Your Spirit Guide; Channelling & Meditating

    This article is a revision of an article first published on 13th March 2017. It has been updated on 14th January 2020 to include newly channelled information. Again on the 15th January 2021 further information was channelled and added to this article, enriching it.

    2023: This article is now considered “Out of Date” and should only be read out of interest as a historical archive. A lot has changed for humanity since this article was written and some of the guidance is no longer relevant. To understand the “Bigger picture” please refer to the four main books.

    As humans you are based in the 3rd Dimension with your emotions and mind within higher vibrational planes of the 3rd and 4th Dimension. Within these dimensions and the ones above there exist many “beings” or entities, and just as it is with 3rd dimensional humans, these other beings express a range of qualities. Some are more aligned with Love than others.

    The lower the vibration the more duality is expressed and so the 4th Dimension has more negativity expressed than the 5th dimension. This means that some of the beings you may experience on the 4th dimension may be negative, some may be neutral, and some may be positive.

    As you start to meditate and more so once initiated then your metaphorical “light” shines brighter. This brightness may attract the attention of beings on the higher dimensions (4th, 5th and 6th). And as explained not all of these beings are necessarily positive although many are. We therefore remind you to exercise wisdom and caution.

    The reality is that you should not be “channelling” your spiritual guide. The clue is in their name “spiritual guide”. They are there to guide you on matters of spirituality and they do this by responding to your requests for guidance by sending you information and inspiring you to act in a way that would increase your spirituality.

    They are not there to give you advice about the everyday aspects of life, including matters of relationships, careers, health and so forth. The reason is that these worldly matters are there so that you can learn and it is only possible for you to learn, or more precisely, your soul to develop when you are responsible for your choices.

    Historically people have mistaken the role of their spiritual guides although the vast majority of people were not actually in contact with their spiritual guides in the first place. What most people think of as spiritual guides are simply people who have died and are on the 4th dimension, and who have yet to return to the soul plane. They may have been known to you in life or they may be strangers. But they are no more good or bad than they were in life and having gone to the 4th dimension does not elevate them in terms of goodness, trustworthiness or wisdom. Even worse still though, there are negative beings on higher dimensions intent on misleading humanity.

    Ideally you would only receive guidance from your Spirit Guide but we are aware at this time that it is not always clear to you if you are in contact with your Spiritual Guide or one of these lower vibrational beings, which include deceased people.

    There is often an assumption that if you have been initiated and especially once you are Enlightened that you are some how protected from being influenced by negative beings and things. But you must remember that your lower vehicles, mind and your personality are not that which have been initiated or Enlightened. It is via your lower vehicles that lower vibrational beings may interact and effect you and to help guide you we outline some advice below.

    Your spiritual guide who is part of the Spiritual Hierarchy is there for you at every single moment. You are their focus and they are there to guide you on spiritual matters. They resonate on a higher vibration, closer to love than the lower vibrational beings who may be attracted to you. Understand that your guide will never act on your behalf or intervene in matters of your life. They would not instigate contact and will not send you any guidance unless you specifically ask them directly for help. If you want your spiritual guide to help you, then you must ask.

    How Do You Ask for Guidance?

    Interacting with your spiritual guide is not meant to be a two way conversation. Although, like all beings, it is possible to communicate psychically or telepathically, or via a pendulum, it is not how it is meant to be.

    You are meant to simply ask them sincerely for guidance, much like when a person prays. Once they receive your request for help they will then impress upon you an idea or thought which helps guide you in the right direction. So the obvious question then is:

    How Do You Receive Guidance

    Once you have asked for help you must simply let go. It is only when your mind is calm and you are humble that you will be able to pick up on the guidance you have received. Perhaps it will be a new way of looking at things, or an idea. Sometimes you will have a strong sense of what to do or to avoid. This is them guiding you.

    The Six Virtues are the way to develop your soul so that you are receptive to spiritual guidance and they are also the way that you can develop your spirituality. Practising The Six Virtues reduces the hold your ego has over you and this makes it easier to be sensitive to the guidance you are receiving from your spiritual guide. It also makes it a lot easier for you to meditate.

