Q: With karma, is there a point to meditating and what difference would it make to a karmic situation?

    “That’s a great question and it would be impossible to do it justice in a single FAQ response. In book 3 I have already dedicated chapters on the subject of Karma. But that book is not yet published and so I’ll do my best to answer this question briefly below. However please understand that this is a big topic, and one that, once you understand it better will revolutionise your perception of life…”
    Mark Zaretti – June 2020

    Keeping things simple, Karma happens when the thoughts you have are out of alignment with your spirit. I say thoughts because all your actions and feelings come from your thoughts. Your spirit is fundamentally good and seeks the highest love, that which comes from the source.

    So the more you are aware of your spirit’s guiding influence (love) then the more you live a life without karma. But this “spiritual” awareness only really happens in stillness and in the absence of ego. Meditation, even the simple practice of being still, creates the environment whereby your soul and spirit work together and you learn to unite with your spirit and be more guided by it.

    The more you meditate the more you have the potential to become “in tune” with your life-plan and your spiritual nature. If you already have karma from previous negative thoughts (leading to actions) then the sooner you are aware of the thoughts that caused it, and put an end to that way of negative thinking which leads to negative actions, then the sooner the karma will resolve.

    So again it is the stillness of meditation that creates the space within which you can become more aware of your thoughts and therefore begin to break the habits of those unhelpful and negative thoughts, finally becoming more awake and in-the-moment. It is when you are living this way that you can chose more easily to stay positive and avoid making karma. You, after all, are responsible for all your karma in this life.

    Everyone experiences karma though, because although often thought of as punishment it is actually there to teach. There is a relationship between your actions and your karma and your intuition is how you decipher the relationship. What this means is that the more intuitive you are the more you will connect the dots between what you do (action) and any karma that creates (feedback).

    Because meditation strengthens your awareness within higher dimensions then it also helps you to become more intuitive. As a person progresses after initiation to advance further along their journey their level of intuition can increase significantly and once a person is enlightened then their relationship to karma and intuition evolves further.

    Ultimately karma originates in the realm of everyday life and meditation allows you to explore beyond that realm. It is the intuitive maturity which meditation provides the potential for that means a person who meditates has the potential to understand and therefore resolve their karma with more ease.


    Author : Mark

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential.

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