Spiritual Awakening, Progress and Signs of Spiritual Awakening

    Have you ever wondered about your spiritual awakening? Similarly can you tell if you are spiritually progressing? Furthermore are there signs that you are becoming more spiritual? When we talk about “Spiritual Awakening” it probably evokes ideas and concepts in you, depending on what you understand “spiritual” to mean. This video was created in response to a classic spiritual question: In this candid video I share insights into spiritual progress, […]

    What is Ego Really? Spiritual Insights and Myth Busting

    What is ego? After all it is one of those words that most people have heard but how well do we understand it? Furthermore it seems to be related in some way to personal development and the soul’s journey. Sometimes people talk about it in terms of “holding you back on your spiritual journey“. While others even use the phrase “ego death” which I hasten to add is not something […]

    Spiritual Maturity: Get more from your state

    In this podcast meditation teacher and author Mark discusses the topic of spiritual maturity. Although like many it may be something you’ve not thought of before. Mark explores the reason why many people fail to spiritually mature. More importantly though, Mark gives practical advice on how to put it right. Being mature spiritually means to blur the boundaries between your inner meditation world and everyday life. Hence it is a […]

    Positive Affirmations – supporting your soul journey and spiritual growth

    In this article we look at positive affirmations and their role in your spiritual growth and soul journey. People sometimes confuse positive “affirmations” with “mantras“. It is for this reason that a good starting place is to understand what a positive affirmation actually is. An affirmation is a phrase that you say to yourself to “affirm” something you desire, wish, or believe. An example is “I am better every day […]

    Ego, is it Blocking Your Soul Journey & Holding You Back in Meditation?

    This article is about “ego” and how it holds your soul development back and makes it harder to meditate. This is part 2 and follows on from the podcast on spirituality and the Six Virtues. But before we jump straight into the subject of ego I recommend you stop, breath, and relax. You see, as this podcast explains, it is better to be neutral and non-judgemental since “everyone has ego“. […]

    Your Life Purpose: Understanding 9 spiritual truths about your life

    It has been over two years since Mark channelled information about the true nature of human souls, which includes nine powerful insights which have the potential to stop racism within society. Beyond this the knowledge he has channelled about your soul also includes: what is a life-plan; where did your soul come from; what happened before you were born; and what happens at the end of your life? He has […]

    The WAY – How Soul and Spirit Journeys are Entwined

    To understand “The Way Back” you first need to understand that you are already on a journey. In fact you have been travelling this journey over many lifetimes. Whether you realise it or not “you” are on this journey right now and it is the reason you exist. The “you” on this journey is not your transient body or mind, both of which ultimately come to an end. The real […]

    Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote, LSD, DMT and Other Drugs or Medicine Plants? Do they really expand your consciousness?

    In this article we first explore what consciousness is and where awareness comes from. Then we look at how drugs, which some refer to as “medicine plants”, “sacred herbs”, or “mind altering plants”, like ayahuasca and LSD interact with your aura, chakras and subtle bodies. We contrast meditation to using herbs/drugs and explore whether these mind altering agents can expand your consciousness. Finally we consider the impact on your personal spiritual […]

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