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    More Love: Overcoming the Problems in the World Today

    More love and god in your life - Mark Zaretti
    Meditation teacher Mark

    More Love to Overcome Problems

    On the 12th of September 2020 I knew that there was information waiting to “come down” and so I sat down to channel. When I had finished I discovered an entire article had been given and it addresses the issues and problems in the world today. The answer is “more love” and I was guided to record a video so that this message could be made available to as many people as possible. The message is positive but this channelled information tackles difficult subjects, so that we can all understand the problem and thus the nature of the solution. Channelled with love, shared with kindness. – Mark

    [23] Can LOVE overcome negative problems in the world? - spiritual insights into love & God

    More Love: Channelled Guidance to find God

    Below is shared the exact information that was channelled, word for word, exactly as it was given. We have added links within it to other articles that may help guide you. This guidance came as a result of seeking answers to questions about why there are so many problems and challenges in the world today.

    What was channelled was an article, intended to be shared with people and we hope it helps guide all who are seekers of spiritual truth and the highest love, to discover that behind both truth and love is God…

    #23 “Overcoming Problems in the World. A Spiritual Perspective”

    Spiritual Awakening Podcast
    The Way Back to Spiritual Awakening
    #23 "Overcoming Problems in the World. A Spiritual Perspective"

    Have you ever thought “there’s something fundamentally wrong in the world”? Do you have a sense that things are not how they should be? You’re right! Something is very wrong.

    From a spiritual perspective your life is one of many and as you travel through each incarnation you have the chance to learn life-lessons in order to evolve your soul towards love. Over many lifetimes your soul vibration can raise up, and you become more loving, kind, compassionate and wise in the process.

    Of course for any learning to happen then there needs to be free will and the chance to make mistakes. The duality of the world allows for this since there is the potential for love and hate, light and dark and for all opposites. When we make a mistake and act or think in a way that is not loving then we grow in ego and become more selfish. So each life is about moving towards love and staying out of ego.

    But when we really pay attention to television, films, education, advertising, magazines, social media, sport and so forth then we notice that a lot of them are indoctrinating society with the message that: “you are only successful because of what you have and your value is how others perceive you”.

    We are being conditioned to unconsciously compete with each other in all aspects of life, driven to be richer, stronger, smarter, prettier, healthier and so forth. But this attitude is literally all about ego and could not be further from the truth, or love!

    The truth is you are amazing, you matter because you exist and your worth has nothing to do with how much is in the bank or how fancy your clothes are.

    But over the last 60 years or so there’s been a massive proliferation of invasive technology including wifi, bluetooth, 4G and 5G making media more accessible than ever. We are bombarded with questionable information, divisive advertising and distracting entertainment on big screens, in the home, in your pocket, on your wrist watch, even in your cars and all of this can have an effect on you.

    Furthermore many people are addicted to social media which in addition to reducing privacy has extended the reach of bullying from the playground into a 24/7 phenomena that can’t be evaded. Finally the self-esteem of lots of people is being ground down by photoshopped images and Instagram-idealism. Some people are so indoctrinated into ego-driven desire that they pay their hard earned money to buy the latest smart phone, voluntarily allowing this corrupting influence into their lives.

    So many people have forgotten to live for the experience and instead now they live for the glory of seeing how many likes they can get on facebook or how impressed their friends are by their photos. They’re so busy taking photos that they’re forgetting to make memories and to be present in the moment.

    We apparently have more “freedom” but were always on call, being assaulted by a cocktail of electromagnetic radiation, watched by CCTV and even tracked by our devices.

    Science is pushing the boundaries with nano-tech and integration of technology into our bodies, which were never meant to be interfered with in such a way.

    Medicine has evolved from healthy food and herbs to something toxic which is making powerful companies a lot of money while people who get sick are paid off to keep them quiet.

    Yes, there is something very wrong

    You are not a commodity and your not fodder for the pharma industry. Your government does not have the right to force chemicals or medicines into your body. You have the right to choose. Your body was created by nature and the laws of nature were not written by mankind, and are far from being well understood.

    Mainstream science tells us that we are soul-less animals evolved from a random accident and yet quantum physicists are searching for the “God particle”, that one thing that is behind everything, that existed before time when there was just one single thing everywhere. But isn’t this “one thing everywhere”, that is the cause of everything including creation itself exactly what God, “the Source”, Unity is?

