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    #24 "The Way Back - the bigger picture"

    To understand “The Way Back” you first need to understand that you are already on a journey. In fact you have been travelling this journey over many lifetimes. Whether you realise it or not “you” are on this journey right now and it is the reason you exist.

    The “you” on this journey is not your transient body or mind, both of which ultimately come to an end. The real “you” is your soul and your spirit that survive well beyond death. Although often confused as being one and the same they are actually two separate things. However they combine together to make “you” unique and at the same time spiritual.

    Your soul is on a journey spanning many lifetimes and your spirit is waiting for it to be ready. Only when your soul is ready can your spiritual journey fully begin.

    Both Soul and Spirit Matter

    This understanding is at the core of our teachings. The Way Back support your soul journey in order to prepare you for spiritual growth. When you are ready we guide you on your spiritual journey which truly begins with the revelation of light.

    Thus The Way Back is a truly holistic spiritual practice comprising teachings for soul development alongside meditation for spiritual growth. We can reveal spiritual light and your experiences in meditation give rise to personal realisations. Thus because The Way Back approach is experience based it goes much further than belief alone.

    In fact The Way Back is not a belief system and we encourage people to transcend belief replacing it with direct experience. Why sell yourself short and simply believe in spiritual light when you can experience it for yourself.

    Your Soul Journey

    Your soul comes into life on Earth to learn important lessons raising its vibration and aligning more closely with love. Life on Earth literally is school for your soul, and you chose to be here.

    Life-Lessons and Life-Plans

    In each life there are specific lessons to focus on and so each life has a life-plan. You do not need to know your life-plan as it will unfold naturally when you “go with the flow” and follow your heart. After all the lessons are all about love.

    Avoiding Ego and Karma

    Of course sometimes you may drift away from your life-plan. Often it is ego which causes this and since ego is the opposite of love then there may be karma involved. Both Karma and ego are natural consequences of living life in duality.

    This is why The Way Back teachings help you to “tune in” and be more receptive to your life-plan. When you more fully embrace and align with your life-plan your soul develops quickly and avoids unnecessary karma. The other advantage is that focusing on soul development helps reduce ego and all the problems it brings.

    Understanding about soul journeys, karma and life-lessons help you make the most from the life you are here to live. By pursuing a life of love your soul’s vibration becomes higher. When you learn life-lessons they develop important soul qualities including wisdom, compassion, and spirituality.

    Soul Development is Simple

    Life really is beautifully simple. When you are present in the moment then every experience in life is a chance for your soul to grow. In this way over many lifetimes your soul has the potential to develop.

    What you sense as your “higher self” is your soul. Your soul’s purpose is to learn lessons within duality from each experience. The richness of life provides the opportunity to ponder on “the bigger picture” beyond self-identity. This is the start of your soul developing its spiritual awareness.

    It is only when your soul has evolved spiritually that you seek out a spiritual journey.

    Your Spiritual Journey

    Your spirit focusses on Unity and unlike your soul is not concerned with duality. It is within meditation that your spirit guides you to transcend the limits of duality to discover oneness. The spiritual journey to discover oneness is the journey to discover the source of love. Did you know that it is only because you have a spirit that you are a capable of love?

    Therefore when your soul has learned enough about love
    your spirit guides you to discover the source of love.


    The Way Back to the Source

    “The Source” is sometimes called “Unity” but it is better known as “God“. The spiritual journey seeks to take your awareness to Unity within meditation and is called “enlightenment” or “God realisation“. This is the highest goal of your spiritual journey and it is possible for you to achieve this.

    Having chosen the path of love in many lifetimes your soul will have developed spiritually. You will then be born into a life where there is the potential for the spiritual journey to begin. Your life-plan brings you near a spiritual teacher who can reveal spiritual light to you.

    What this means is that when the student is ready, they will find their teacher. Perhaps there is a reason you are reading this now? Many others would not have got this far. Perhaps they were not as ready as you?

    Spiritual Teachers and Masters

    Such true spiritual teachers come infrequently and have included Lord Krishna and Quan Yin. Other teachers have also come to help guide humanity towards the light. Most notable is Jesus who taught about forgiveness and love and Master Djwal Kwul who brought esoteric spiritual teachings to the planet.

