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    Heart Chakra: Seven Amazing Facts You Might not Know

    The heart chakra is the fourth main chakra out of the seven that run from the base of your body to the top of your head. The word chakra means “wheel” because chakras are like a vortex of energy funnelling into your body.

    In book three we go into a lot of detail about all of your chakras because how they relate to you as a living being is important. Did you know that there is connection between your spinal column, your aura and each chakra? For now we will just focus on the key points so that you can get to know this chakra better.

    Heart Chakra Guided Meditation

    This lovely guided meditation explores your heart chakra because experience is the most powerful way to learn:

    Guided Meditation #15 "Heart Chakra & fill yourself with LOVE" 25 min by Mark Zaretti @ The Way Back
    You can download this and other guided meditation as a free MP3 here.
    Please feel free to share this with other people who would benefit too because everyone has a heart chakra.

    Now that you’ve experienced that meditation you can explore the fourth chakra in more detail in the following insightful video. Or watch this video later and jump straight ahead to the seven amazing facts about heart chakras.

    Heart Chakra Video

    This video includes a short guided meditation plus interesting insights about the heart chakra.

    Meditation Tutorial 24: Love & The Heart Chakra - Guidance for Light & Sound Meditation Mark Zaretti

    Heart Chakra: Seven Amazing Facts

    Here are seven facts about your heart chakra that we hope will give you more of an insight into how amazing you are. Hint: you can click on some of the items to find out more.

    The fourth chakra is active from the moment you are born, but it was the second chakra to form within you, since you are a being capable of love.
    Although green is the colour of this chakra, the colour of love is pink.
    When you channel or send love, it does not go via the chakra of your heart! But when someone loves you it is received via this chakra.
    When you give someone a proper hug, you align your heart with theirs so you are in each others chakras; how beautiful!
    When you are being all loving then you may see a green haze, this is to do with the chakra filling your aura with its colour.
    This chakra radiates out into the 4th layer of your aura, but does not reach the edge of your aura.
    Saying “AAAH”, like the spontaneous sound you make when you see something beautiful, soothes and nourishes your heart chakra.

    Your Heart Chakra and the Love Connection

    Discussing the heart always leads to the subject of love because the two are entwined. Love is such a big subject that we have dedicated an entire section to love, because it is so important even your spiritual progress depends on it. Love really does sit at the core of the teachings of The Way Back, because it is “The Way Back to God” and the goal of the Six Virtues.

    The spiritual journey is the journey to take your spirit to The Source and discover oneness, which is Unity, the source of love, God. Because the spiritual journey is a journey of love then there is an important connection between the heart and God. Unity and God are more than just a religious idea and whatever your beliefs might be you can actually explore your connection to them through intention.


    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on Rumble.com.

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