Spiritual Maturity

    How much would you like to bring more harmony, joy, and love into your life in a deep and meaningful way? Developing your level of Spiritual Maturity can really help and we can show you how to achieve this. To understand what is meant by “Spiritual Maturity” it helps to be clear on what is meant by “Spiritual”.

    To be ‘spiritual’ means to have an awareness of something or someone, sometimes referred to as the source, God, or unity. We understand that it is greater than us and we may have a desire to get closer to, and to know it better. This awareness, coupled with desire to know more, is true spirituality.

    Some of us like to think we’re spiritual; but how spiritual are we?

    We know we are mature, running our lives, being good citizens; but what about spiritual maturity? Are there degrees of spirituality? Are some people more spiritual than others? The good news is that the answer is ‘yes.’ There is room for growth. Spiritual growth is real.
    If you would like to find out more about how to do this you will find the following information insightful.


    Humility is one of the defining qualities of spiritual maturity. It often demonstrates as natural confidence, devoid of the need to brag, exaggerate or prove yourself better than, or equal to another. Humility reminds you that there is something or someone much bigger than you, greater than you.

    Humility also allows you to recognise godliness in others, irrespective of their outward appearance.

    Humility, of course, is one of The Six Virtues as taught by The Way Back and is key to spiritual growth. There’s a wonderful explanation of developing humility in this video.


    Just as you are a physically and mentally mature adult, when you are spiritually mature you accept responsibility, not just for yourself, but also for the needs of the disabled, and for others younger, or less fortunate. You begin to develop a sense of caring for the wider community beyond your own environment. This is spiritual growth.


    You demonstrate good judgement in all areas of life and in all situations. This is because you become more aware of being in the present, and of making right choices.


    You are capable of being loving as you freely allow the flow of love into your heart, and out to others. You are unconditionally loving. The more loving you become, the more love there is in your aura, and this benefits all good people who come into contact with you.


    You have joy within. Joy is a state of constant contentment, unlike happiness which is transient and subject to the state of one’s environment and emotions. Joy is accessed through stillness or neutrality.

    When you add together all these abilities to be a more spiritual person, you find yourself becoming calmer, more relaxed, less fearful, and you can discover inner peace and joy as you become spiritually mature.

    The Way Back is here to help you discover for yourself, at your own pace, the joy of finding and developing spirituality in the company of other like-minded people who are totally committed to truth.

    Ms P D.

    A note from Mark, co-founder of The Way Back

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    Meditation Master Mark Zaretti
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