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    I’m currently sitting on a campsite about 10 miles from a famous UNESCO neolithic site. Preparing to do several days of filming for a spiritual documentary. Ancient sites like these represent a tangible link between the past and the present and are often steeped in lore and legend. For me as a spiritual author, teacher and researcher they also provide a glimpse at hidden knowledge and lost information.

    I am writing a series of books which shed light upon many facets of spirituality, including ancient history and exploring the origins of Creation and humanity. It was perhaps innevitable then that my research and inner-exploration would reveal truths about what has happened in the past and how that relates to our lives on this 3rd dimension plane.

    These documentaries are a work in progress and I’m literally on day 1 of filming and so it will be interesting to see how they unfold. The images below give you a sneak preview.

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    UPDATE: 3rd Feb 2023

    The documentary is now published and you can watch the video here, plus this link will take you to bonus resources including a free eBook download.


    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on Rumble.com.

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