[20] Integrating the Virtues – Guided Meditation

    Discover the key virtues that may help unlock your spiritual potential and your meditative ability. This guided meditation introduces you to the virtues in an intuitive and experience led way. Firstly meditation teacher Mark guides you into a deep awareness of your inner stillness. Then he gently introduces each of these virtues, allowing them to resonate within you so that you can “know them through your direct experience“. Supporting self-development […]

    [17] Being Present – Guided Meditation

    This gentle but powerful meditation guides you into being more present and “in the moment” within your inner stillness. The stiller you become the easier you will find it to get past the thoughts and distractions of your mind. Being present allows you to be more neutral and accepting of your inner awareness, becoming more centred on peace and inner calm. Also available as a video: If you enjoyed that, […]

    [15] Heart Chakra & Love – Guided Meditation

    A gentle and profoundly deep guided meditation to explore heart chakra awareness and to bring more love into yourself. This meditation is recommended for everyone of all abilities. It’s wonderfully self-supporting and beneficial. Even if you are an advanced meditator, there is no such thing as too much love. Also available as a video: If you enjoyed that, take a look at… Explore the energy of love in greater detail […]

    [13] Letting Go – Guided Meditation

    You’ve probably heard that you just need to “let go” in order to meditate. This meditation guides you how to “let go” and explores a strategy allowing you to let go of things on your mind so you can drop into a deeper stillness within your meditation. Although not necessary you may want to explore the circular breath podcast first. Also available as a video: If you enjoyed that, explore […]

    [12] Meditate with Ease – Guided Meditation

    This guided meditation will help you to overcome blocks within your meditation, helping you to find an ease within meditation. Many people have unrealistic expectations or mental approaches which hold them back in meditation. Are you ready to overcome these obstacles? Do you want to go deeper into your meditation? Then sit back, relax, close your eyes… This guided meditation is only 10 minutes long and is suitable for people […]

    [05] Circular Breath – Guided Meditation

    This guided meditation introduces the “circular breath” form of meditation. This is a wonderful introduction to meditation, teaching you a life-empowering skill. Breath meditation supports mental, emotional and physical wellbeing as well as developing your connection with inner stillness and peace. A wonderful way of preparing for deeper spiritual growth. Who is this guided breath meditation suitable for? This breath meditation is perfect for people of any age, including children. […]

    [02] Sacred Space – Guided Meditation

    A closed eye guided meditation to explore how you can embrace your sacred inner space. Bringing your body, environment and inner stillness into alignment. This is a great meditation for learning how to become more physically relaxed and able to let go. Therefore you can discover how easy it is to become more present within your meditation on the inside. Because this meditation is suitable for people of all abilities […]

    [01] Love and Stillness – Guided Meditation

    Explore the power of love and stillness within a gentle guided meditation. Unlike others, meditation facilitator Mark avoids visualisation, music and invoking imagination, focussing instead on core stillness. Leaving you free from distraction and guided into more profound inner peace. This guided meditation is suitable for people of all ages and abilities therefore all you need is to sit down and enjoy . Also available as a video: If you […]

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