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    Why Toxic People Damage your Health and Prevent Healing

    Are toxic people actually bad for your health? There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t want to be healthy, but maybe you’ve noticed that some people just don’t seem to respond to healing? Could it be that people in their life are dragging them down? Or perhaps they are making poor life-choices and are responsible in some way for their apparent disease? Could it be a bit of both?

    In this short video I explain how toxic people may be harming you

    [46] Part 3:  Why "The Secret" & Manifesting hurt your spirit. &TOXIC PEOPLE harm your health!

    Spiritual Life Explained – Transcript

    Part 3: Health and Healing

    This is the 3rd part of this four part mini-series on spiritual life. If you’ve not already listened to the previous parts then I recommend you listen, download or watch them first: Part 1 and Part 2.

    In Part 2: We explored Free Will and we learnt that all choices are either bringing us closer to God or moving us in the wrong direction, further from God. This is the same whether a person believes in God or not, since God’s love and support is present for all of humanity. Now if we’re going in the wrong direction then the guidance actually becomes easier to notice but some people may be surprised to learn that guidance that we are going in the wrong direction in life often manifests in the form of dis-ease, injury, or accident.

    Ever had a bad thought and then walked into a door or bashed your toe on furniture? Been thinking negatively about some worry and then you get stomach ache; or criticising yourself and then you’ve got a headache? That’s how it works. There’s a lot more to it and rather than go into it here I’ll simply say there are some very good books on how you can “heal your life and they explain this in a lot of detail. Not everything in those books matches what I and others have found from direct experience, but they’re definitely pointing in the right direction and a great starting point for you if you’re new to all this.

    you can heal your life

    Whether you are new or experienced though I wouldn’t worry too much about the minute details, because it’s not about what any book says. Your higher self isn’t reading a book and saying “Oh oh, we’re thinking bad about ourselves, let me see, page 27 ah, I have to give them a migraine”.

    Your Higher Self

    Your body speaks your truth…

    No, it’s much more along the lines of “Your body speaks your truth, based on your understanding”. It has to be this way because you are meant to make sense of the feedback your body is giving you. So the key word here is “feedback”. If you are going in the wrong direction, meaning you’re not listening to God and your higher self, then it usually means you’re listening to your brain or your ego.


    The ego is firmly grounded in your physical identity and so since you’re now giving way too much attention to your physical body, you manifest the message that you’re going in the wrong direction in your physical body. The message is placed where you are looking. It’s actually poetically simple and gracefully elegant.

    Is it perhaps just that we’re so used to thinking that the physical realm is “real” that we compartmentalise and so think that physical problems must have a physical cause and a physical solution? Rather than considering that “Perhaps this dis-ease is the result of how I’m thinking?“. But, and this is important, not all dis-ease is feedback.

    disease and thinking

    Toxic People

    There are bad people in the world and no, you couldn’t tell from looking at them or even how they act. Often they are very charismatic and are seen to be doing good in the world. “Bad”, “good”, these are not about appearances, it’s about what is in someone’s heart or rather in some cases, what is lacking from their heart. This is one reason why we teach about The Six Virtues and how we should strive to be non-judgemental of all people.

    Since how you act and think should be a reflection of what is in your heart, rather than what you think is in the heart of the person in front of you. In reality, the majority of people could be considered neutral, neither particularly good nor particularly bad, and for them they will lean one way or the other depending on their environmental influences. Your goodness can uplift them.

    in your heart

    But if you are spending a lot of time with what you would call the bad people then they may be affecting your energy and well-being, draining you, psychically or telepathically injuring you with their negative emotions or thoughts. Most of these bad people aren’t even consciously aware of doing it but there are those few in the extreme who know what they are doing and we could refer to it as “black magic” or the “dark arts”. This is when bad people deliberately intend negativity towards others.

    Black Magic

    This all may seem like the stuff of fantasy and movies but I’ve worked with people from around the world and what I’ve found is that this is really happening. Its just that some cultures are more open about it than others and in the west this stuff isn’t generally discussed. It’s not my intention to spook you but rather to demystify these taboo subjects so you can make choices that support your holistic wellness. Knowing that this is going on, means we can fine tune our awareness and take appropriate action.

    So understanding that there are what we could refer to as “Toxic People” and that interacting with them can cause illness and misfortune, then it’s handy to know that such illness can be healed because it doesn’t belong to you. But it wouldn’t be so much about healing as cleansing you of the negativity from these other people. Your own level of positivity and good intention can help, as can prayer.

    Toxic People

    But here’s the kicker that a lot of people might struggle to accept… if you are in the presence of these toxic people whether that’s socially, relationships or career related. Or in fact in any aspect of life, then your aura has already picked up on their negativity and your higher self would have already been telling you to “get away from them!” So at some level you already know, but you just haven’t listened yet.

    stay away from toxic people

    Have you spotted a pattern? Whether we’re ignoring God’s guidance and our higher selves and are therefore manifesting our own dis-ease, or we’re ignoring our higher self’s guidance to avoid toxic people and therefore becoming dis-eased by the negativity in toxic situations, the outcome is the same, dis-ease.

    The cause is also the same: “we didn’t listen”. But it’s never too late to become receptive to our higher selves or God, but does it get harder the longer we’ve been ignoring them or God? Hold on to that question, but for now I hope you’ve realised why it is that some people just don’t respond to healing. It’s because the cause of their dis-ease is the fact that they’re not listening to their higher selves and so they can’t be healed as they’ve not learnt the lesson they need to learn in order to evolve. All the time there is friction between the higher self and the lower self, then there is dis-ease.

    If the same problems keep popping up then something has not changed, so even if they do heal, it will be temporary and the problem will reappear when they make that wrong choice again, often coming back even worse. First it was a sore throat, the next time they lost their voice, then it’s something far more life-threatening. Right at the start in part 1 I said “I chose to learn from the experiences and importantly take responsibility for allowing myself to be misled”. The key thing here is for each of us to “Take personal responsibility.

    Personal responsibility

    God has not let you down, God has not abandoned you. Your higher self has not let you down. Your higher self has not abandoned you. You are not being punished. You are simply not being receptive because you think you know best. You’re putting your brain, habits and ego in charge and ending up getting it wrong.

    God has not let you down

    We’ve ALL done this. Some people get it right some of the time, others get it wrong most of the time, so be kind to yourself, avoid that negative trap of self-pity or criticism. After all you’ve been guided to this podcast so you can do something about it. On some level you’re winning already so let’s keep up the positive momentum. God’s rooting for you, your higher self is rooting for you, even I’m rooting for you, so get on board the “You’re amazing and you deserve positivity” train. If you’ve understood that dis-ease is simply feedback and you’re responsible and thus empowered, then you’re doing great! In part 4 we’re going to learn how we can build on this momentum and avoid struggling spiritually…

    being positive

    This article continues as we explore The Law of Attraction, The Secret and the Teachings of Abraham.

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