Of course every meditation starts within the body in the third dimension so you may move through these personality and mind based experiences, but light and sound begins beyond memory recall, astral projection, imagination, visualisation, expectation, kundalini, chakras and the lower vehicles. It takes you into new spiritual dimensions.
    • NEUTRAL: You may not “feel” different but you will have a sense that something is different. This is because the light and sound energies are much higher in vibration than emotions and so there is little “feeling” connected with it. People often ask someone who has been initiated “do you feel different?” but feelings are located in the lower self and the energy of light and sound is much faster than feelings. To notice feelings you must be located in your lower vehicles. To notice light and sound you must be beyond your lower vehicles, in greater states of neutrality.

    What Does it Mean if You Don’t Notice Any Change After Being Initiated?

    If you don’t notice any change after initiation then there are two general possibilities to consider:
    (A) You are initiated, but need help
    (B) you are not initiated.

    (A) You Are Initiated but Need to Develop Your Ability.

    Everyone is given access to the same energy, there is only one Source and one light and sound energy. The only factor which creates difference in people’s experiences of the energy are the people themselves. People are all different, with different abilities to stay focused, to relax, to let go, to notice, to calm the mind, to sit within stillness. So naturally there is a wide range of experiences people may have during initiation and afterwards.

    Your Level of Spirituality

    Meditation is not merely a technical or mechanical process. Even if you are an expert in sitting in stillness, calming your mind and remaining neutral. Without love you will not be able to progress or go into spiritual realms. Even with good technique and love within you, you will struggle to progress into deeper spiritual realms and towards enlightenment without a deep inner desire for God. It is this deep non-intellectual desire which is referred to as your level of spirituality.

    You can consider it the amount of desire you have to let go of your mind, personality, ego and lower attachments. If it is not strong enough then your bonds to your lower self prevail. Your level of spirituality will naturally grow as you work on becoming more aware (consciousness) rather than thinking (mind). Furthermore you can make choices to give your attention outside of meditation to God, for example by practising The Six Virtues in everyday life; praying in a spiritual rather than religious context; opening your heart to God and letting God into your life.

    Your Ability to Meditate

    If your general ability to meditate is not well developed then you may struggle to let go into meditation. The key is relaxation, being present, remaining neutral and embracing love.

    Once you are initiated, then during subsequent meditations in days, months, and years that follow, you can refine and learn how to more easily access the energy. Only you can meditate for you, to genuinely be present within inner space and neutrality, letting go of expectation and imagination. Every single meditation starts within the lower vehicles and it is through practice, humility and raising your vibration, that you leave your lower vehicle attachments to mind, emotions, and body, and begin to notice the spiritual dimensions, within which you can perceive the light and sound energies.

    Having been initiated into light and sound energy you have the potential to go beyond your crown chakra. However some people may struggle with this and your teacher should be able to offer practical advice and guidance. But certainly it is normal that having been initiated you will start to become aware of the spiritual light and sound energies. If this is not the case and you are genuinely able to meditate and be present within stillness on the inside then you must have the courage to ask from humility the question “have you really been initiated?

    (B) You Did not Receive Initiation

    The process of initiation requires neutrality and alignment with love. It is not performed by the initiator, but rather through them and even those enlightened people that carry out initiations may not fully understand the process.
    In recent years knowledge about light and sound and how to perform initiation has spread widely and as a result many people have been “giving initiations“.

    However even if a person has been taught the basic process of doing initiation, it does not mean they fully understand what is happening. Furthermore it does not mean that just because they went through the process that the initiation happened.

    Remember, initiation is a coordinated process involving three parties: (1) The ascended masters, (2) the initiator, and (3) the person being initiated.

    Perhaps You Were Not Meant to be Initiated?

    Your teacher may want to initiate you. You may want to be initiated too. But only God and the ascended masters who serve him know if you are meant to be initiated. Remember it is a gift from God, not your teacher. So even if you are given the initiation touch by your teacher/master, if you are not meant to be initiated then you will not receive the energy and your crown will remain closed.

    At this time many teachers are not checking with the ascended masters before offering initiation to people and so there are those who are having false initiations. Some teachers try and check but are not very proficient at accurately channelling information. This is why as a student it is important to be very humble and remember it comes from God.