    Do You Need to ask For Guidance?

    In reality the spiritual guides are always providing guidance to you, in the same way a parent is always watching over and offering guidance to their young child. Therefore you do not need to ask for guidance and in fact it is not intended that you are actively seeking guidance.

    If you are doing something that is not good for you or out of alignment with your life-plan or with love, then your spiritual guide would already be sending you guidance. Understanding then that you are always receiving guidance, means that you do not need to ask, rather you need to be receptive.

    It is human nature to want to control everything though, and even the act of asking is a form of trying to be in control, making assumptions that guidance only comes if it is asked for and that you know better than your guide what you should be asking guidance about.

    But like God’s love for you is always flowing to you, so too guidance is always coming towards you, whether you ask for it or not. This does not mean that it should be taken for granted, but asking for it is not the same as being receptive to it, and the greatest way of demonstrating you value the guidance you are being sent is to be receptive and open to it.

    It is the spiritual guide’s role to actively give guidance, and it is the spiritual person’s role to be receptive to that guidance. Asking for guidance is being active and yang, whereas receiving guidance is being receptive and yin and when it comes to the process of being guided the spiritual guide is the yang one and therefore it is through being yin rather than yang that you gain the most.

    The person who never asks for guidance but is receptive to all the guidance they are being sent is far better guided than the person who appeals for guidance occasionally but only gives their attention to receiving guidance when they have asked. The former is working harmoniously with their spiritual guide the later is inadvertently trying to exert influence over the nature of the guidance and so is less in harmony with it.

    Should You Be Channelling?

    During the early years of the Alternative Light and Sound Meditation group and The Way Back the Spiritual Hierarchy reached out to key members of these groups and some of them were able to channel information from the Spiritual Hierarchy directly. As these groups grew then knowledge of channelling spread. But it was not understood at the time that this was the exception rather than the norm. It has already been explained above that the method of guidance from your spiritual guide does not need you to be proficient at channelling. If it did then it would exclude the majority of the world’s population. Instead it simply requires an honest and humble call for help.

    The truth is that only those that the Spiritual Hierarchy wish to communicate with should be establishing contact with them and because of the way channelling works it is only advisable for those who are enlightened. The senior teachers of The Way Back have been called on many times to inform enlightened people when the Spiritual Hierarchy wish to communicate with them. The Spiritual Hierarchy can of course contact people directly too, but this is very rare.

    If you are on The Way Back and are enlightened then you can ask the senior teachers and they can guide you on how and if to proceed. For the majority of people the system of guidance for spiritual guides is all that is required and as explained above only needs to be receptive, not active.

    Once a person is initiated and certainly as they progress to second initiation and enlightenment they no longer need a spiritual guide since they now have access to much higher consciousnesses and vibrational planes than even the spiritual guides operate on.

    How do you know if you are contacting the Spiritual Hierarchy?

    We understand that for many of you the information about states of awareness and the potential ability to contact “higher beings” is very new and attractive. Even amongst those groups that were very experienced though some of the contact people were experiencing was not with the Spiritual Hierarchy even if they believe it was. After all unless you are extremely proficient and experienced how could you tell if you were in contact with a genuine ascended master or a negative being on a lower dimension pretending to be an ascended master?

    Although you are not meant to make direct contact with your spiritual guide (or ascended masters) unless the Spiritual Hierarchy have requested it, we know that human nature is that many people will still experiment or worse still be tricked into communicating with something that is not what it seems. To help avoid such problems we provide the following guidance to help you discern whether communication is from the Spiritual Hierarchy or not.

    Unfortunately some beings on the lower dimensions can be very negative and do not have your best intentions at heart. They will twist the truth and manipulate information to gain your confidence and trust. They may say they are from the Spiritual Hierarchy and try to convince you that they are your spiritual guide. As you open up to them they can then “use” your energy or the energy to which you have access to further their own interests. Some of these beings may not be negative in their intentions, but they are not acting with your best interests, they are acting with theirs.