    Some people turn to religion to try and find answers, but the wise amongst you may already understand that beliefs, words, and teachings belong in the mind and the mind is always going to struggle to take you further than a never ending search for answers. Truth is far simpler than that.

    It is about love. It is about God.

    Every moment provides an opportunity for you to think or act in a loving way or in the opposite way and thus life comes down to the simple question: “Are you moving more towards love or more into ego?

    As people spiritually awaken, even if they do not realise it, they are awakening to God. Not some man-made idea, but that which is eternal and has always been. Spirituality is the desire to let go of the little self to discover that one-ness which is God.

    When a person is motivated by ego then they measure success in terms of accumulating wealth and perceived status; the appearance of their body, the attractiveness or desirability of their partner; house, car, handbag, outfit and so on.

    Such an existence is rooted in fear and insecurity because all these things can be taken away, stolen, broken or lost. With ego there can never be true happiness or contentment because the only thing that feels like progress is to have more than others and more than you currently have.

    This is what advertising encourages and why corporate media works so hard to make you feel inadequate and incomplete, so that your ego desires a better car, nicer clothes, an expensive watch, a fancy holiday, in order to give you a momentary sense of being valued. The same is true in terms of relationships, having children and the like. If you’re not successful in these aspects of life then you may be wrongly marginalised by society.

    When a person is motivated by love then their sense of value is internal and cannot be taken away. Wealth, relationships, and health can all be appreciated but free from neediness and attachment because love does not judge and it is already complete.

    A person who is full of love could enjoy the company of a king or a peasant and recognising the beauty within each person in front of them, treat them as equals. After all everything comes from the Source, from God and so everything is a bright and beautiful expression of God’s creation.

    It is only those who are so entrenched in ego that they have dimmed their own light becoming hateful, negative, judgemental and disrespectful of others and their environment that are dark and ugly because they are no longer aligned with love.

    But at this time there are many in positions of power who are led by their egos that they have created a world in which countries burn, millions starve, animals suffer, natural science is ignored and most of the wealth is in the pockets of a few. Something is very wrong.

    The world was not made wrong, it became wrong. Perhaps a few people who fell into ego and therefore craved more power and status deliberately made it wrong; perhaps we were all just too asleep to notice it coming. The conspiracy theories and historical analysis do not matter. What matters is what you do next, what we all do next.

    In the beginning was God, Unity, one-ness, and from this came love and then light. This is the Light that the most spiritual of people aspire to meditate on. Believe it or not, it is your potential to do so too. But you don’t need to experience the light or even meditate to make a difference because the answer is right there. It has always been there. It is love. It is God.

    Love is the energy that radiates from God who is the cause of everything. Love is perfect harmony and balance, totally accepting, non-judgmental, and most importantly real. Look at what happens when people go into ego, they become materialistic, unhappy, insecure, greedy, and selfish. Love is the cure to all this and love comes from God.

    The secret known to those who meditate on the light energy is that you cannot strive for the light, you have to sit in humility and allow the light to come into you. This is done by letting go, relaxing and embracing love within you.

    We can all learn from this. The secret to living a life of love and escaping from ego and the harm it is doing to each of us and to society as a whole is to let go, relax and have the intention to let God into our lives. This is not a belief or religion, it is something far purer than that.

    The same light shines on all people,
    it is not limited to a single group or location.

    The more you let love and God into your life then the more true freedom you will find. A life of love has purpose and value which is internal and can never be taken away from you. It engenders self-respect as well as respect for others and the planet.

    It brings JOY because you are full and complete even when you have nothing, and so you can experience JOY in the simplest of things. It completely changes your approach to work, relationships and life. You seek work you enjoy valuing quality of life and integrity over financial compensation for the time you will never get back. Relationships become about exploring love and openness, not conquest and dominance.

    But most profoundly your life has real purpose. The pursuit of bringing God into your life is also the pursuit of developing your soul and seeking spiritual growth. These two things are life enriching and all progress along your soul journey or spiritual growth transcends your physical death and is carried into your next life. By contrast there is nothing that your ego values that can stay with you into your next life or move you one step along your soul’s journey. Your bank balance, credit score, stock portfolio or how you look are irrelevant to your true value as a human being. Everything the ego values is transient and illusory. The ego builds sand castles and it is only a matter of time before the tide comes in for each of us.

