Belief in God versus Loving God: A Personal Reflection

    Hi, I am Nik, a member of The Way Back, and today, Mark, one of its main teachers visited my home studio to record his latest podcast. What was a surprise was that I ended up in the podcast, personally reflecting on the difference between belief in God and having love for God.

    The podcast is called “It Is Not Enough to Believe in God” and within it, he shares a powerful message, which prior to its delivery I was unaware of it. The words strongly resonate with me and I was able to share my recent experiences that validate what he was saying about going beyond belief in God.

    The core theme of the podcast was about moving from simply believing in God to having love for God within our hearts.

    Having listened to many of Mark’s podcasts, it was nice to be able to contribute to one, and I hope you enjoy it and are able to benefit from its content too. Listen to the full podcast below.

    The Way Back to Spiritual Awakening
    The Way Back to Spiritual Awakening
    #34 “It is not Enough to Believe in God”

    In this recording we mention the previous podcast, you can find it on the podcast page along with all the previous podcasts.


    Author : Nik

    Nik is one of the members and teachers of The Way Back who has received initiation and completed the journey to enlightenment. Nik has known some of The Way Back team for many years and is happy to share his experiences to help others.

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