Spiritually Help Humanity with: Harmony, Healing & Love

    Is it possible to spiritually help humanity at these times? Humanity really is in unprecedented times and irrespective of your thoughts about the cause of these problems, the reality is that any global illnesses and the impact of social changes along with their resulting stresses, depression, loneliness and so forth are very very real. This has naturally led to many kind people asking if there is something that can be […]

    Heart Chakra: Seven Amazing Facts You Might not Know

    The heart chakra is the fourth main chakra out of the seven that run from the base of your body to the top of your head. The word chakra means “wheel” because chakras are like a vortex of energy funnelling into your body. In book three we go into a lot of detail about all of your chakras because how they relate to you as a living being is important. […]

    Video Series: “Love – Hidden Knowledge”

    We are really pleased to say that there is now a video series of 4 videos totalling 76 mins going into great detail about the hidden knowledge of love. These videos explore “what is love” in a profound and deep way. Part 1: 24 mins – What is love Discover what is love and whether it is different from unconditional love. find out about the different parts of you like […]

    Sending Love to the Planet

    In the video above I talk you through how to send love to the planet and also discuss the connected nature of everything on Earth. Sending LOVE to the planet is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Watch the video above, share it, and put it into practice. Below are a few bullet points to help reinforce some of the points raised in the video: Send […]

    Send Love: Advice on Channelling Love: Start With YOURSELF

    The following is information was channelled directly from the Spiritual Hierarchy about how to send love to others: It is more important as meditators to begin by filling your hearts with love, than channelling love to the world. First fill your hearts with LOVE, then send love out to others.SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY Before you send love to others, start by bringing love into your heart centre. If you are an initiate and have got […]

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