Spiritual Maturity

    How much would you like to bring more harmony, joy, and love into your life in a deep and meaningful way? Developing your level of Spiritual Maturity can really help and we can show you how to achieve this. To understand what is meant by “Spiritual Maturity” it helps to be clear on what is meant by “Spiritual”. To be ‘spiritual’ means to have an awareness of something or someone, […]

    The Way Back to Spiritual Awakening Goes Far Beyond Meditation

    Have you ever wondered why people meditate? Read on and I’ll explain why I’ve removed the word “meditation” from our URL! I started meditating when I was just 7 years old (that’s 40 years ago!) and I first started teaching others circa 1998. Since then I’ve done thousands of hours of meditation and learnt so much. However importantly I know there is far more to learn. In fact when I […]

    Closer to God: Avoiding the TRAP that stops you finding real JOY

    Q1: Do you want to get closer to God in a deep and profoundly spiritual way? Q2: Would you like to have more JOY in your life that does not depend on other people? Q3: Are you stuck when it comes to your spiritual and personal development? If the answer was yes to any of those questions then read on. In this inspiring video spiritual teacher Mark unlocks the transformative […]

    Wisdom: I didn’t expect that answer!

    It’s Saturday morning and I’m still reflecting on the conversation about “Wisdom” I had with Mark yesterday. In case you don’t know who I am, I’m Simeon, a teacher and student of The Way Back. (Aren’t we all students?) I live in the USA and was over visiting family. However I had a few hours free so met up with Mark who I’ve known for 31 years! Wow, a lot […]

    Spiritual Awakening, Progress and Signs of Spiritual Awakening

    Have you ever wondered about your spiritual awakening? Similarly can you tell if you are spiritually progressing? Furthermore are there signs that you are becoming more spiritual? When we talk about “Spiritual Awakening” it probably evokes ideas and concepts in you, depending on what you understand “spiritual” to mean. This video was created in response to a classic spiritual question: In this candid video I share insights into spiritual progress, […]

    PARANORMAL: Real raw video of Ghosts, Light Beings, Orbs or something else? Let’s discuss this!

    Last night I was setting up for our weekly online “Monday Meetup” video conference and I had the webcam rolling as I’d joined the meeting room early. I looked up and saw the camera was capturing what some people would class as “PARANORMAL” phenomena. These things looked like orbs or perhaps ghosts, but I knew exactly what they were. I quickly opened the QuickTime Player app on my MacBook Air […]

    Belief in God versus Loving God: A Personal Reflection

    Hi, I am Nik, a member of The Way Back, and today, Mark, one of its main teachers visited my home studio to record his latest podcast. What was a surprise was that I ended up in the podcast, personally reflecting on the difference between belief in God and having love for God. The podcast is called “It Is Not Enough to Believe in God” and within it, he shares […]

    Four Potentially Life-Changing Spiritual Books, an Update

    So way back in December 2016 I announced the publication of my first book about light and sound meditation and higher spiritual dimensions. I knew then that another book was coming, which would be more life-changing, but I was busy for a while producing the online video meditation course and free MP3 guided meditations which have been really successful. Then in August 2018 I dropped a hint on Instagram that […]

    The Way Back: What matters most?

    At the start of October 2021 we drastically overhauled our website, podcasts, youtube channel and articles. What this means is that you will now see that some of the guided meditations, tutorials, podcasts and articles have been removed or moved to the archive. In this short video I explain why we’ve done this. The short version is “to focus on what really matters spiritually“. We hope that this new website […]

    Hidden Knowledge: Is it Needed on a Spiritual Journey?

    A few days ago I published the book “The Way Back: An Anthology of Spiritual Guidance”. This third book is a compilation of our core articles, web pages, and channelled teachings revealing hidden knowledge. In addition the book also provides bonus spiritual guidance from enlightened teachers taken from our members forum. I was quite surprised that this book was over 500 pages long! It shows just how much knowledge has […]

    What is Ego Really? Spiritual Insights and Myth Busting

    What is ego? After all it is one of those words that most people have heard but how well do we understand it? Furthermore it seems to be related in some way to personal development and the soul’s journey. Sometimes people talk about it in terms of “holding you back on your spiritual journey“. While others even use the phrase “ego death” which I hasten to add is not something […]

    Spiritually Help Humanity with: Harmony, Healing & Love

    Is it possible to spiritually help humanity at these times? Humanity really is in unprecedented times and irrespective of your thoughts about the cause of these problems, the reality is that any global illnesses and the impact of social changes along with their resulting stresses, depression, loneliness and so forth are very very real. This has naturally led to many kind people asking if there is something that can be […]

    Spiritual Maturity: Get more from your state

    In this podcast meditation teacher and author Mark discusses the topic of spiritual maturity. Although like many it may be something you’ve not thought of before. Mark explores the reason why many people fail to spiritually mature. More importantly though, Mark gives practical advice on how to put it right. Being mature spiritually means to blur the boundaries between your inner meditation world and everyday life. Hence it is a […]

    Spiritual Astrology: Does astrology matter on a spiritual journey?

    Spiritual matters and astrology are sometimes discussed together and to the person in the street may seem connected. Astrology is concerned with understanding the connection between the movement of celestial bodies and events on Earth. Understandably then some say that astrology is one of the seven keys to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Therefore it is reasonable to ask “does astrology play a role in my spiritual development?“ Astrologers […]

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