    These spiritual teachers all ascended on their physical deaths continuing to guide humanity from higher dimensions. People refer to them as the “Spiritual Hierarchy” and also as “Ascended Masters“. Each was once like you, a person who lived on Earth.

    In life they fully embraced the path of love and had God in their hearts. The higher spiritual journey is one of experience and revelation transcending belief. As such these teachers were not religious, but rather were spiritual.

    They knew and directly experienced for themselves the divine in life and continue to guide humanity to do the same. Your potential is to discover what they discovered. You can know the truth from your own spiritual experience in meditation.

    Beginning Your Spiritual Journey

    Your spiritual journey can begin once your soul is ready and you have developed an ability to meditate in stillness. Therefore The Way Back provide online tutorials, videos, articles and guided meditations to develop your meditation ability. We also host meditation classes and meetups for people who are interested.

    The Way Back Provide Light and Sound Initiation

    The process of gaining access to spiritual light and sound energy is traditionally called “initiation”. An enlightened teacher, working directly with the Spiritual Hierarchy, opens your crown chakra through direct touch.

    Once you have been initiated you have the potential to access vast spiritual planes. These planes are beyond your personality and the limits of your mind, emotions, aura, and chakras. The key word is “potential” and the practical advice and guidance of The Way Back help you unlock this potential.

    Spiritual Enlightenment

    There are four key aspects to the spiritual journey to attain enlightenment:

    • Practice and enjoy spiritual light and sound meditation. However, you can still benefit from stillness and love within meditation even if you are not yet initiated.
    • Developing your soul in terms of spirituality. This is where the channelled teachings and The Six Virtues support you.
    • Working with an enlightened teacher/master working with the Spiritual Hierarchy. They facilitate key moments allowing your awareness to move higher.
    • Learning about and letting love into yourself since this is a journey of love.

    You now understand that this is only possible when your soul has developed enough and a spiritual teacher is present on the planet. If a spiritual teacher is not present then the soul journey is equally vital to prepare you for when the spiritual journey is next available. Remember you are in control of your soul development. Embrace it.

    Consider that your spiritual journey to Unity is like a thirsty person in the desert walking towards the water well. Working on your soul is like making sure you have a water bucket so that when you finally arrive at the well you can fetch the water and bring it back into your life.
    If your soul development is overlooked then even if the spiritual journey is travelled there is no way to bring it back into your life. It is only by developing your soul that you can really integrate higher spiritual states into your life and completely awaken as a spiritual person.

    The Value of The Way Back

    This is why The Way Back treat the soul journey as equal in importance to the spiritual journey. The teachings, channelled wisdom, and meditation guidance of The Way Back support your soul and spirit along every step of their respective journeys.

    The spiritual journey via the revelation of inner light takes your spirit beyond your personality to realise enlightenment ergo Unity. Your soul journey aligns your personality with the qualities of Unity. In this way you become neutral and of high enough virtue to allow this divine state to emanate from you into your life, revealing TRUTH.

    It is About Your Choices

    Choose to support your soul and spirit in this life and you will discover great joy bringing to fruition lifetimes of experience.

    A soul that is not ready may struggle to progress spiritually and to really experience stillness within meditation. For this reason The Way Back teachings about soul development are invaluable to any seeker of TRUTH.

    The Way Back was founded in 2018 as a not for profit to help guide genuine seekers of truth on their soul and spiritual journeys. All of the teachers had themselves spent many years developing their souls and had all attained enlightenment having followed the spiritual journey with light and sound meditation for decades. Since a spiritual journey is one of revelation and truth, they discovered for themselves the presence of the ascended masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Working directly with these higher teachers they channel guidance and teachings to help genuine seekers of TRUTH.

    Paula and Mark, Founders of The Way Back

    The Way Back website was created to bring together and make available these teachings. The teachings have come from the ascended masters including Jesus, Saint Germain, Quan Yin, Master Djwal Kwul and others. The Way Back also share the experiences of their enlightened teachers from many decades of spiritual meditation practice.

    Videos by The Way Back

    Here are a selection of The Way Back videos to help guide you on your journey. When you want to know more simply follow the links in the article above or use the search bar at the top of any page. We wish you peace and joy on your journey.


    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on

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