    You cannot demand initiation of anyone and there is no way to earn it. If however you are truly devoted to God and to truth then your devotion is its own reward and you will have the wisdom and trust to know that if it is meant to be it will happen. It is admirable to desire initiation but it must never be seen as a right. Pray to God for guidance.

    Maybe You Were Not Ready for Initiation?

    This may be taken to mean that on the day you were not in the right state to receive initiation. Or that generally you just were not ready and the timing was not right. If on the day you had negative energy within you, say for example, you had been angry at someone, then the energy would not have flown into you.

    If however you have not prepared adequately and your level of spirituality is too low or your ability to meditate is not yet mature enough, then you will struggle. The ascended masters may choose to withhold the energy until you are ready. You can see the need for humility and honesty. It is often those who are over-confident in their readiness (lacking humility) that are the least ready.

    Did Your Teacher Lack the Ability to Perform the Initiation?

    Without judgement or blame it is the responsibility of you, the seeker of truth, to ask “have I been initiated?“. Without judgement or blame it is the responsibility of a teacher, to ask “am I actually able to initiate?“. Being able to initiate is neither a right nor a status. It depends on having truly attained enlightenment and then maintaining a high vibration and alignment with God, and importantly choosing to work with the ascended masters.

    Of course the knowledge shared with you here is not common knowledge and there are many situations where a person uses the word “initiation” in rituals without the potential to actually reveal spiritual light and sound. It helps therefore to better understand how a person gains the ability to initiate others into spiritual light and sound energy.

    So before understanding why your teacher may have failed to perform the initiation, it first it helps to understand more about which kinds of “teacher” can actually give initiations.

    Four Historical Ways a Person may Become Able to Initiate Others:

    1) Divine Intervention

    As already described the first ever human master was initiated directly by God, who is the source of the spiritual light and sound energy. This is extremely rare and at this time has happened only once.

    2) The Master

    At times an individual has been given the “mantle of the master” by spiritual beings on higher dimensions. Such a person will be trained spiritually by those beings and will have direct access to knowledge of the process of initiation. They are referred to as a “Master“, a term which is often overused and misunderstood in its truest sense.
    Remember though that such a master is not the source, rather they are there to guide others and act as a channel. Until recent times there was only ever one master alive at a time which led to the false belief that there could only be one master.

    Within the history of humanity there have been times when there are two masters, however the occurrence of a living master is a very rare thing and there may be many years, decades or centuries between the presence of a living master on Earth. A living Master, if present, can initiate people into light and sound energy and importantly guide them to enlightenment.

    3) “Fourth Initiation”

    Historically one person who held the mantle of the master performed what he referred to as a “Fourth Initiation” upon some of his enlightened followers. This was said to create a neutral channel within the aura of their enlightened follower through which they were able to perform initiations. Such an “initiating adept”, as they were called, was believed to be acting as a channel for their master. In this way this master allowed others to perform initiations, but remained in control of the process.

    4) Attaining Enlightenment

    When the ascended masters and ultimately God decide that there was need they can work through any person who has attained Enlightenment. In recent times there were a couple of years during which everyone upon attaining Enlightenment had the potential to initiate others.

    The first of those people would have had to have been initiated by a Master or an Initiating Adept in order to start the process. This does not mean that everyone who is subsequently enlightened automatically should or must initiate others. Furthermore it does not mean that this ability is automatically always present or extended to each individual.

    Can a Person Lose the Ability to Initiate Others?

    For all initiators and even Masters the gift of being able to initiate others into light and sound energy comes directly from God. In some cases the master is working with spiritual beings that some refer to as the Lords of Light. But this is not always the case.

    However for those performing initiation they must be able to be neutral and be aligned with love. Furthermore they must remain so throughout the entire process. It may be easier to understand what “being aligned with love” means by understanding the opposite. The opposite of aligned with Love is “residing within ego”. If ego is dominant then a person cannot create a neutral channel through which the energy for initiation can flow unimpeded. There are a number of ways a person may lose the gift of being able to initiate.

    Understand that the ascended masters on higher dimensions are working to guide humanity spiritually and at times provide information, guidance and energy. Furthermore God’s love and light are constantly being sent to humanity.
    Sometimes new information or guidance is challenging to people and sometimes it is accepted easily, however those in service to God are always acting out of compassion and love.

    As a recipient of that love and that guidance you have the choice to go with the flow or to fight against it. Each of you, once initiated, and much more so upon enlightenment also has the potential to become a beautiful conduit for this love and the radiance of God’s light. As you receive love and guidance from above you can respond to it in one of two ways: You can embrace the guidance and adapt in response to it, allowing your vibration to raise and thus become a stronger channel, or you can reject the guidance.

