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    Spiritual Astrology: Does astrology matter on a spiritual journey?

    Spiritual matters and astrology are sometimes discussed together and to the person in the street may seem connected. Astrology is concerned with understanding the connection between the movement of celestial bodies and events on Earth. Understandably then some say that astrology is one of the seven keys to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Therefore it is reasonable to ask “does astrology play a role in my spiritual development?

    Astrologers apply astrology to the macrocosm, for example a country, as well as the microcosm, for example a person. An astrologer creates an astrological chart to capture astrological information about someone (or something). If an astrologer made a chart for you they would typically be concerned with one of three types of reading: (other types exist too)

    Natal Astrology Charts

    Spiritual teacher Mark Astrology chart

    Firstly your natal chart explores your “personality and predispositions” based on the position of planets and stars when you were born. There are online resources where you can get your natal chart for free. A good example is astro.com and all you need to know is the place and time you were born to get started.

    Astrological Transit Charts

    Whereas natal charts answer the question “who you are“, transit charts look at “what is happening” now. Put simply, what effect are the planets and stars having on you right now or in the near future?

    Astrology Comparison/Synergy Charts

    The third kind of astrology chart looks at the synergy or differences between two people. You can use these “relationship charts” to see if a person would be a good partner, friend or co-worker. Naturally this is one of the more popular applications of astrology.

    From a spiritual perspective how accurate is astrology?

    Spirituality is ultimately about moving your awareness beyond the realm of astrology and geometry. From this higher perspective you can understand astrology (and other things) in a way that your mind cannot. Consequentially this reveals that astrology is relatively accurate for predicting macrocosmic events. In other words how astrology affects the planet, country or group of people.

    This graph shows that as the subject scope increases there is greater accuracy with less need for complexity.

    But when it comes to individuals then in order to be accurate you need to go into a high level of personal detail in order to be accurate. It is for this reason that professional astrologers take a lot of time to produce a personal chart. Keep in mind too that every 4 minutes equates to 1 degree change in the sky, so if you don’t know the exact time you were born then your personal astrology may be inaccurate.

    The Mercury retrograde example

    If you asked “how will Mercury retrograde affect the planet?” the answer might be “disruption to communication systems and reflecting on past events“. There would be problems with legal contracts and things like this too. These sweeping trends will be seen since the population is vast.

    But to try and predict how mercury retrograde will affect you personally is a lot harder. You would need to take into account all the relationships that Mercury has with the other planets, the moon and sun and also what houses they each appeared in.

    A Spiritual Perspective on Astrology

    Below is a screenshot from a WhatsApp conversation between one of our students (left) and teacher Mark (right). Prior to this he had sent her a link to an article but she had not seen the link, leading to confusion. The spiritual student made a lighthearted comment that it was a “mercury retrograde mistake” leading to the discussion about astrology shown in the image:

    Why astrology is not that important from a spiritual perspective

    First we need to acknowledge that astrology is real and is an ancient science. Many people benefit from it and many of the teachers and students on The Way Back have explored it in depth in the past. Did you know that some stock market trading is done using astrology?

    However, astrology is concerned with observing the correlation between physical planets and stars and the physical world. This means that astrology is fundamentally based in geometry, numerology and psychology. Therefore astrology is concerned with the lower non-spiritual realms.

    Spiritual awareness and insight within higher spiritual realms reveal the presence of spiritual guides, ascended masters and ultimately God, the Source. Furthermore, through spiritual growth and meditation you may discover that you are internally guided by your soul and spirit. These inner aspects of you drive your desire to discover love, inner stillness and enlightenment/God realisation.

    Astrology runs the show when you are spiritually asleep

    Astrology defines the nature of the unconscious parts of you which include your mind, emotions, ego and body. Your natal chart determines how you unconsciously react to your environment. Your transit chart defines what you encounter within your environment. Put simply if you are spiritually asleep in life then your default behaviours will run on auto-pilot like clockwork. Think of astrology as the gears of a clock constantly cycling around marking the passage of time.

    But you know what, “that’s OK!“. Your astrology may be part of your pre-determined life-plan. For example, if you’re a Gemini then it may be because being a Gemini would help you learn the lessons you are here to learn. Similarly you are Taurus if being loyal and steadfast are needed to make key realisations. Perhaps you were meant to be revolutionary? Hey-presto: you are born an Aries, ready to start a revolution or Aquarius to bring new ideas in. Each star sign brings something special to the table.

    Intuition & awareness run the show when you are spiritually awake

    But as you become more spiritually awake and aware then you can tune in more to your life-plan. Moreover, as you practice developing the Six Virtues so that your soul develops, then you become more aligned with love. You are naturally becoming more sensitive to guidance because you are more awake and aligned with love. Furthermore you are more centred within that which is beyond personality and thus beyond astrology. This naturally happens as you become more spiritual.

    So when you are on autopilot then astrology matters because it compels you to act and think a certain way. But when you spiritually awaken then astrology does not matter as much because you are less “reacting to” and rather more “experiencing” your environment. All limits, including astrology, are ultimately transcended on the spiritual journey and therefore your astrological makeup cannot be a barrier nor an advantage to a spiritual journey.

    There is harmony between you and your environment when you are awake and aligned with love. Therefore there is less need to consult astrology on whether you should “date person X?” or “if now is a good time to buy that house?” as you become more spiritually awake.

    The more you are consciously present then the more you can tune into your intuition, which is a much better guide than transit charts or natal astrology. Being spiritual in practice affords you more self-honesty and more self-responsibility. Sure astrology is still interesting but it no longer holds authority over you or your life as you awaken.

    Your astrology will still influence your body and lower parts but YOU are becoming something much more. As your connection to inner stillness grows then you are empowered to make important decisions based on intuition and higher guidance.

    Many people who practice advanced spiritual meditation report losing interest in numerology, astrology, geometry and the other “Keys” to the universe as they progress spiritually. But just as they had to find their way and learn from their own experiences, we value that wherever you are in your own journey, it is down to you and what you want.

    This article is not intended to discourage astrology, but rather to awaken you to the possibility that your spiritual potential goes far beyond what astrology can reveal. Perhaps astrology is a step along your journey. In the books that are coming at some point in the future there is a much deeper explanation about the origin of astrology and whether it is actually something positive or not.

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    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on Rumble.com.

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