    This has already happened to a number of people including Enlightened people who are extremely experienced. This is why we are providing this information.

    The spiritual Hierarchy

    These are some of the qualities of genuine interactions with the real Spiritual Hierarchy.

    • Answer only questions you ask them.
    • Always give the truth.
    • Always want what is best for you.
    • Want to guide you to the highest good.
    • Make you feel relaxed and at ease.
    • Love you.
    • Encourage you to be humble.
    • Communicate via the crown chakra (only with initiates and enlightened)
    • Will never ask you or tell you to do anything, for example to change the way you meditate or send energy in an unusual way.

    Lower Vibrational Beings (Not of the Spiritual Hierarchy)

    • Give you information which is not always true or even asked for.
    • Can twist the truth to trick you into believing and trusting them.
    • Always want what is best for them.
    • Want to control you.
    • May encourage you to channel sound vibrations.
    • Might ask you to do something like change the way you breath or meditate in order to stop or change the way you channel light.
    • Might make you feel slightly uneasy or uncomfortable.
    • Does not care about you, only themselves.
    • Makes you feel egoistical. This is important as they can then control you by your ego. They will flatter you and boost your ego.
    • Locates/communicates in your third eye chakra or enters into your body.
    • Makes you feel alert and apprehensive.
    • May leave you feeling aggressive, angry, troubled, short tempered. If they are negative then they will bring your vibration down, making you uncharacteristically negative.
    • Often work with geometry, numerology or other lower level systems, since they too are often in the lower levels.

    Sometimes you may not even be aware that one of these more negative beings is affecting your energy, so if you are initiated it is good practice to place protection around yourself daily. If you are feeling negative without any obvious reason then ask your meditation teacher for assistance.

    If in doubt simply stop meditating/channelling and have a firm intention to let nothing in. Your teacher should be able to help you gain clarity and confirm what you were communicating with.

    Your Imagination

    Another source of confusion may arise when people assume that all ideas or thoughts are from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Remember the Spiritual Hierarchy do not give information without you asking for it. If you enlightened and are in a situation where you have been asked to communicate with the Spiritual Hierarchy then when you are channelling it is important to remain focussed, humble and connected. The ego can easily become involved and what starts as pure channelling can turn into imagination and expectations. Humility and gratitude are vital.

    Did you know? This is a “channelled article” which means it was channelled from higher spiritual beings. Many people on earth are able to channel to some extent but it is important that you appreciate the following: A person may channel any of the following: 1) their mind and imagination, which is the most common thing people channel. 2) their soul, 3) deceased people, 4) any number of lower spiritual beings, not all are necessarily good, 5) in rare cases their spiritual guide, though this is not meant to happen, 6) in very rare cases the ascended masters may choose to communicate with a person.
    When channelling, the average accuracy for someone is usually low. For example a person who is initiated into light and sound and therefore has more potential to channel is on average less than 20% accurate when communicating with something on higher dimensions. What this means is that 80% of the time though they think they know what are channelling they are actually channelling their imagination or something else.
    I started meditating on Light and Sound in 1999 and realised enlightenment in 2009. I have spent hours each day since 2016 learning how to channel under the guidance of ascended masters so that I can accurately receive and share these articles with the public. Each article I channel comes directly from the ascended masters and I only write what is requested by them. Much of the early channelling work went straight into the first book. To ensure accuracy every sentence is checked many times before publication and this is done not just by myself but by other experienced enlightened channellers.
    True information from the ascended masters is consistent but you will notice that guidance sometimes changes, for example in the case of “how to protect your energy“. This is natural because as humanity changes spiritually, then the potential of each meditator and their needs will evolve too. If information changes then I will revise the articles and place a note to that effect. Note also that the depth of information is governed by the questions asked to elicit it and to this end I sometimes revisit articles and ask further questions as my own knowledge grows. In such a case the new information is added. We are always learning.


    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on

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