    Rejecting the guidance is the opposite of love and in doing so your connection reduces and your vibration is not raised. Within each person is a battle between ego and love. What flows from love is truth and it takes courage to put truth before the desires of the ego. Understand that every person has an ego, without exception, and it is a perfectly normal part of being human, like your mind and emotions. But if ego becomes dominant over your desire for truth then it blocks the flow of love and guidance and therefore your potential to initiate, because only a person aligned with and open to love can initiate.

    To help you understand better, consider these following real-world cases:

    Case: Rejecting Guidance From Ascended Masters

    Imagine an enlightened person who upon receiving information from the ascended masters, rejects that information saying “I don’t agree with them on this issue” or “I’m not happy with that information!”. Now remember that it was the ascended masters that enabled them to be initiated and guided them to enlightenment.

    It is the ego of the person that rejects true guidance and is also a form of disrespect, not just towards the ascended masters, but also to God whom they serve. This leads to disharmony between their personality and their state of enlightenment. Love accepts, while ego rejects and then they cannot work as a channel to initiate others if they reject genuine guidance from the ascended masters.

    Case: Putting Personal Desire Before Trust

    For very good reasons concerning how people’s auras develop in their early years, children are never to receive initiation until they are adults. Now imagine a teacher who having realised the state of enlightenment desires to initiate others including children. From a personality level you could justify it as an “act of love”, desiring to share this gift of love with children. But knowing that the ascended masters, have explained clearly that “children must not be initiated”, they decide to ignore the advice and initiate children anyway.

    Had they been more aligned with love then they would have trusted higher guidance, accepting that it may not be the right time for children to be initiated. Their desire for children to experience initiation was well intentioned and loving but since their actions were consciously against the guidance, then they have demonstrated disrespect towards the source of the gift. They lose their ability to initiate because their actions are aligning with their personal desires rather than to trust the guidance which comes from those serving God.

    Case: Believing The Power to Initiate Reflects Personal Status

    When a person begins to enjoy the status, power and perceived importance of being able to initiate others. In doing so their ego is getting involved. They drift away from humility and see themselves as “special“, forgetting that they are a humble conduit, part of something greater.

    As their ego grows they can no longer be neutral and allow energy to flow. A subtle aspect of this is that instead of becoming neutral and “getting out the way” to allow initiation to happen, they try to make it happen imposing their will and intent. In doing so they further block the initiation and may also experience becoming energetically imbalanced when performing initiations.

    Because their ego feels responsible that the meditator has a positive experience, they become personally involved and their own energy is affected by the imbalances inherent in the person they are trying to initiate. Ego has taken ownership of the outcome of initiation and they lose the neutrality needed to channel.

    Case: Becoming Distracted by Lower Vibrations

    The seeker of truth always aspires to the highest vibration which is love and ultimately God. Between people on the third dimension and Unity which is beyond all dimensions, there are many realms. The lower non-spiritual realms contain beings of relatively low vibration.

    Each of you has the potential to explore these lower dimensions, but if you become too enwrapped in these lower dimensions then you will not be able to work with ascended masters nor do God’s work. The reason is that these lower dimensional interactions will provide lower dimensional information, which will still appear amazing. However it is still lower than the higher spiritual truth and is thus further from God and love.

    In reality most meditators will be unaware of beings or even ascended masters. What matters is that they are aware of the light and sound energy. But the person who chooses to channel lower beings, cannot work with ascended masters and may subsequently lose their ability to initiate.

    A loyal servant cannot serve two masters and the lower dimensional beings are not in service to God and cannot help you or others. It is a wise meditator who looks beyond what is “amazing” or “interesting” and aspires to the highest truth. If a person chooses to work with beings within the lower dimensions, then the ability to initiate will be withdrawn. Furthermore they are also choosing not to work with ascended masters nor to aspire to the highest truth closest to God.

    Case: A Person’s Vibration Drops Due to Negativity

    If a person’s vibration becomes too low then they may not be able to initiate. The personality is not enlightened, which means that even an enlightened person can experience negativity and their vibration may drop.
    For example if they become ill, or depressed. You might think, “but surely an enlightened person is beyond these things?“. The state of enlightenment is, but the mind, emotions, and physical body are not. An enlightened person has more potential to heal and support their mind, emotions, and body but the potential must be developed and is not automatic. It is through The Six Virtues and with guidance that these lower aspects of a person become better integrated with the higher states of consciousness, thus raising their vibration.

