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    Being Holistic: You and Your Higher Self. Have we got it all wrong?

    What does “Being Holistic” mean? Is it some new-age thinking or is it actually at the crux of being human? In this fourth and final part of the mini-series on Spiritual Life Explained we explore the relationship between you and your higher self. We share a shocking spiritual statistic and explain why you (we) may have all been getting it wrong as far as how spiritual things work. This is truly revelatory stuff.

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    [47] Part 4: Change just one attitude to TRANSFORM your LIFE. Stop missing out on LOVE & Health!

    Spiritual Life Explained – Transcript

    Part 4: Being Holistic

    This is the fourth of four parts to this mini series on Living Spiritually and if you’ve not already done so it’ll be well worthwhile exploring Part 1, Part 2, Part 3: health & Healing, and Part 3: The Secret first. Parts 1 to 4 were recorded on 12th Sept 2023.

    So let’s do a really condensed recap: Belief is the basis of religion whereas spirituality is founded in direct experience and the ultimate spiritual goal for human life is to become closer to God through experience of the qualities of God along with humility and reverence towards God.


    God is always guiding you to achieve this and your higher self is guiding you too. However free will means you can ignore this guidance and instead come from habits, ego and fear.

    If you go too far in the wrong direction your body manifests dis-ease as a kind of spiritual SOS to get your attention; literally your body is used as the canvas for your higher self to leave a message: “Wake up!

    Wake up

    So surely the wisest thing would be to make sure we’re receptive to God and our higher self, right? That way we can avoid unnecessary dis-ease but more importantly become closer to God and mature as a human being. Well, I’d agree with you on that so let me share a really important insight with you, which is something that most people simply do not realise fully. This life isn’t the first incarnation that your higher self has ever had. This life is however a wonderful opportunity for you, and when I say “you” I mean all that you are, an opportunity to grow and evolve spiritually. But if, for whatever reason, you have been ignoring your higher self and ultimately God, then two things happen:

    The first is that God carries on guiding you and loving you. Yes that’s right, God is unconditional in God’s love for you and God’s support. God never abandons you nor turns God’s back on you. Your choice having heard that is simple, be grateful or take it for granted?

    Be Grateful

    Being grateful is the path that brings you closer to God, whereas taking God for granted is not. Free Will means you get to decide how you respond and since you’ve already responded just now, you’ve experienced Free Will and so this is a nice real-time example of how experience is higher than belief. You may have had a belief about how you might respond or a belief in the presence of Free Will, but what just happened was a direct experience of how you reacted and therefore of your free will. So what is the other thing that happens if we repeatedly ignore our higher selves and/or God?

    Well its simple. Your higher self does not have a body, it doesn’t sleep, eat, exercise or feel things the way you feel things. Its interaction with you is purely based in awareness and if you are not being aware of it, then keeping things simple, it loses interest in being aware of you and the life you are living. Your higher self will not “go away” as such, though there are consequences for any person who is deliberately choosing to do wrong. Think of it like this. Your higher self loves you, values you, and guides you in subtle ways. You keep ignoring it and so the “relationship” between you (brain, body, and sense of self) and your higher self which includes your soul and spirit, is not nurtured and atrophies.

    For there to be a strong relationship it requires you to respond positively to your higher self. This doesn’t mean that you wake up and say “Good morning higher self, how are we today?” although you can if you like. Rather the ideal response is that when it guides you, you are receptive and you follow the guidance, something you may not be consciously aware of. In fact the relationship is meant to be guidance from the top down, rather than an actual conscious conversation and I’m going to explain a bit later how you can foster this.

    Good Morning Higher Self

    At this point in the podcast/video I jumped to new footage filmed on the 5th Oct 2023 which was unscripted. So we break away from the formal transcript…

    Mark Zaretti

    Bonus Material

    On 5th Oct 2023 Mark recorded extra information… replacing the original transcript

    (Ed. Referring to people being asleep to their higher self) But even spiritual people can fall into this category and the reason is the same. The moment being “Spiritual” becomes a habit, a ritual, a belief system, or an identity then you are no longer present, and receptive. Any time you are living from your habits, your beliefs, your lower identity, or ego even if it is an “I am spiritual” identity, then you are focused into your lower self. Being Holistic means that you are consciously being present, humble, and intentionally receptive to your higher self and God.

    The irony is that the more intellectual a person is, the more they are in their head thinking about being spiritual, philosophising, ruminating, analysing, judging and so forth, then the more asleep they are because, I remind you what I said way back in the introduction: “Spiritual growth has very little to do with deep intellectual understanding and philosophy, rather it comes from the heart“.

    Spiritual Growth

    I said I’d discuss how we can foster the relationship between us and our higher selves and I’ve already answered that in what’s just been said. But let us break it down into actionable things.

    Number 1 Being humble

    There’s a wonderful podcast on humility and I’ll link it below but for now the take home message is that humility means you stay out of ego, and you’re aware you don’t know it all and therefore you’re naturally open to guidance from your higher self and from God, even if you don’t consciously believe in God.


    Number 2 Intention

    At this point in the podcast/video I jumped to new footage filmed on the 5th Oct 2023 which was unscripted. So we break away from the formal transcript…


    (Ed. Back to formal transcript) The right time for change is always now, never in the future. Now is awake, the future is asleep.

    Now is awake

    Number 3 Love

    Your higher self is the only one, other than Jesus and God, who will never leave you, who genuinely always wants what is best for you, who knows you completely and who loves you profoundly. Others come and go but your higher self is always with you. Do you love your higher self? Do you recognise them as your best friend? Do you yearn to be complete? Isn’t it time you moved your love for your higher self, self love, out of the unconsciousness drawer and onto the table of your everyday life. Like having the photo of your lover on your desk! Be still, take a deep breath, intend to be in your heart, just think one word “LOVE”. Let go of the need to experience phenomena or have the moment validated by some feeling or sensation, just sit with yourself, present, awake and loving.
    You know feelings and sensations really are beneath who you really are. When you’re stiller than that noise then you’ll start to recognise the you that has always been there, that is ageless, that seems to be wiser and far stiller. Welcome home, say hello to your old friend, they’ve been waiting for you. Now take the next steps in life together.
    God bless.

    (Ed. there is more to the video/podcast… keep listening)

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    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on

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