Stonehenge: Into the Light - Transcript

    [eBook] Stonehenge: Into the Light – Official Transcript

    This is the official transcript for the 2023 spiritual documentary: “Stonehenge: Into the Light”, curated by Mark Zaretti and made available as a full colour PDF eBook, compatible on any system. If you’ve not seen this feature length documentary you can watch it for FREE here. Note, you will need a PDF reader but most/all phones, laptops, tablets these days come with one as standard, even a kindle should work fine!

    This fascinating transcript is over 20,000 words long and covers the entire documentary. It is easy-to-read and you will find accompanying screen shots from the documentary, helping you navigate and relate the transcript to the original documentary.

    Although it is recommended to watch the documentary first, this transcript is complete and is a useful educational piece in its own right.

    It is available completely for free but if you wish to leave a kind donation then please select one of the “Kind donation” pricing options.


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