    When a person’s vibration is lower, such as they have become negative, then they are no longer able to sit in neutrality and channel love and they lose the ability to initiate others.

    Case: Their Crown Chakra has Closed

    A person’s connection with spiritual dimensions is via their crown chakra which is opened on initiation. Through regular meditation on light and sound energy the crown chakra is kept open. If a person stops meditating then their connection will start to weaken. Eventually this could prevent their ability to be able to initiate others. It can also close rapidly if the person takes recreational mind/consciousness altering drugs.
    Of note are those few who upon enlightenment are regularly channelling information from the ascended masters. Channelling work also helps maintain an open crown chakra.

    Case: They Never Could Actually Initiate

    There are many schools of “light and sound energy meditation” and it is worth remembering that words are easy to believe and to say, but this is not a journey of words. Initiation is real. Some schools have lost the ability to initiate but they carry on teaching out of habit, pride, ego, or simply good intentions. They carry on the ritual of initiation without the ability to initiate.

    Those receiving these initiation may be told not to discuss their experiences with anyone and not to question. If they are unable to access or notice the energy even after years of meditation, then they may be told it is their fault.
    There is no blame or judgement just compassion because many of the teachers simply do not understand what initiation really is, having never really experienced it themselves. They are simply perpetuating a belief and a symbolic tradition that lacks in substance.

    As a seeker of truth it is your duty to aspire to experience light and sound energy, beyond what you have experienced prior to initiation. The word and ritual of “initiation” has no value if it does not directly reveal higher light and sound energy. This is why you are given this knowledge, that you may be wise in your choices.

    A Simpler Way to Understand Why a Person May not Be Able to give Initiation.

    It is important to provide specific cases to act as a guide to you, whether you are a seeker of truth looking for initiation, or a teacher initiating others. Such examples help you to avoid potential problems and align more with love. But you can also get lost in examples, creating rules and patterns in the mind. So it is also useful to take a step back and understand things from very simple principles too.

    Initiation is the opening of the crown chakra to connect you with the flow of light from The Source, God. Through creation of spiritual consciousness and dedication to meditation, stillness, love and God you have the potential to attain Enlightenment. You are then connected through every dimension to the Source.

    Alignment with love maintains an open connection through all dimensions and all your lower vehicles, so that the energy of initiation may pass through you, if the ascended masters desire it. Anything that significantly reduces the vibration of your mind, body and emotions, or anything that gets in the way of the flow of love would prevent you from being able to initiate.

    Becoming negative and coming from ego are the main things that block the flow of love and reduce your connection and ability to channel. These are the root of all the examples provided above. Working on developing the qualities of The Six Virtues help you to strengthen your connection and alignment with love and God. They are the antidote to ego.

    Can a Person Regain the Ability to Initiate Others

    In most cases a sincere person can realign with love, through humility, respect and a desire to work with God and those who serve God. Thus regain the ability to initiate. First they must become aware that they have drifted from alignment. This in itself requires humility to check and to seek help. If the ego is the cause of the misalignment then it would be unlikely that the person would want to acknowledge the problem, since the issue of status would be involved, and ego is motivated by status.

    It may help each person who considers themselves an initiator to remember that their own initiation was a gift from God. If a seeker of truth desires initiation and you offer initiation, then you have an absolute obligation to ensure you are as best aligned as possible and that you are able to initiate.

    It is an act of respect to yourself, to the seeker of truth and to God to check your own alignment and to not take anything for granted. If you are not well aligned then the sooner you are aware the sooner you can realign with love and reconnect more strongly with God, becoming more able to help others too.

    How Can You Tell if You Are Really Able To Initiate?

    If you are an enlightened teacher, having received direct physical initiation and then experienced first hand the revelation of light and sound energy, then there are some practical ways you can assess whether you are (still) able to initiate others into light and sound energy. These ways are also helpful for those seekers of truth who are looking for a teacher to initiate them.

