Q: When to meditate? Day or Night?

    People often ask “when to meditate?“. For example “is it best to meditate in the daytime?” or “is it safe to meditate when it is night time?“.

    As a guideline it is best to meditate any time after 06:00 and not later than 02:00. There are several reasons why we make this recommendation.

    When to meditate?

    Meditate when there is light

    Because you are an energy being then the energy of your environment will have an affect on you. When there is light then the planet is lighter and when it is night time the planet is naturally darker. Meditation and spiritual growth are the pursuit of light and love and so when there is light then spiritual pursuit is supported. These daily light cycles also affect the energy and vibration of your environment.

    During the daytime you are drawing in subtle energy which helps you to be aware and conscious. However this energy, which some people call “Prana“, is dependent on sunlight. Therefore by about 02:00 in the morning this energy has completely depleted from your environment.

    Without Prana within you it is very difficult to be aware at this time. For this reason it is very challenging when you try and meditate after 02:00 in the morning. By about 06:00 the levels of Prana start to built up again.

    This also explains why people generally need to sleep during these times, because normal “awake” consciousness needs energy.

    Does living in a city make a difference?

    Although it is not directly related to the topic of “when to meditate” this may also help explain why people feel more tired in busy cities. If everyone needs energy which they get from the air, then in densely populated areas that energy will run out quicker. Contrast how you feel when in the countryside compared to in a city centre. Obviously there are other factors at play, but the availability of subtle energy is an important one.

    This may mean that if you live in a busy city then the best time to meditate is when it is still light. Waiting till late in the evening/night might mean you lack the prana to remain conscious in your meditation.

    Is Meditation Safe at Night?

    Just as there are positive and negative people in life there are also entities which are positive and negative. The negative ones tend to be more active between 02:00 and 06:00 because they prefer the dark.

    If you are meditating late at night then you are more likely to attract the attention of these negative things. Some of them wish to parasite your energy, others are just up to mischief. We discuss how people can easily help protect themselves here. It is important to know that as humanity is spiritually evolving then the planet is also raising in vibration and many of these mischievous things are therefore disappearing. By the time you read this it may even be a thing of the past.

    Is it better to be asleep at night?

    There is another good reason why it is recommended that you do not meditate during these low energy times. You are meant to sleep at night and be consciously aware and awake during daytime. When you choose to go against this then you go against the natural order of things.


    Author : Mark

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential.

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