Spiritual Awakening, Progress and Signs of Spiritual Awakening

    Have you ever wondered about your spiritual awakening? Similarly can you tell if you are spiritually progressing? Furthermore are there signs that you are becoming more spiritual? When we talk about “Spiritual Awakening” it probably evokes ideas and concepts in you, depending on what you understand “spiritual” to mean. This video was created in response to a classic spiritual question: In this candid video I share insights into spiritual progress, […]

    Belief in God versus Loving God: A Personal Reflection

    Hi, I am Nik, a member of The Way Back, and today, Mark, one of its main teachers visited my home studio to record his latest podcast. What was a surprise was that I ended up in the podcast, personally reflecting on the difference between belief in God and having love for God. The podcast is called “It Is Not Enough to Believe in God” and within it, he shares […]

    More Love: Overcoming the Problems in the World Today

    More Love: Channelled Guidance to find God Below is shared the exact information that was channelled, word for word, exactly as it was given. We have added links within it to other articles that may help guide you. This guidance came as a result of seeking answers to questions about why there are so many problems and challenges in the world today. What was channelled was an article, intended to […]

    Find God: Why This Matters on a Spiritual Journey?

    This podcast why you might want to find God is the third excerpt from an interview from 13th Jan 2020. This podcast shares three things I wish I had been told when starting my spiritual journey many years ago. Podcast #3: Find God & Spirituality You can find all the free meditation podcast here. Use this podcast player below to play this podcast or download it too. I almost called this […]

    Let God in: Spiritual Awareness of God in Your Heart

    In the video article above meditation teacher Mark discusses spirituality and the difference between your soul journey and spiritual growth. Mark also talks about the connection between enlightenment and God. These insights can therefore lead to an understanding of “letting it in your heart”. Do you think “God” means religion? Conversely Mark shows that experience based awareness of the divine is spiritual and not religious. Furthermore have you ever wondered […]

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