    If you have Not Performed Initiations Before

    Check with your teacher who initiated you, or someone they recommend. They should be able to teach you how to initiate. There are certain situations, such as health considerations, where it may not be appropriate for you to start initiating others. It is best to check first with the ascended masters either directly if you have the connection, or asking someone who does. It is important that you are also guided to understand who can receive initiation. For example children, and women who are pregnant are not to be given initiation. Your teacher should be fully aware of all such considerations.

    Observe, Do Those You Initiate Experience Light and Sound Energy?

    If you have initiated one or more people then check back with them regularly to see if they are indeed meditating on light and sound. Remember it is not enough that they notice a little non-spiritual sound as this is a normal thing that many people experience well before initiation. With regular meditation they must be able to notice light and sound energy, that they never experienced prior to initiation.

    You may be unsure or unaware of the range of phenomena people may experience on light and sound energy, especially if you progressed quickly to enlightenment and so spent less time meditating within these energies yourself. It can take many years after enlightenment to more fully integrate into the states and to more deeply explore light and sound energy.

    You are all learning and if the opportunity is there then ask other initiating teachers to help you gauge the progress of those you have initiated, sharing your learnings with each other. But there must be honesty and humility.
    As you assess those you have given initiation to, always remember that things can change. Are those you have more recently initiated struggling to access light and sound energy compared to those you initiated in the past? This could indicate that you have recently developed blocks to being able to initiate.

    If you have initiated several people at one time and some of them accessed the light and sound energy with ease while others didn’t, then it is more likely that there is not an issue with being able to initiate, but rather those struggling need more support and guidance in how to meditate and access the energies.

    If several initiators are running an event together then what matters for each meditator is who gave the energy, not who else was there. Recall that the initiation energy is given in two stages. It is best that the same initiator performs both parts.

    Do Those You Have Initiated Progress?

    The range of experiences a person can have on initiation varies greatly depending on their meditative ability. Since the person being initiated does not know what to expect, and the ability to initiate is relatively new to so many at this time then it can be hard for people to judge. But as people progress you can understand that they only progress and attain enlightenment because they were initiated. If no-one is progressing to enlightenment and there is no awareness of spiritual light and sound then it is unlikely that there has been initiation.

    The Importance of Initiation into Light and Sound Energy

    We have emphasized the importance of truly being initiated into light and sound energy. It is natural that some may ask whether it is really that important? The light and the sound are distinct energy vibrations which emanate from God and have the ability to raise the vibration of your spirit, guiding it and you towards the highest vibration of Love. The process of initiation opens the crown chakra and provides a new consciousness beyond what you have known before.

    Without this opening of the crown chakra and new consciousness then you would not be able to be present within these higher spiritual planes. Spiritual growth is not through the brow and lower chakras but through and beyond the crown chakra. You must become aware of both light and sound within meditation in order to become spiritual and explore higher spiritual realms within meditation.

    Although light and sound may be present together it is important that you spend time with each in equal measures, because the act of loving and unconditional acceptance means to give your total attention to one thing at a time. Within meditation then you as a seeker of truth, should have the intention to experience and be aware of light and sound energy separately, and in equal measures.

    If one comes with more ease than the other, then learn to focus on the other one, until both come with ease. Light and sound are the highest vibrations below love, they pervade everything and are your guide to enlightenment. The spiritual realms are too vast for you to traverse even over many lifetimes, without the intelligent and benevolent guidance of the light and sound energy emanating from The Source, God.

    This is why it is important to understand more about the process of initiation and to ensure that those initiating are really able to do so.

    What Can You Do If You Believe You Have Not Been Initiated?

    The person who tried to initiate you was most likely working with the best of intentions. However if they have not been able to initiate you then they need to be made aware of the problem. In this way if there is a deeper underlying problem they can address it.

    If they re-align with neutrality and love, then they may have the potential to give you the initiation energy again. If however the initiator is unable to initiate, then there are other teachers who can reveal light and sound energy.
    Remember there is only one light and sound energy, which ultimately comes from God. All initiations into spiritual light and sound are for the same energy, so what matters most is that you receive initiation. Loyalty to truth is far more important than loyalty to a teacher. If they cannot reveal light and sound energy then find a teacher who can.

    Editors note: We regularly channel information from the Ascended Masters and sometimes we receive new guidance, or deepen our understanding of spiritual topics. As we learn more we incorporate this information into the appropriate articles, so that you have the most up to date and refined information.
    This article was published 11th Aug 2017.
    This article was updated 23nd Nov 2018 – small update.
    This article was updated 27th May 2021 – lots of new information.


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