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    The Secret / Law of Attraction / Abraham’s Teachings – the dark and disturbing truth

    This article discusses “The Law of Attraction“, “Abraham’s Teachings” or “The Secret” and follows on from the previous one. The film The Secret has prompted a worldwide movement of people engaging in what is best described as “The Art of Manifesting“. This article and the one before share the video shown below and so to jump to the part on Abraham, The Secret, and the Law of Attraction jump to about 8min 16seconds in. Alternatively watch it from the start if you want more context.

    The Dark Truth Behind The Secret aka The Law of Attraction and Abraham

    [46] Part 3:  Why "The Secret" & Manifesting hurt your spirit. &TOXIC PEOPLE harm your health!

    Spiritual Life Explained – Transcript

    Part 3: Health and Healing (Continued)

    Editor’s note: What you’re about to read is the transcript from about 8 mins into the video above and follows on from the first half which is covered in the previous article.

    The Law Of Attraction

    But before that, lets explore why it is that manifesting and the Law of Attraction might actually be spiritually counterproductive. Many years ago when I first read books on the Law of Attraction and started to listen to talks, interviews and videos by the main promoters and authors of that movement, like many people, I was totally hooked into it. I’d practice what they taught about aligning emotionally and energetically with your desires and had some pretty interesting results, attracting people and events into my life.

    These “successes” felt empowering and made me want to do more. But it also felt a bit wrong. However it was only years later, once I started to discover more about beings on higher dimensions and the bigger picture of what was actually happening, that my intuition that it was wrong made sense and alarm bells truly rang.

    The Teachings of Abraham

    If you’re not familiar with the Law of Attraction work, it’s about deliberately manifesting things or situations in your life and has been brought to the awareness of people on the physical plane by a collective on higher dimensions who are known as “Abraham”. The primary person on the 3rd dimension who communicates with them is a lady called Esther and she truly believes what they have taught her.


    The Secret

    This information is all accurate and I’ve been able to confirm this first hand on the inside on those higher dimensions. It is through the now famous Teachings of Abraham that many tens of thousands of people across the world are being guided to practice the art of manifestation, the Law of Attraction and what the hit movie “The Secret” was based upon.

    It all sounds very positive and people are genuinely transforming their lives, bringing in wealth, attracting partners, creating opportunities etc.

    Attracting wealth

    Abraham describe themselves in their own words as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension”.

    Group consciousness from the non-physical dimension

    And have also said, “We are that which is at the heart of all religions”. So that is a them basically saying that they are Divine, since all religions are supposedly in pursuit of the divine, God?


    This notion that they are Godly is further suggested by their claim that, again in their own words, “whenever we (meaning humanity) feel moments of great love, exhilaration, pure joy, stoned-out bliss, even the energy of sexual orgasm when we feel that energy flow rushing through our bodies, that is the energy of Source, and that is who Abraham ‘is’”.

    Abraham Collective

    So they are claiming to be the energy behind all that is good and that they are The Source, another way of saying “They are God”. Esther also describes them as “infinite intelligence” and again this is a suggestion that they are God since the only thing that is beyond limits and hence infinite is God.

    And yet they are a collective, meaning made of many, not one, and are located on a higher dimension meaning they are still within duality. The state of enlightenment however is beyond all limits and thus simultaneously transcends and contains all dimensions and so it is possible from within that higher state to enquire into the nature of anything within creation.

    Such an enquiry reveals that this “collective” is simply a group of non-human beings and they are not aligned with God. They don’t have light within them and they are not spiritual guides. I’ve touched on the topic of groups on higher dimensions who are interested in influencing affairs on Earth in my documentary on Stonehenge and if you’re interested there are links below. But the important thing here is to recall how I explained earlier that sometimes it’s not how people act or appear that matters, rather what’s in their hearts. Well this collective are doing a wonderful job of appearing good and benevolent partly by targetting and working through genuinely good people down here, but they neither have light nor love in their hearts and their real goal is quite sinister, even if their message appears positive.

    Let me provide context for what I’m saying as I’m sure this may be challenging for a lot of people to hear, especially if they’ve invested their time, energy, money and beliefs into the Law of Attraction movement.

    God is limitless, beyond form, beyond time, eternal, the absolute Creator and the one who guides every human via the human spirit.

    There is nothing greater. Therefore God who is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and all-knowing knows what is best for you, what you need and because God loves you unconditionally, is always seeking to guide you for your greatest good. You’re always guided by God to what you need, but free will means you don’t always follow. Life is about you learning through experience and to eventually awaken spiritually and to seek God, the highest purpose of human life, growing in goodness and becoming closer to God.

