#38 The Way Back an Introduction to Spiritual Awakening

    Although a much shorter podcast than usual this one is spiritual dynamite. Truthful and compassionately tackling the truth about spiritual awakening. This recording is based on a short introduction video and is less than five minutes long and challenges some big assumptions about spirituality. If you wish to begin your journey of spiritual awakening, or perhaps you already have, this is a great place to start. You may also be […]

    #37 Closer to God: Avoid Ego Traps and Embrace The Six Virtues

    Spiritual teacher Mark provides an in-depth exploration of how The Six Virtues can bring real JOY to your life. Helping you to become spiritually closer to God and overcoming the perhaps one of the biggest traps to personal spiritual growth. You may also be interested in… The article that accompanies this podcast which has all the bonus links and extras.The Way Back: Not-for-profit books on Amazon.

    #36 Mark and Simeon Discuss The Six Virtues

    This podcast was an impromptu, non-scripted interview/conversation between myself Mark and meditation teacher Simeon who was visiting from the USA. This is a frank, shocking (in a good way) and uplifting chat about spiritual matters relevant to all good humans, whether they meditate or not. We discuss a host of spiritual matters including: The Six VirtuesSpirituality & WisdomShould you meditate? You may also be interested in… Read the full article […]

    #35 How Can You Tell Your Level of Spiritual Awakening?

    In this very candid podcast I talk about the pitfalls and risks of trying to understand your level of spiritual awakening and progress. At the heart of this podcast is helping you to understand what is spiritual versus what is not. I also talk about some of the history behind many of the groups at this time and explain why there are some big assumptions which may be causing problems […]

    #34 “It is not Enough to Believe in God”

    In this podcast spiritual teacher Mark is joined by Nik, one of the members of The Way Back in discussing a powerful message about moving beyond simply having belief in God to having God in our hearts. This follows on from Podcast #33 and is an honest and conversational discussion between Nik and Mark about the spiritual topic of God. You may also be interested in… Podcast #33 about having […]

    #30 “What is Ego?”

    In this podcast meditation author and teacher Mark discusses ego, sharing spiritual insights from almost 40 years of meditation. Develop a better understanding of how ego is defined. Importantly learn how it might be holding you back in your spiritual journey and what you can do to reduce your ego and overcome it. You may also be interested in… A full length article about ego including discussing the phenomena of […]

    #24 “The Way Back – the bigger picture”

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    #20 “I Wish #3 I’d Known about God”

    The 3rd excerpt from an interview in January 2020. Mark talks about the three things he wished he’d known about when he started his meditation journey many years before. This is part 3 and he shares why he thinks it is important on a spiritual journey to…

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