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    Hidden Knowledge: Is it Needed on a Spiritual Journey?

    [eBook] The Way Back: An Anthology of Spiritual Guidance

    A few days ago I published the book “The Way Back: An Anthology of Spiritual Guidance”. This third book is a compilation of our core articles, web pages, and channelled teachings revealing hidden knowledge. In addition the book also provides bonus spiritual guidance from enlightened teachers taken from our members forum.

    I was quite surprised that this book was over 500 pages long! It shows just how much knowledge has been purposefully channelled to us by ascended masters. Therefore demonstrating the importance they place upon higher guidance and knowledge within the spiritual journey.

    I found myself reflecting on the amazing amount of guidance and previously hidden knowledge we’ve been blessed with. It was then that I had a simple and yet powerful realisation:

    “Not everyone needs to know all this hidden knowledge.
    Most people simply need to be stiller and strive to be good.”

    Let me explain it a little. You see a person could read that 500 page book; our other books; watch all the video tutorials; and listen to the podcasts. But until they sit down and actually start meditating then they have not yet truly began to be spiritual. All the learning means they have gathered spiritual knowledge, rather than spiritual experience.

    The same is true of The Six Virtues. These offer simple and yet profound guidance to transform your soul and live a life more aligned with higher love. But reading about The Six Virtues and understanding them are not the same as embracing them and living by them.

    Which is better: experience or knowledge?

    In both these examples what we see is that the pursuit of knowledge is not as important as the experience. Therefore whether you are seeking spiritual growth through meditation or soul growth through The Six Virtues, remember this. It is only through doing and experiencing that there is more profound spiritual and soul growth.

    "Experience is more important than knowledge."

    For example. A good person is far more noble than a bad person who can talk about “how to be good”. This is why we strive to provide a balance between revealing hidden knowledge and providing direct experience on this site.

    Q: When will you benefit most from hidden spiritual knowledge?

    This website contains a lot of what you might consider “hidden knowledge“. This is even more the case for the books to come which are full of such knowledge. This knowledge is either newly revealed or rediscovered, having been hidden or long lost.

    But we work to avoid this site becoming a repository of hard to understand esoteric facts and philosophical debate. Why? When knowledge is presented in an easy to digest way then it can help more people. So with all this information available, when is someone ready for this hidden knowledge? In truth there is no “one size fits all” answer. Rather we invite you to share our understanding.

    You see all hidden knowledge was initially revealed by those that have had the experience first. Where did the first ever human meditator learn meditation from? The path to enlightenment could only be shared once the first person had already completed it. We can learn a lot from their example:

    1. Firstly they were receptive to guidance from The Source to go into inner stillness. Through following that guidance they eventually attained enlightenment. More of this story will be in the books to come.
    2. Secondly and importantly they shared the hidden knowledge which their journey revealed, becoming the first spiritual teacher.

    Seeking inner stillness is far more rewarding than seeking hidden knowledge

    This shows that it is the seeking of inner stillness that must come first. But that person also shared information which shows that there is value in receiving guidance, once you’re receptive. It is the state of inner stillness, which everyone can explore, which makes you receptive. This is why in our Beginners Meditation Guide we start by emphasising the value of developing inner stillness when learning.

    The stillness is the path back to the source and when you’re ready the spiritual journey truly begins with initiation into spiritual light and sound energy. As you progress on this journey then the teachings, guidance and hidden knowledge we share will be invaluable. This is because you will have real experiences and inner stillness providing comparable context for the information. Thus “hidden knowledge” becomes “relatable wisdom” when viewed through the lens of experience.

    "You travel the spiritual journey through experience, not knowledge."

    So how does hidden knowledge help you?

    The guidance, knowledge and resources we provide ultimately help you, wherever you are along your journey in a number of ways:

    • Inspiring you to sit down and meditate.
    • Helping you to discern what really matters and avoid spiritual distractions that ultimately might hold you back.
    • Providing practical and down to earth guidance to help you progress with ease.
    • Allowing your mind and personality to make sense of the experiences you’re having in meditation.
    • Providing invaluable guidance to help you overcome limiting beliefs, habits and attitudes in life.

    Ultimately though it comes down to this: If you want to become spiritual, meditate. But we appreciate and understand that not everyone is ready for the inner meditative journey yet. So for humanity in general the most important thing is that people are inspired to be “good“. Being “good” naturally results in being more loving and kind and is embodied in The Six Virtues. Anyone who becomes more aligned with love will naturally become more spiritually curious and guided towards inner stillness.

    How can we help humanity spiritually awaken?

    Each of us has a role and the simplest way of understanding it is: do not worry about giving people knowledge or information, rather let them find it when they are ready. Just as you have been guided to find this article and website. “So what can we give people?”. The answer is simple…

    "Our stillness."

    When we sit within our own stillness in everyday life then we naturally inspire others, since the state of inner stillness allows love within us to radiate out. Stillness also creates a calm and loving atmosphere which nurtures and accepts those around us. It is wonderfully alchemical to witness how, when we “become the state of stillness and love”, it brings it out in others too. So as you inspire more people towards goodness by your example, more people become spiritual.

    When others are ready and ask for guidance you can always direct them to these online resources. In this way you follow the example of the first ever meditator. Because they became a teacher of others by sharing what they were learning themselves.

    What guidance would I give someone who is not ready for meditation?

    Let us imagine that I am talking with someone who is not ready for or interested in meditation. If however they told me they do want to live a more spiritually awake life and asked my advice I would probably answer:

    Take a few moments each day to simply close your eyes, breathe deeply and be in touch with yourself. Have the intention to be good and develop a natural relationship with God, which is not religious but rather exploring the spiritual power of prayer and welcoming God into your heart. Above all, be kind to yourself and others.

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    Author : Mark Zaretti

    Mark is one of the founder members of The Way Back, an author of several books about spirituality and has written a number of articles on meditation. Mark started practising meditation in 1981 and has been teaching professionally since the late 1990's. He is passionate about helping people realise their spiritual potential. Mark hosts the live interactive Q&A show "Discussing Spirituality with Mark Zaretti" every Thursday 21:00 GMT on Rumble.com.

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