    The law of Attraction however means we decide what we want to manifest or attract in life rather than being guided by God and so we must contemplate where does knowing what we should desire come from? It doesn’t come from God or God’s guidance. It doesn’t come from our higher self either, rather it comes from our lower self and is rooted in self-criticism and self-judgment of the life we are living. When our lower self desires change it is us saying “I have judged my life and I do not like the way it is“. “I want a partner”. “I want wealth”. “I want a better career”. “I, I, I“.

    It means three things. Firstly that there is a lack of acceptance, tolerance, or gratitude of the present. Secondly there is no trust in God, and thirdly no personal responsibility or appreciation of the fact that where you are is because of the choices you’ve already made. You’re basically saying God has got it wrong and so “I need to fix my creation“.

    For example if you don’t have a partner, perhaps it is because you are not meant to at this time, or if you are meant to then you’ve been ignoring your higher self who is trying to guide you to the right person who would help you grow spiritually, and whom God has already lined up for you to meet, if only you would follow their guidance you’re already being given.

    But the Law of Attraction means that you decide what is best for you and when it should happen, based on your lower-self’s desires. You then try and manifest it through emotional and energetic congruency to your desire. There’s no space in that mindset for God’s guidance, because you can’t be saying “I know what I need” and at the same time saying “I want to be receptive to God and my higher-self’s guidance”.

    The Law of Attraction and active manifesting is all about desire and the power of self, which ultimately starts and ends with ego. It is “my will be done” rather than “God’s will be done”.

    The claims of Abraham to be some sort of divine energy, the Source, or infinite means that it appeals to people who are spiritually seeking. This is deliberate because Abraham’s goal, though they wouldn’t admit it to people on the 3rd dimension, is to distract genuine spiritual people away from God by taking their spiritual curiosity and redirecting that enthusiasm into seeking personal power, material or emotional gain.

    Abraham’s teachings direct your upwards seeking attention back down into the manifest world around you. After all, the more you invest time and will-power to shape your own life through the Law of Attraction, satisfying your desires, then the more attracted and emotionally tethered you are going to be to your life and its trappings. The Law of Attraction, manifesting, the Secret, whatever you call it is actually the antithesis of spirituality since real spirituality raises you above worldly desires relinquishing the ego-centric illusion of being in control to real higher guidance which ultimately comes from God.

    Abraham are not spiritual, they are materialistic, hedonistic and dark and that’s their real message. But like all who deceive good people they use elements of truth and good words to hide their deception and real intent. The Law of Attraction is fundamentally real and can be explained simply as “you manifest what you give your attention to”.

    But in the case of Abraham’s teachings, the manifestation works partly through the power of your own intention, but also because the Abraham collective work on higher dimensions to bring about what you desire on your behalf so that you buy even more into their agenda. Since God has given you free will then God remains neutral and allows you to go in that dark direction and imprison yourself within the manifestation of your own worldly desires.

    Abraham know this all too well and so they encourage humans to focus on what their lower selves want instead of being humble and receptive to what God wants. It replaces trust in what is truly divine, with trust in self or worse, trust in Abraham, and you are encouraged to become your own “Creator” and thus turn your back on the one real Creator, God. Like so much deception it is sold on positive gains and half-truths.

    I don’t say this lightly, and I say this as someone who has encountered the collective “Abraham” and their superiors many times on higher dimensions, including when they have gone by other names. All that glitters is certainly not gold. Of course those people who enjoy the teachings of Abraham or who channel and share them with others are oblivious to this higher truth since they themselves have been misdirected away from true spirituality and now have their role as practitioners or agents of Abraham cemented into their personal lower-self-identity.

    It would be hard for them to accept the truth and I don’t have any wish to convince them or anyone that what I say is true either. Truth stands firm on its own and doesn’t need defending, rather truth speaks to those who value it when they are ready for it.

    Those who do not value truth will not recognise it and it is a fool who tries to force the truth on another, because what you know from personal insight is what you know, but trying to force someone else to know it is lowering yourself into the world of beliefs.

    The Secret

    It is wise to remember that everyone who has chosen to follow Abraham has done so of their own free will. I was at that crossroads once, just like many other people, and like others I know, we explored it and then realised it was small and a spiritual dead-end, and so left it behind to carry on pushing for the truth. Since God respects free will, then so should we. As with all I share in my podcasts, maybe it will resonate with people who are ready, speaking to their higher self even if their lower self is distracted. And if not? well God still loves each and every human and guidance, feedback and opportunities for spiritual growth will always come to those who are awake. Which brings us on to part 4, and the reason why so many people are not very awake.

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