    There is something wrong, but the good news it can be fixed and you can make a difference and doing so is your own reward. Remember, this life is one of many that you will have. Your next life and the environment you will discover when you return will be determined by what you do in this life. The simple question is “do you want more love?”.

    There are a lot of things you could do, but how do you know what is the right thing to do and which direction to go? You need a compass but with all the misinformation and deceit in the media, then it needs to be something a bit more trustworthy than a news report or political broadcast. There is only one thing that is “truth” and it is God because only the source of love can lead you back to more love. Seeking one is seeking both. Make God your compass.

    Earlier I mentioned the “laws of nature”, well have you heard about the law of nature that what you think about and intend leads to what you allow and manifest into your life. This is why advertising agencies, governments and organisations go to great lengths to psychologically influence you. They understand that if they put ideas into your mind then they can manipulate your life. Well it is time to take back control. Clear your mind and set your intentions: “I welcome God into my life” and “I want more love in my life”.

    This is also an opportunity for you to become more responsible too. Switch off your mobile phone when you can, break free from the expectation that others have a right to interrupt you when they want, because they do not. Let people leave a message and you chose when you check your phone. Stop watching TV that promotes qualities of the ego like competition, greed, judgementalism, jealousy or worse still is outright negative, aggressive, or dark. Cut down on social media that is not nurturing your soul or filling you with love.

    Switch off your wifi, DEC phones, blue tooth, 4G, 5G, and other sources of electromagnetic radiation when you don’t need them. Take off those smart watches and move those mobile phones far away from you because it’s time to stop radiating your body and start respecting it more. These things are not natural. Eating healthier, cutting down on sugar and eating more fresh greens and some fruit and also getting out more to walk, run, swim, and play, or even just to watch the sunset, these things are far more natural.

    There’s nothing wrong with having nice things but start asking yourself “why do I need this?” and “is buying this thing or doing this action really a demonstration of love towards myself, others and the planet?” You’d be surprised how many people are discovering that “the less they have the richer their lives become”. Some people call it the “minimalist movement”, but spiritual people have been doing this for millennia.

    Think back to simpler times, your fondest memories. The first time you looked into the eyes of a person you loved, your best friends laugh, your first trip away from home as a young adult, meeting new people and making new friends, laughing till it hurt, falling in love. Those moments when you felt most alive, which may be completely different for you. In those moments was your soul, your heart and I hope love too. And for some of you, if these moments have not yet revealed themselves, then perhaps it is a sign that something is not right in your life, in which case now is a good time to change. Love is your right, it is the gift from God reaching out to you. Complete the circuit and reach out for God too.

    I’ve been there, I’ve been too embarrassed in the past to talk spiritually of God. Taught by well intentioned but misguided mentors as well as those who had their own agendas I too chased wealth and success. I’ve worked for one of the biggest multinationals and I’ve run my own companies. I’ve had wealth and I’ve struggled too. I’ve owned more cars than I can count and a good few motorbikes as well. I went from a terraced house, to a semi-detached to a detached house and found more unhappiness with every move.

    I’ve allowed myself to be bullied into pursuing other people’s dreams and I’ve resented myself for it. I’ve also been blessed because I’ve been open to being spiritually guided and having attained enlightenment in 2009 by 2015 the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place. But it only began when I really started to bring love fully into my life and in the last few years that love opened the door to letting God back into my life. But this is not some “born again” idealism or religion.

    But I cannot talk truthfully of the spiritual journey without talking of God even if there will be those who driven by their own ego ridicule me. God is, and always has been, the cause of the spiritual journey and the source of love and when one says they wish to attain enlightenment it means to become that which is one-ness, Unity, the Source and therefore to recognise the existence of God.

    Something is very wrong, but before the problems existed there was always God and God is still there even now. Perhaps these dark times might serve to help us see God’s light more clearly. Some of us will have life-plans that mean we experience wealth, others, poverty, but now I hope you understand that it is what is in your heart and soul that matter and give you value, not your credit score or bank balance. Those who have God and therefore love within them are the richest of us all.


    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on Rumble.com.

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