Q: I have my own beliefs/religion, is The Way Back just another belief system?

    Mark used to say “belief is a poor replacement for experience” and one of the foundations of The Way Back is that it is not a belief system or a religion. All actions and journeys start with belief and it is belief that motivates people to try something new, believing it may be of benefit.

    The great thing about the spiritual journey and indeed the soul journey, both of which The Way Back support, is that although you may start with belief, you get to experience for yourself and ultimately can replace belief with experience.

    What this means in practical terms is that, for example, where we talk about initiation revealing spiritual light, you do not need to believe it, rather you are encouraged to find out for yourself. This is why we make all our support materials like videos, podcasts, articles and tutorials freely available, we want people to move past belief and into direct experience and knowing.

    If you already have belief systems (in all honesty most people do) then that is OK. We are not here to tell you what to believe or not. If something we propose challenges your belief system then that is perfectly alright and normal. In such a situation you have the opportunity then to explore your beliefs and to decide whether you wish to embrace what you have discovered or stay where you are, and of course we will support you completely in that.

    Everyone is at a different part of their own personal journey and we respect that. Some people will benefit from our books and articles, and for them that is enough. Others will have a deeper desire to know and find out for themselves and will be drawn to explore the spiritual light and sound meditation. It really is up to you. Simply take what you find helpful and nourishing from what we offer and if you feel like it, then share it with others.

    Peace be with you all, whatever you believe.


    Author : TWB Admin

    The Way Back is a not for profit group dedicated to sharing spiritual guidance, support, information and inspiration. Founded in 2018 by a number of advanced light and sound meditation teachers based in the UK The Way Back now supports people around the world.

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